Why the secrecy?

Cleaning out my Inbox


When I meet God, I’m gonna ask him one question:
Why did you make me so unattractive, yet so horny?
(Lindsay Acord)


Next time I go back to that biker bar, I’m
bringing my friends along to help me out.
Sure, they might laugh at <b>one</b>, but I
bet those chain-swinging morons would
cower before <b>three</b> Jedi knights.
(Hugh Ringling)

Great stuff.
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This could get sticky...

Another great rumination:

My mother used to tell me you can’t put
a price on love. Then again, she really
had a lousy business sense for a hooker.
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Reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3

<b>1</b> I'm in a really cool band
<b>2</b> I have a new exciting job to look forward to and the chance to leave this one behind
<b>1a</b>The band is REALLY cool
<b>3</b> Woman want me and men want to be me...

Hey! A bloke can dream right?!

I just sort of though that this mornings post was a little on the drab and depressing side and it's just the Tuesday morning blues that are taking hold. I don't know if I've already posted my "hatred of Tuesdays" reasoning so I'll have a quick check through and will enlighten you if not!
Abolish Tuesdays!

It turns out I haven't so today folks you are being blessed (another word for cursed) with an unprecendented 3rd post from me.

It all started when I was a small boy reading a comic called <i>Whizzer and Chips</i> which is now sadly no more.

*begin dream sequence wavy screen type behaviour*

Now this comic was years ahead of its time, it used something that the Simpsons is very successful with, it paid to be attentive. Little comedic touches in the background that you would miss if you skimmed through, i.e a board in the background saying <i>"Board for filling up unused spaces"</i> Hilarious stuff when you're 7 I guarantee you...

In one of the strips called Cliffhanger the artist would regularly put Abolish Tuesday on a little sign somewhere and for some reason it stuck in my little 7 year old brain right the way through to now. A couple of years ago I formulate why this "Abolish Tuesdays" is a good thing:

<b>Monday.</b> You know it's going to be crap but the weekend is still fresh in your mind and if anything nice happens it is a bonus. Mondays are de rigeur pure and simple.

<b>Wednesday. </b>Ok, it's still not weekend territory but you're <i>half way there!</i> You're past the pain barrier and anticipation is there. Plus for me it's pay day!

<b>Thursday.</b> Now to me Thursay has always been the start of the weekend and it is fantastic just because of that.

<b>Friday.</b> Do I really need to explain the lagery goodness of half a day at work and straight to the pub? I didn't think so.

<b>Saturday & Sunday.</b> Two words that bring joy to the heart of a working man anywhere.

<b>Tuesday</b>. Fucking Tuesday. It's limbo. No mans land. It's not even Wednesday. It's the day before pay day, the weekend is nowhere in sight and, I don't know about you but, I've always got a hangover from Darts on a Monday night.

Whoever that comic strip artist was, he got me thinking...

*End dream sequence wavy screen back to the present*

And it's not even bloody lunchtime yet!!