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Improv 101: Laying the Foundation

Improv 101: Laying the Foundation

Do you have a process for generating fun improv scenes? Do you know what building blocks you should be putting in place at the beginning of a scene? You may know how to yes and, but do you know what the goal of yes anding is, and when to stop doing it? When you discover something unusual or fun in your scene, do you know how to explore and heighten it?

Many people believe that improv is an art form. And it is. But it is also a craft, a skill that can be learned. A good improvisor should be as confident in their process as a weaver is in making rugs or a carpenter in building houses. You can learn the steps, and with practice master how to consistently generate good scenes, and sometimes great ones.

These skills are collectively known as The Game of the Scene, an approach to scene work that has been explored and refined going back at least 30 years. If you want to learn this, you should be taking classes at the Improv Resource Center in Chicago.

Maybe you have a process that works for you. Perhaps you don’t find yourself lost in the middle of scenes. You might feel that you already have strategies which work dependably. Maybe you don’t need these classes.

But maybe you do. If so, sign up below. Get on our mailing list and find out about the program that begins in January of 2017.

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