New Drop-ins for December and January


Last month we announced 3 drop-in SceneBlast workshops. They have been filling up fast. Two are already sold out. So, we wanted to get a few more of these up for December and January.

We’ve added one for Tuesday, December 13th, taught by Kevin Mullaney of the IRC, Lillie Frances, owner of Laugh Out Loud Theater and Paul Grondy from iO. The three of them are long time friends, who appeared together in Frank Booth, an iO house team from the mid 90’s. And we’ve added another for the new year on Saturday, January 7th with Sam Super from Second City and Saliha Muttalib from iO and ComedySportz (and Kevin Mullaney). There are also a few spaces available in the Saturday, December 10th SceneBlast with John Hildreth of Second City and Allison Reese of Matt Damon improv.

How does it work?

SceneBlast is a blast of scenes. We start with some warmups and then it’s a continuous stream of scenes. When you finish a scene, you’ll come off stage, go into the hall and get notes immediately from one of three coaches for that workshop. While you are getting notes in the hall, the next scene has already begun, and when you are done you’ll get right back on stage and into the scene rotations. SceneBlast is the improv workout you’ve been looking for!

Advanced Improv Drop-in with Kevin Mullaney

Want to get coached by Kevin Mullaney? He will be teaching a once month drop-in class for advanced improvisors starting in November. The first one is on Tuesday, November 15th, from 7-10pm.

Get More Info

For a full list of the available sections of SceneBlasts and other drop-in workshops, head over to our classes page listing everything that is currently registering.

All of these workshops the new Improv Resource Center studio at 4410 N Ravenswood Ave.

* This is a style of workshop pioneered at the Torch Theater in Phoenix.

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