Mullaney Chain at the Chicago Improv Festival

The line up for Mullaney Chain at this year’s Chicago Improv Festival is final. What is Mullaney Chain? It’s a chain of improv performers chosen one at a time. Kevin Mullaney is the host and chose Stacey Smith to be his first guest. She chose Jordan Savusa. Jordan chose Bruce Phillips, and finally he chose Cynthia Bangert. Together they will perform at the 20th Annual Chicago Improv Festival. Here are the details:

Thursday, March 30th at 9pm
Stage 773 – The Pro
1225 W Belmont Ave
Tickets $15

Buy Tickets Here
(you may have to scroll down pretty far to find the event)

Mullaney Chain will be sharing the time slot with Bob Fisher’s Improv Show.

To find out more visit the Chicago Improv Festival.

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