Kevin Mullaney to teach 2 workshops at Improv Boston in May

Kevin Mullaney, the director of the Improv Resource Center, will be in Boston in May teaching two workshops on Saturday, May 20th. You can take either Behavior First Improv or Unleash Your Improv (or take both!). The workshops are only $65 each. Here are the details:

Behavior First Improv with Kevin Mullaney

You’ve never got nothing. Harness viewpoints at the top of the scene to establish the behavior and emotional state of your characters. Find out how they feel about each other first, before you know the who, what and where. Trust how the scene feels and let justifications bubble up from your subconscious.

$65 per person. Maximum: 14 students
Day/Time: Saturday 10AM-1PM
Class Dates: May 20
Class Location: Main Theater

Register for Behavior First Improv –>>

Unleash Your Improv with Kevin Mullaney

When you improvise, do you surprise yourself? In this workshop, we will explore adding a little chaos into your scenes on purpose. Change the subject, state your opinion emphatically before you know what it is, make up a long story in the middle of a scene, over react to mundane things, exit or enter a scene without a reason. If these things sound like a bad idea, this workshop is for you. Real life situations are messy and unpredictable, so maybe, just maybe, your scenes should be as well.

$65 per person. Maximum: 14 students
Day/Time: Saturday 3PM-6PM
Class Dates: May 20
Class Location: Training Center Upper

Register for Unleash Your Improv –>>

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