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an overview of your basic rates
and your general availability

your experience
previous projects

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also, please include your contact information. that is, unless you just want to list everything you have the potential to do, but are not actually willing to be booked to do it.

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1. Panasonic AG-DVX100B
2. Tripod
3. wide angle lens
4. FX home special effects generator (still learning)

I have some experience working on videos but mostly directing. My service is pretty much the use of my camera. I don't want to charge anyone, I just want to watch people working so I can learn something. Depending on who you are I can lend you the camera (I won't be present), but more than likely I would like to be around when its in use.

So if your experienced in filming sketch and all you need is a damn camera, email me at shaundiston at gmail dot com.

I can also film live shows and stuff.
I am a video professional and have worked as Production Coordinator, Director, and Editor (FCP) for high and mid-budget tv and commericals, most recently for LifetimeTV, Fuse TV, and Kraft.

I've also done camera, lights, and sound for low-budget and self-produced stuff and have a Canon XL1-S and complete sound and light package for that, and access to and expertise in better equipment and crew when budget allows. But I can get pretty prof results with that.

In my younger days I also produced animation, including the famous Chicago Bulls animation, and created computer weather graphics for the news. I also write and research and do on-camera.

So, I am available for professional freelance and for volunteer if it's stuff I really believe in. My company is Sparkle Television and I have other great people I can bring into a project, too.

shannon at sparkletelevision and dot and com

Nick Mougis

our mutual friend.
In my younger days I also produced animation, including the famous Chicago Bulls animation
holy shit. thats awesome. i used to sit in front of my tv and curse at that thing every year in the nba playoffs... mostly cause the bulls made me a sad basketball fan for many years.

sooooo cool, shannon!
Digital Conversions!
Got an old tape that you would like to put on the web or save as a DVD?

Rates are dependent on what you need but it's around $10-$20 per conversion.

I'm happy to meet people in Manhattan tp pick up and drop-off items. I generally take one-three days to complete jobs.

VHS to DV (burned on a data DVD (or CD if file is small enough), ready to be used in a digital editing program)
VHS to Quicktime
VHS to Youtube
MiniDV to DVD*
MiniDV to Quicktime
MiniDV to Youtube
MiniDV to DV (burned on a data DVD (or CD if file is small enough), ready to be used in a digital editing program)
Hi8 to DVD*
Hi8 to DV
Hi8 to Quicktime
Hi8 to Youtube
Audio Files to MP3
*Unfortunately, at this time I can not mass produce DVDs, but I can make a couple copies.

I am available to direct/shoot/edit a sketch that you wrote!

I've been doing work for TheLandline, a website that does weekly topical sketches. You can go here to see those: I directed and edited all of those. Also, there's this

Depending on the day and stuff, I could get an HD camera and a body mic. Don't have much lights, but can very much work with what I have.

I don't know what I would charge...maybe you can message me if interested? Or email at PaulBriganti (at) Gmail (dot) com
Hey, my name's Valerie. I work as an assistant editor, went to NYU Film school, and I want to edit comedy. I've taken an improv course (hopefully soon to be more) and I'm a regular UCB attendee. I'm looking for sketch videos/short films to edit. For free! What's in it for me? Stuff to put on my reel, and networking with funny people.

I'm currently working full time M-F (though the way things are going, that might change very soon) so I can't promise a speedy turnaround. But I think I'm a pretty rad person to work with! :wave:

As far as equipment, I've got a G5 with Final Cut Pro (soon to be a Mac Pro with the most recent version of FCP), DVD Studio Pro, access to a MiniDV camera for digitizing, some external hard drives...what else does one need?

Contact me! valeriesachs at gmail dot com
Video of Stage Play w/Audio Gig 6/19

There is a show I am running lights on that is looking for a videographer that can do audio to record the show. Having your own equipment, and ability to record/convert to digital format major pluses.

The show is "Why Didn't Jesus Get Married?", and will be playing at Hofstra University on Friday 6/19. For the afternoon and evening, probably wrapping up by 9 or 10pm. Pay TBD. Carpool from Brooklyn available. Contact me at saintlennybruce at gmail dot com to be put in touch with the show's producer for more info.
Reels, shooting, and editing with OnlyOkayLooking Films

Can help with reels, shooting, editing, effects, producing, writing, directing, and acting.

Equiptment includes:

1. Panasonic AG-HMC 150 HD Camera (comparable to HVX-200)
2. Tripod
3. Rode shotgun and boom mic
4. 8-foot jib crane (homemade, but it works great for smooth shoots)
5. Lighting kit
6. Final Cut 6.0, DVD Studio, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, After Effects, etc.
7. Access to crews, DP's, etc.

Will do reels for $250 - $350.

Rates for shooting of sketches and shows vary based upon the nature of the work. If we're doing a sketch and I think it's gut-busting hilarious, I'll do it for free.


Feel free to check out some stuff on my YouTube channel

Have a great day!
Looking for a video editor whose emphasis is on comedy and funtoworkwithness?

That could be me!
Hi, I'm Lucia and you may have seen me around the Magnet or UCB Theater doing improv or sketch or standup...another place I hang around is my Final Cut Pro. I have edited a whole bunch of comedy videos (all of the videos here for example. And here is my general video production reel with cameos from many of you) as well as actors reels (here is an example) and other non-comedy videos for the Internet that I can send you links to you if you'd like.
I also edited a short film that is under consideration at Sundance 2010 and Cannes 2010. It will be awesome if it gets in. Anyway!
I want to edit your comedy video or reel. I feel that I edit with an emphasis on comedic timing etc etc, and will work with you until you're satisfied with the piece.
I'll edit a reel for $250.
I'll edit short films / sketches for $250 and up, depending on how long it is.
I am a fast editor and I will work with you until you're super happy.

Email me at djcheekbonz at gmail dot com and let me know about your project. I'll give you a quote and we can go from there.

And feel free to contact me if you want editing done on something that isn't a comedy video - I am not racist.

djcheekbonz at gmail dot com
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Hey Guys! I'm an experienced videographer and editor looking to work for you!
My experience ranges from documentary filming and editing, wedding videography, sketch comedy directing, filming music videos, editing actors reels.

Please get in touch for rates and I'll send you a hilarious email. I'll probably charge you less than I should because I like you so much and I need to work!
Email: roberthugel[at]
Things I own:
Panasonic DVX 100B
Shotgun Mic
Apple Editing System w/Final Cut Studio

I have access to (fees will apply)
Panasonic HVX 200 (its HD with P2 cards)
Portable Lighting Kit
Wireless Mic Lav set
Anyone available to shoot a spank at UCB this thurs. dec. 10th? we go up first at 6pm. email me what you would charge if you're interested.


viviana dot olen at gmail
Need Original Music?

I thought I'd throw this out there because I am bored as hell, but if anyone wants some original music for their videos (guitar/keyboard/MIDI stuff -> minimalist/pop/indie/experimental), I am unemployed and available and offering my services for free. I've been writing music for about 10 years, was part of a casiopop band in college, and my latest project is this:

I also write most of the music for my comedy duo's videos (except when we need something genre specific and then just get some royalty-free junk from online). Here's an example:

Send me an e-mail at andybeckerman at gmaildotcom if you need something.