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Why a festival forum? Well there are often people looking to post announcements about upcoming festivals and special events of interest to the entire improv community, no matter where they are from. I have for some time wanted to create a single place to keep this information, since I felt it should be kept seperate from discussions about improv theory, and it can easily be lost in the various plugs forums.

Please keep the number of threads to a reasonable number for each festival. For instance, if you want to make announcements for your festival, create one thread here and add posts to in when you have new announcements. However it may make sense for users to make additional threads about a particular festival, by creating their own thread.

Welcome and enjoy.

For some,festivals are interesting specially if you will visit the place for the first time.In this manner, you can be informed right then and there what the place can offer you.
2012 Boston Improv Festival dates!

ImprovBoston is excited to announce the dates for the 2012 Boston Improv Festival! This year's BIF will take place the weekend of September 5-9, 2012. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Submissions will be open on May 7th. Check the website for more information - http://www.bostonimprovfest.com/

See you guys there!