Take a SceneBlast workshop at the Improv Resource Center

excitedTired of doing 1 or 2 scenes in a 3 hour class? Want more notes on the scenes you do improvise? You need a different kind of class altogether. You need SceneBlast!

What is SceneBlast? It’s a non-stop blast of scenes. It’s maximum reps with notes from multiple teachers. Do 2-3 times the number of scenes you might do in an ordinary workshop and get feedback on every scene you do from one of the 3 teachers present.

How does it work? After every scene, one of the teachers takes you into the hall for notes, while the next 2 players hop up to do the next scene. We never stop doing scenes and we never stop giving notes.

We have 5 SceneBlast Workshops scheduled over through January. The next 2 are already sold out, but you can sign up for one of these:




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