SceneBlast Returns June 27th!

SceneBlast: Maximum Reps with Multiple Coaches!

Tired of doing 1 or 2 scenes in a 3 hour class? Want more notes on the scenes you do improvise? You need a different kind of class altogether. You need SceneBlast!

What is SceneBlast? It’s a non-stop blast of scenes. It’s maximum reps with notes from multiple teachers. Do 2-3 times the number of scenes you might do in an ordinary workshop and get feedback on every scene you do from one of the 3 teachers present.

How does it work? After every scene, one of the teachers takes you into the hall for notes, while the next 2 players hop up to do the next scene. We never stop doing scenes and we never stop giving notes.

We have 1 workshop scheduled for June 27th, and more will be added soon. To see what is available head over to Classes website for the Improv Resource Center.

Image used through creative commons license: Marcus Lynam via flickr.

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