8 Reasons to Take a SceneBlast Workshop

2016-09-26-17-20-48In some classes, you don’t get enough reps. You don’t get enough chances to get on stage and actually improvise. Too much time is taken up with notes from the teacher. In other classes, you don’t get enough feedback. There are too many students and, in an effort to address the first problem, the teacher doesn’t give enough feedback. So what is the solution?

SceneBlast: Maximum reps with multiple coaches

Here are the reasons that it’s a better use of your time than a regular class or workshop:

  1. Smaller class size. Currently SceneBlast workshops are limited to 12 students.
  2. Multiple coaches. Each SceneBlast workshop features 3 coaches, not just one.
  3. More reps. The main reason you get more reps is that the workshop never stops for notes. After a warm up, we start doing scenes. One scene follows the next without interruption. That may sound like you don’t get feedback, but actually you get…
  4. Specific notes on every scene. At the end of each scene, one of the coaches takes the players out into the hall and gives them specific notes on the scene. While this happens, the next two people get up on stage and starts the next scene.
  5. Notes are given in private. Sometimes getting notes in front of everyone in the class can feel awkward. But we have found that getting notes in private outside in the hall makes it much easier to hear and understand the note. Plus you can ask a question of the coach without worrying that you are wasting everyone else’s time in class.
  6. Different perspectives. The coaches are chosen in part because of their varied backgrounds, improv philosophy and teaching experience. And you will likely get feedback from all three of the coaches more than once per session. They will likely see different strengths and weaknesses in your work, giving you more ideas about what you need to work on.
  7. Affordable price. Most improv classes cost between $25 and $35 per 3 hour class. SceneBlast workshops are being offered by the Improv Resource Center for only $19 per 3 hour class.
  8. A la carte scheduling. Take as many or as few SceneBlast workshops as you like. If they are popular, we will schedule multiple SceneBlast workshops every month.

You can find out more about SceneBlast Workshops in November and December or you can go straight to our classes website and sign up!

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