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Looking for videographer 2/18/10

Stripped Stories at UCB is looking for a videographer for Thursday Feb. 18th at 9:30. If you have skills but no camera we can provide a good camera for you. If you can do it please reply to

-Margot Leitman
Camera (and cameraperson) needed for Saturday (May 1st) 10 am

I have a Lost-themed sketch I'm looking to film this Saturday morning in Brooklyn. My videographer (& his camera) fell through at the last minute, so if you'd like to help me out, I'd much appreciate it.
I can't pay you but I will make some yummy treats and give you credit.
Also, there may be some dogs around, and you'd get to play with them. Puppies rule!
melisasaraceni 77 at gmail dot com

Thank you!
Hey IRC!

I'm looking to shoot some sketches/short films/scenes/monologues for y'all. I have a Canon 7d and some other sweet gear (good sound recorder, glidecam, etc). I've been doing film work professionally for the past 2 years, as a cameraperson, editor, and post production dude. I've done work for Pitchfork, Random House, MTV, Turner, and a whole bunch of other places.

Just send me a script and a plan, and we'll see if I can't fit your group in. And feel free to email me if you're looking for an editor/post-man to put together your project.

christopher dot chuang at gmail dot com
Videographer for Saturday May 22 at 10 PM / Will Pay

I am looking for a videographer to film a one hour storytelling show at Gotham City Improv (48 West 21st Street) on Saturday May 22 at 10 PM.

Let me know what equipment you have and your rate if you are interested.

Email me at
Looking for video team this Sat., 6/19!!

Hey guys--

I'm Abbi, and a good friend of mine is looking for some video/editing services this Saturday, 6/19. He hosts these awesome parties in his backyard where guest bands cook food and hang with the guests--it's becoming a very cool event. He's easy to work for and it will be a fun day!

Anyways--here's his bit:

I host a backyard concert series where the artist cooks a meal with me, I invite 20 or so of my music/tech/social media/entertainment friends over for the meal, and then the artist performs. I'm looking for someone for this saturday (june 19) from approx 12-5pm to fill the footage and edit it into a 5-minute montage video capturing the spirit of the afternoon. The video can be branded with your production company. compensation is negotiable. please email with a link to your work and I will follow up one way or another. Pref. 2 cameras are needed.

Get in touch with Dave at david.chaitt (at)
and check out

I cut the online show Show Us Your Dish

And I regularly cut my own comedy videos and videos for friends. I have an iMac and a Macbook with Final Cut Pro and my time is VERY free (I'm unemployed!)

Please contact me when you need something edited! I can usually do turnaround within a week, especially if you already have an idea of what you want. If you need something super fast, I'll make it happen. Contact me at: contact [AT] jessep-s [DOT] com. Compensation is low, negotiable and on a case by case basis. But I promise you I'm cheaper than the other guy.

I am a working night editor for GawkerTV. I also want to edit your hilarious videos for a ridiculously cheap rate.

Final Cut Studio
Garageband (if you want original music)

I am super excited to make your hilarious idea clear and unique. Please check out my work and be impressed

Let's Go!
John Trowbridge
Sorry to post again so soon... BUT...

I NEED work! I'm talking "I will no longer be able to live in NYC and not in my parents house within a month" type of need.

I cut the online show Show Us Your Dish

And I regularly cut my own comedy videos and videos for friends. I have an iMac and a Macbook with Final Cut Pro and my time is VERY free (I'm unemployed!)

Please contact me when you need something edited! If you need something super fast, I'll make it happen! Contact me at: contact [AT] jessep-s [DOT] com. I can do it for VERY CHEAP!


I'm depending on you, Son
Acting Reel Editor Available

Hi! Need your acting reel edited?

I can help you tailor your footage into a reel to best show off your performance. You will come away with your completed reel, formatted for both DVDs and web use (including specific formatting requests).

