The Core Improv Program is underway

The first class in the Core Improv Program is happening. 12 students working hard to become great at the craft of improv. They are learning a process with clear steps to creating fun, compelling improv scenes.

We started last week on a Tuesday. The first class was focused on initiations. Starting a scene clearly is something that is automatic for most veteran improvisors but can be a surprising stumbling block for newer players. The last thing we want is a scene that hasn’t established the basics even after a couple minutes of dialog. A particular focus was establishing the who of the scene right away in a single line of dialog.

Classes taught by Kevin Mullaney

Next in week two, we expanded our tools for initiating, focusing on the where of the scene. Instead of dialog, the focus was on object and environment work. Show me where you are before you have spoken a word and you are on your way to a good scene. Lastly we introduced a simple tool to make our scenes compelling and interesting. By focusing on moving before speaking, characters and relationships come to life. What the characters are saying drip with meaning when your body is engaged as well.

In the coming weeks, we will continue work on sharpening our skills at initiations, we will learn more tactics which make our scenes compelling and we will begin to focus on the moments that transform a scene into a game to be played.

If you are interested in the Core Improv Program, there is another class registering now. The next section will begin on Saturday March 11th. The class is limited to 12 people. Register by midnight Sunday, February 11th and save $70 off the regular price.

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