The Rehearsal Space Thread

This is a beautiful space, we practiced there last night as part of the free week and ended up booking the space for the rest of the month. Seriously check it out.
Thank you for checking the space out.

Re: The Echo.

That was something that surprised us, and we immediately ordered some sound-dampening foam. It will be arriving within the week and will (hopefully) ease the problem.

In the meantime, we will be getting some rugs to float around as people request them.




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I also fifth Simple Studios. Coached there last night and was impressed on the spaces. Did not hear an echo per se, but if there was an echo it was a hilarious echo of supportive improv.
Simple Studios is Awesome!

my improv team practiced there during the free week. it's an awesome space, really big with great natural light in streetside rooms. loved the personal AC, it was hot out...we're def going back!
Weekend visitors to Simple Studios may recognize the attendant sitting in the building lobby as me. It's a living!

Also, they're pasting up some sort of angular acoustic padding in the interior rooms, and it's cutting the echo pretty much to zero. I think they're going to hit every room up with that stuff. Progress!
Rehearsing this Holiday Season?

Simple Studios is offering amazing holiday specials!
During December 23rd-December 27th (closed the 25th)
BOOK a room at the WALK-IN rate!

That means you can book a $26 room for as little as $15*.
That's over 40% savings!

Call us now at 212-273-9696!

Simple Studios
134 West 29th St, 2nd Floor (btwn 6th and 7th aves)
New York, NY 10001

* Applies to all bookings made on 12/11 or after. May not be combined with any other offers.


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UCB Training Center Rentals

The Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center is available to rent for rehearsals, auditions, and video shoots. We offer spacious, clean rooms with ample seating. We also offer a chromakeyed wall in one of our rooms for video shoots.

Our information and policies are below:

* Regular room rentals are $15/hour. Auditions are $30/hour.

* Requests are processed Monday - Friday, 12 - 6 PM, in the order they were received. They will be processed as soon as possible.

* Rooms are available from 11 AM - 10 PM on Monday - Thursday, 11 AM - 7 PM on Fridays, 12 PM - 6:30 PM on Saturdays, and 12 PM - 9:30 PM on Sundays. Our Training Center classes occupy most of the rooms during these hours, so space availability is limited.

* Renters must pay the full rental fee before entering the room.

* People looking to rent a space in an upcoming month should e-mail by the 25th of the current month. We don't process the upcoming month's rentals until the 25th of the current month. So if you're looking to book for February, you should e-mail on January 25th.

* CANCELLATION POLICY: If you or your group will not be able to use our space, you must provide AT LEAST 48 HOURS NOTICE. You will owe the FULL rental fee if you fail to do this.

Please contact with a specific time and date for your rental and we will accommodate you as best we can. We do not book rentals over the phone -- E-MAIL ONLY.
We Love Simple Studios

The PIT uses Simple Studios for all of our classes.

The space is clean, pretty, and HUGE, but also (and almost more importantly) the staff is really helpful and friendly.

Plus, they are adding new amenities all the time. They now have mirrors, an upright piano, stage lighting you can dim, personal AC/Heaters in the outside rooms (and space heaters you can request if you like the rooms extra toasty), vending machines, tv/dvd players, etc. etc.

We highly recommend Simple Studios!


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Simple Studios now offers rooms for $10/hr Saturday nights after 6pm.

Rehearse 6pm-8pm for $20 and still have the rest of your evening open for shows and drinking (or your family or whatever).
Hey all,

Does anyone know of a rehearsal space that looks like a high school band room? It needs to have a piano as well.

It's for a sketch video shot, but a rehearsal type space would work best.

Let me know, thanks!

Manhattan Children's Theatre Available

Hi Improv-ers!

Manhattan Children's Theatre is opening their space up for the summer as they have no little kiddie productions until the fall. Both my teams practice there and boy howdy, we love it.

Check out their site for details:

Contact Chris at 212-226-4085 or e-mail at mctnewyork AT gmail DOT com for more info.

Do it!
Discounted space in Midtown!

Hey everybody!

I intern at Shetler Studios which is on 54th St. and Broadway and they want to start hooking up improv teams!

The sales team is offering improv teams a big discount for the first time you book with Shetler and a continuing discount for future bookings!

Just ask for Amber, Joseph or Matt when you call! Check out the spaces here:

When you call, let them know Will Cooper referred you. Maybe I'll get something nice. ;)

You can also email me for more details. This is a good space. I use it for my rehearsals. It's easy to get to and has many rooms available. Also, at discounted rates, it's a great deal!
The Players Theatre In The West Village has several studios and great rates for Improvisors if they mention this site. If you book ongoing rehearsals we can gladly work with you on price. We have rooms with pianos for musical improv teams. Plus we have performance spaces (we tend to be very good to our renters) and not only that, some teams are asked to perform monthly shows produced by Shortened Attention Span. Give us a call (212)475-1449 and book now!