Because I want to build up my portfolio, so I am offering a special rate. Examples of my work are here:

My other editing experience includes cutting my short film, The Sweater Dress, and working as Assistant Editor on the show "Body Work" for Discovery Time.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

machesmore at gmail
Oh, forgot about this thread. I posted a production job here. It reads:

I'm looking to hire a DVD Studio Pro Editor this Saturday afternoon, Dec 17th, to make a single-page menu and author a DVD. I will provide all assets (menu art, mpeg2 file, audio, etc.) The editor should be proficient enough to complete the project in a single session; I'm estimating maybe 2 hours.

Please gmail smackmasterson. Thanks!

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Cinematographer from WET HOT wants to direct your sketch video

I shot Wet Hot American Summer and now I direct TV commercials and sketch. I'm offering my services for sketch writers and teams that need a competent filmmaker to shoot and direct their best material. I have cameras and lenses. Rates are on a sliding scale.

Let me know,

Ben Weinstein

Bluvband wants to be your director!

Hey Everybody!

My name is David Bluvband and I would like to direct your sketch/web series/short film.

Here are things I have:

Canon Rebel T3i
Portable lighting kit
Tascam DR-40 audio recorder
Two shotgun mics
2 wireless lavs

Please email me at david dot bluvband at gmail dot com to discuss rates.
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I'm looking to build up my portfolio so I'll edit your stuff for not very much money!

Acting reel? Sketch video? Pilot? Sex tape? I'll do it! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Contact me at my name (JoelStraley) through Google's email service (Gmail)
I will Record Your Shows

Hello IRC,

I would like to offer my services for recording your improv, sketch, variety or stand up shows. My rate is $30/show. This rate includes me taping the show, doing some light editing to clean up the recording and sound, and either uploading the video (to Vimeo, Youtube), file dropping the vid or giving you a hard DVD copy (or any combination of these). If you'd like a copy of your show on a thumb drive you will have to provide the thumb drive but we can do that too!

Camera: Canon Vixia HD camera (small but effective)
Tripod and Attachable shotgun mic for good sound.

If the show is more than an hour long we might need to up the rate a bit but we can negotiate. If you're splitting the bill with other performers, you can split the cost of the taping too.

If you're interested, please email me at

Ian Stroud Shoots Shows

I would love to shoot your improv, sketch, standup, and other shows. Film your spank, your experimental set at Cool Shit, whatever.
I shoot on a Canon 5D Mk II and have a great shotgun for audio. I can do any editing you need and can get you the footage however you'd like. Let me know if you're interested and we'll talk rates. for some of my other work.
Some stills that I've done as well:

ian dot g dot stroud at gmail dot com
Ghost Suspect Produces for You

It's a New Year, and time to make new videos! Ghost Suspect (Eric Silver and Joe Stanton) wants to help you make those comedy video scripts come to life.

Shooting a video can be a pretty daunting task, especially when you have to worry about logistics, schedules, and making sure you're not wasting your time/money along the way. We want to free up writers and actors to focus on the creative side of video making, while we handle the location scouting and lunch orders.

If you give us a budget, we'll set you up with the crew, a director, extras, craft services, and transportation/logistics that fit your project, leaving you time to concentrate on making the funny funnier.

Between the two of us, we've worked on or produced several videos that have been official selections in the New York Television Festival, on HuffPo and other media outlets, and featured in live performances at the PIT.

Shoot us an email (ghostsuspectprod at gmail) with what you're trying to do, and we'll help you get a plan together.
Pick me! Pick me!

I'm Paul Tab. A lot of you guys know me from when I used to go to the Jam at the Beast, some from doing classes with me at UCB. I'm a singer-songwriter as well, and have been editing my own videos for the last year or so ( I've gotten to be fluent with the Adobe CC suite, and have set up a rig and a home office/studio to work out of (desktop PC, nice reference monitors, closet vocal booth, sweet tube mic, that kind of thing). I'd like to start taking on clients ASAP!

I'll edit a reel for $150, or a five-minute short for $175. In exchange for that, I will give you your output in multiple formats, both for easy uploading to youtube/vimeo/fod and for your future compilation discs.

I'm also willing to barter for other services -- I have a new album coming out in the summer and could really use a good team for making some promotional videos for it (My Flip cameras can only take me so far).

Let's get to work!

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