Thinderbolt Comedy's Chris Griswold is the coach you need

**If you need someone TONIGHT, contact me. I'll respond to your email ASAP and if I'm not available, I'll reach out and find a good coach who is..**

Find out how simple good improv can be. Learn to trust yourself and stop overthinking.

As a former UCB registrar, I understand the UCB curriculum deeply and have perfect practice regimens specifically for UCB student groups working on their particular level's grad shows. I understand your mindset. I know what's making you nervous. It really doesn't have to.

Everyone's brain works differently. My 15 years of experience with coaching make figuring out which approaches will work best for your group and for you individually. Let's reach and see what else you can do.

Has Improv 201 put you in your head? Do identifying the game and playing second beats seem mystifying? Pattern game giving you trouble?

Guess what: Everyone in your class is scared but pretending they get it. Let's break it down so it doesn't just make sense, but it's also back to being easy and fun.

While I rely heavily on UCB techniques, I also draw heavily from the Annoyance, as well as my training training with Chicago teachers. I frequently create exercises on the fly to address specific issues that arise in practices.

I can simplify structure while helping you to overcome your individual weaknesses.

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Coaching/teaching improv since 1999.
Founder and Academic Director, Thunderbolt Comedy (
Started at UCB in 2004.
Former Registrar at UCB.
Creator/Host of Indie Harold Night
Creator of longform structure The Forum.
I run the blog UCB Love and created the class alert emails.

Member of:
- Sound Machine
- Perfect Zero
- The Improvised Documentary
- The Improvised Movie ASP 2012

UCB Classes with:
Matt Walsh, Billy Merritt, Owen Burke, Jackie Clark, Brian Huskey, Kevin Mullaney, Michael Delaney, Will Hines, Porter Mason, Dyna Moe, Anthony King, Eugene Cordero, Nate Dern, Achilles Stamatelaky.

Christian Capozzoli, Philip Markle, Mark Grenier, Michael Bertrando

Miles Stroth, Dan Bakkedahl, Andy Eninger, Shaun Landry

[Please note that all practices are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. Practices canceled within 24 hours must still be paid for.]