This is not the life I ordered, but it smells good.

After driving my moms car for the better part of a day at about 80mph I came to the conclusion that I HATE it. Too small and just plain uncomfortable….back to the drawing board.

The move sucked, as most moves do. The drive back in the van was pretty uneventful but boring as hell. It was 105 when I got to my destination and started to unload with the help of a friend and a slightly scary cousin that I don’t know very well. I thought he was retarded or something….turns out he has a degenerative disease of some type that hinders his mental capacity. I feel really bad for him. I also wish someone had told me about it before he started beating moms furniture to a pulp.

Classes started. I’m still not quite in the groove yet. I know the material pretty well for the courses I’m teaching so it’s not that big of a deal, but I want to improve them and have the curriculum in place so when I leave these courses won’t suck: like they did when I took them.

My graduate level classes are a time sucker. I also signed up for another one the other day, increasing my credit load to the point of insane. Ahhhhh……I’m back in the zone.

My mother has a boyfriend???? Holy cow. He lives in the same town I do, and only about 5 blocks from me. Seems like a nice guy. Go mom. They met online and have been communicating for a couple of months. Mom’s giddy. It’s nice to see her this happy.

My tech support job is going at it’s normal level of insanity. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. It makes me laugh and it pays my rent, plus enough left over for some coffee and the occasional slice of pizza.
An update:

I threw out my back in the worst way a few weeks ago. Been in pain, not sleeping and attempting to sleep on the floor since then. I’m grouchy. I’m afraid to find out how bad it is so I refuse to go see a doctor. I’ll wait until Christmas break. If I need surgery again I’ll decide then. For now it’s advil, a heating pad and pain.

Stella died last weekend….dead battery…bad cables, neglect for the most part. I can’t fix it with my back the way it is so I’ve been walking. Not the worst thing in the world, it’s inconvenient, but its also the most exercise I get all day. A buddy of mine is coming over in about an hour to pick me up, we’ll by a new battery and some other needed items and he’s doing all the wrenching. I’ll be there to tell him what he’s doing wrong. We both have a zip tie fetish when it comes to computers and wiring so I’m sure he’ll do a great job. Two peas in a pod we are.

GC’s car died yesterday. A ball joint failed and plunked her car down to the pavement. Luckily it happened in a parking lot and not on the highway. Got it towed last night and it should be fixed Monday afternoon….$250…not bad really.

Classes are fun. I’m learning quite a bit about teaching and improving my methods of teaching. My students seem to be learning and having a good time too so that says something. The classes I’m taking are a bit odd and at night but they’re going well, I’m just a bit behind but nothing insurmountable.

Birthday is looming…………….38…….really? I can’t believe it. And don’t really care but holy moly………this is the face of 38?
***EDIT 1/5/2023***

18 years? 18? Years?

I laughingly talk about having an 'online journal' many years ago. I thought I'd update this. I see nobody is posting and I couldn't make a new post, so I thought I'd edit this last post, creating a new 'last post'. Wait.....never mind.

I'm tenured faculty and looking at retiring soon here in the mid-west. I see my post prior to this I was turning 38. Oh, if I could talk to that guy.

I regret ending this journal when I did. I really needed this output/input/reflection. I use lists now and scratch off the accomplishments and save the pieces of paper as proof I'm living a full life. Go to the dump....scratched that one off today.

When I lost my way,
Found myself on a rugged road
With a head full of trouble
Carryin' a heavy, heavy load
I was stumblin' blind,
Going down that rugged road
And no one could help me
I had to walk that road alone

When I met my friend
He said brother can I help you please
Said I know you got some worries
Maybe some that I can ease
It's a long, long way
And you might need some company
But I just couldn't hear him
And he just let me be

My father before me
Walked this road the same as I
Yea, he had his bad and his good times
And one day he had to die
People I made my way
And now I'm standin' in the sun
Yea, with my struggle behind me
My life has just begun

Yea, my life has just begun.

(Robben Ford and the Blue Line)

I’ve come in contact with some great people here, even if it's just an IM or email here and there, but it's time for me to stop.

Take care everyone.

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