Learn the Game of the Scene in Chicago

Starting in January of 2017, you can learn the game of the scene from one of the pioneer teachers who helped to shape the curriculum at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York. Take the Core Improv Program at the Improv Resource Center.

What is the Core Improv Program

In this 24 week program, you will learn how to lay the foundation for a successful scene; discover, heighten and explore the game of the scene; and build great long form shows where individual scenes are woven together into mosaic of patterns and connections.

game-of-the-sceneThe curriculum will be different from what is typically offered in Chicago in two major ways.

First, the goal is for the student to have a specific process for creating scenes by the end of Improv 201, and approaching long form at the end of Improv 301. They will be able to explain their process clearly. It will be repeatable and understandable. It won’t simply be a collection of guidelines and rules that may or may not apply to a particular scene.

Second, the curriculum will be more than just a collection of exercises to be done once and forgotten. Instead, each level will concentrate on a limited number of core skills which fit together into a single process. Students will work on these skills from week to week using related exercises, often getting multiple chances on each one.

For now the classes will be limited to 12 students and cost $269. If you register before noon on November 14th and use the code “GRANDOPENING” at registration, you can save $110 and sign up for only $159. This will be eight weeks of intensive instruction aimed at the intermediate and advanced improvisor.

When does it start?

The first Improv 101 will be offered on Tuesday nights starting on January 17th, 2017.

Have a question? Contact us at classes@improvresourcecenter.com.

More SceneBlast Classes!

We’ve scheduled more SceneBlast one day workshops: Maximum reps with multiple coaches for only $19. Take a workshop on Saturday, December 10th,Tuesday, December 13th or Saturday, January 7th.

Advanced Drop-in with Kevin Mullaney!

Get Kevin all to yourself in this one night workshop for only $15. There is only 1 spot left in the November 15th class.

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