The Performance Space Thread

Roy Arias Theatres would love to have your show!

We have Theatres from 25 seats to 150. And we cover all budgets. We offer discounted rates for late start times (9 or 10 or 10:30) and we're located in the HEART of Times Square at The Times Square Arts Center on 43rd and 8th.

(212) 957-8358
or email
eGarage Studio

eGarage is a brand new sound stage/theatre in Long Island City. We're opening our improv team this month: Improv Nation. We're interested in eventually having some house teams, if your indie team is interested in looking for a permanent home, eGarage might be the place for you. Check out our website:

or email Megan for more information:
Hi Guys!

I see its been awhile since we've had a full list of good potential performance spaces and was wondering if anyone had any updates?

I'm producing some new improv shows, and I'd like to know if anyone has thoughts/ input as to a good theater space to present them?

The ideal: no rental charge, convenient location, good size stage...

New Spaces? Places to perform?

Hey gang!

My team is fairly new (comprised of some old players that have been out of the loop for a bit) and we're looking to get up and try some stuff out. I notice that a lot of this information is older. Does most of it still stand or should I look elsewhere. If anyone has any other info, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks y'all! (I'm not really southern, I just use their colloquialisms from time to time.)

syrupimprov AT gmail DOT com
Improv Space Available

Broadway Comedy Club, located in Times Square and home of Eight is Never Enough and Comedysportz , has available space for Improv Shows/ groups. ....70 seat room, ground level, baby grand piano...Call or email for further
Or call Ron at