Announcing Small Group Classes

Want to take the Improv 101 class, but can’t find a time or date that works for you? There is another solution. Find a friend and take Improv 101 as a duo. That’s right! You can take a private Improv 101 class with just you and one other person.

Here’s how it works. Instead of taking Improv 101 in a class of 12, you can arrange to take the class with a small group of your choosing (minimum 2 people). Your group will be the only students in the class and get the full attention of the teacher.

Take a small group class at the IRC!

Take a small group class at the IRC!

The class will consist of 8 sessions and follow the same curriculum as our regular Improv 101 & 201 classes. At the end of the process, you will be qualified to take the Improv 301 class where we dive into long form improv performances.

We will schedule it at a time convenient for your group. We can even schedule the class to meet twice a week, so you can finish in half the time. And if some members of your group have to miss one of our scheduled classes. We can reschedule the entire class for another date!

The size of your group will determine the length of each class:

  • 2 person classes are 70 minutes long
  • 3 students =  100 minutes
  • 4 students = 2 hours
  • 5 students = 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • 6 or more students = 3 hours

The cost for small group classes is $199 per person, equivalent to the early bird tuition for our regular 8 week classes. And if your group can meet before 5pm on a weekday, the price goes down to just $179 per person.

Curious? Find out more info about the curriculum of Core Improv Program.

Other options for small group coaching

If you are looking for coaching, but are not interested in Improv 101 or 201, we can arrange a series of coaching sessions on topics that we choose together. Costs for these coaching sessions would be similar to the cost of the classes.

Skype Coaching

Don’t live near Chicago? You can arrange to take these classes remotely via Skype. Curious how it might work? Arrange a coaching session with Kevin to see how it would work.

Contact us today and get started tomorrow

To arrange a small group class that fits your schedule, email

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