SceneBlast at the Chicago Improv Festival

Did you know that there is a special SceneBlast at the Chicago Improv Festival on Wednesday night? It’s only $40!

What is SceneBlast? It’s a non-stop blast of scenes. It’s maximum reps with notes from multiple teachers. Do 2-3 times the number of scenes you might do in an ordinary workshop and get feedback on every scene you do from one of the 4 teachers present.

Who are the teacher?

  • Rachael Mason – Head of the Advanced Improv Program at Second City Training Center
  • Paul Grondy – iO Theater
  • Jose Gonzalez – The Torch Theater in Phoenix
  • Kevin Mullaney – Director of the Improv Resource Center

The workshop is on Wednesday night at the Atheneum Theater and it’s only $40!

Register now!

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