On to the Semifinals of the 4th Annual Chicago Improv Classic

After two more shows on Saturday night and 14 more teams competing, the Qualifying Round of the Chicago Improv Classic is over. This Saturday, the Semifinals begin. There will be 3 Semifinal match each featuring 4 teams. Only 1 team per match will move on to the finals on February 18th. Check out the full schedule for the Semifinals and Finals.

Last Saturday’s matches were hard fought and close. In the 8:30 show Two Childs and Americanuck won first and second respectively. Two Childs chose Zheryk Badugu as their third for the semifinals and Americanuck chose Mel Bee for their third. The 10:30 show had a more complicated outcome. Cedarville Community Church won the match. They initially chose Jake Grafstein but after the match they discovered he could not make the SemiFinals. So they chose Gabe Caruso from the previous show to be their third. There was a tie for second between Stew and Old School Improv. After a run-off vote, they were still tied. Kevin Mullaney the judge decided to merge the two teams into one team called Old School Stew. They will have 4 competitors for the Semifinals and if they move on to the Finals, they will have to keep the same 4 person lineup.

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Here are the winning teams:

Americanuck – Mandy Sellers & Erin Goldsmith

Two Childs – Kyle Hendrix & Ryan Haynes

Cedarville Community Church – Alyssa Hope Davis & Cristy Von Rautenkranz Mercier

Stew – Ian Ornstein & Cody Reiss

Old School Improv – Alan Baranowski & Mike Schmitt – Winner

Here are some of the other teams who competed on Saturday. Apologies to Fart Frog (Garrett Douglas & Jared Sanders) who is not pictured below.

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