SceneBlast – Maximum reps with multiple coaches

Kevin Mullaney, Lilly Allison & Gabe Caruso

Kevin Mullaney, Lilly Allison & Gabe Caruso

The Improv Resource Center is proud to announce SceneBlast, a drop in workshop at Pendulum Space/Theatre Momentum. This is a one night only class with 3 of Chicago’s finest improv teachers.

SceneBlast is a blast of scenes. We’ll start with some warmups and then its a continuous stream of one scene after another. When you finish a scene, you’ll come off stage and get notes immediately from one of three teachers in the house. Then you’ll get right back on stage and into the scene rotations. SceneBlast is the improv workout you’ve been looking for!

This is a style of workshop pioneered at the Torch Theater in Phoenix.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, August 30th from 7-10pm. The teachers for this will include:

  • Kevin Mullaney, the Head Teacher for the Improv Resource Center
  • Lilly Allison from the Annoyance Theater
  • Gabe Caruso from Under The Gun Theater

This 3 hour workshop is only $15.00 and space is limited. Register now at Brown Paper Tickets:

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