Improv Boot Camp Returns to New York

What is Improv Boot Camp? It’s an intense, skills based improv workshop. 30 hours of reps to challenge you to be the best improvisor you can be. 5 days with Kevin Mullaney, director of the Improv Resource Center. Last year we did 3 Improv Boot Camps. This year, we only have one scheduled for NYC, so hop on it.

Here is what people are saying about last year’s Improv Boot Camps:

“Improv Boot Camp was the single most rewarding week I’ve spent studying improv. I came away feeling empowered with so many tools to start and refuel a scene. After the workshop, I felt my eyes were opened to how I could perform duo prov, monoscene, and regular scenes with a new awareness and possibilities to use “yes, expanding,” Meisner reactions, stage pictures, purposeful silences, and many more techniques that help build listening muscles and generate organic information that directly feeds into character deal and game. Kevin is the epitome of an intentional instructor and scientist of improv. I grew immensely as a performer AND instructor from this experience. I wish every performer and teacher had the language and techniques that Kevin imparts.” Alan Prunier

“I did this last year, and I highly recommend it. Kevin’s teaching is methodical and procedural. You don’t have to think hard or do anything particularly hard; instead, you just do what he puts in front of you, and your commitment will make you so much stronger. Do this thing and get closer to being the improviser you want to be.” – Chris Griswold

“I like that Kevin has put a lot of thought into the exercises and is knowledgable about other disciplines that are related to the teaching of improv and acting. I also liked concentrating on a specific exercise, doing it multiple times.” – NYC Boot Camp participant

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