A big crowd and great performances in the 2nd week of the Semifinals

Cedarville Community Church – Alyssa Hope Davis, Cristy Von Rautenkranz Mercier & Gabe Caruso

The 4th Annual Chicago Improv Classic continued last Saturday with a nearly sell out crowd and great performances by all the teams. Four teams competed for a place in the Finals to be held on February 18th. The vote totals were closer with significant votes for all them. But in the end Cedarville Community Church won the night. After brief consultation, Alyssa Davis, Cristy von Rautenkranz-Mercier and Gabe Caruso drafted Zheryk Badugu to be their fourth player in the finals.

The other teams competed included ClusterFudge!, Twobular and Two Childs. Kevin Mullaney and Jeanette Cerami hosted the show.

The last semifinal will take place on Saturday, February 11th at 10pm. Get your tickets now to see:

  • French Toast – Colette Gregory, Rachel Smith & Christine Nikolich
  • Fireside Chats – Sara Savusa, Rebecca Gold & Steven Siedzinski
  • Old School Stew – Alan Baranowski, Mike Schmitt, Ian Ornstein & Cody Reiss
  • Gold Fools – Matt Waechter, Bryan Andino at Joe Hirte

ClusterFudge! – Carlos Rivera, Tommy Karner & Emma Welch

Twobular – Rebecca Gerstung, Matthias Scheidler & Jim Gribbin

Two Childs – Kyle Hendrix, Ryan Haynes, & Zheryk Badugu

Hosts, Jeanette Cerami & Kevin Mullaney

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