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Rad space

Hi there,

The National Comedy THeatre - a space for the show I'm in was just finished this year - it's on 36th between 8th and 9th. The space is amazing. You can go to for contact info. I'm not sure how much it is to rent but the space is awesome.

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New Venue near Union Square

Dharma Road Productions, Inc. curates a weekend performance series at the white box studio theatre of CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing). We present contemporary dance, theatre (especially clown, physical theatre, Lecoq, improvisation, buffoon, etc.), puppetry and video. For more information about the space and upcoming events, please visit either:
Dharma Road

We are actively seeking short acts and evening-length shows for 2006. If you are interested in being presented or in renting the theatre for performances or workshops, please contact:
Christopher Pelham
Dharma Road Productions, Inc.
CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)

We currently present a monthly lo-fi variety cabaret curated by Alex Kipp and hosted by his alter ego Captain Napkin.

Sept. 24’s Lineup, hosted by guest Eric Davis (The Red Bastard), features:

* Outlandish humor by Jeff Campbell
* Comic performance by the charming Audrey Crabtree
* Variety performance by the seductive Aimee German
* Farce by Harold Lehmann & Silas Hoover
* Ringling Brothers clown and juggling superstar Rob Lok
performance space

New York Comedy club in Manhattan is seeking improv and sketch groups for our newly remodeled space. We seat 150 people. Full lights and sound. No rental fee. Troupes get 100% of box office. Dates in September are gone. Dates available in October and November. For booking info, please call Al at 718-979-9898
4/26 onwards / Weds 7-9:30 / Warren Street Comm'y Garden

Our community garden is looking for performers.
We are in the 5th Ave district of Park Slope. We have an outdoor area that's great for performances: quiet, airy, and we have seats. If you live close by, come check it out.

If you'd like to perform, please send me an email with:
-A description of your show,
-When you would like to perform

We will do marketing for you:
Local Sites, flyering, invite our friends (while still encouraging you to market as well)

Here are the Details:
Where: Warren Street Community Garden (between 4th and 5th Aves)

When: April 26 - Wednesday Nights Ongoing: 2-3 slots from 7:30 - 9
Please have some performance experience.

We'll also give you free lemonade and mint julips...and some organic lettuce so you feel better about the 20 cows you murdered last year.

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Improv Comedy Club
New Improv Performance Space at The Improv

The World famous Improv comedy club located at 53rd street between 8th and 9th is now opening up their 80 seat upstairs theater for improv/sketch and one person shows.
Rent is $100 (and then the club takes a piece of your box office) or $250 and the club takes nothing.
Nice big stage, nice looking theater and one of the cheaper rents in the city. (hint: Get three improv troupes together and split the rent)

Space is available most Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Thursdays after 9:30, Fridays at 10 PM and early Saturdays and Sunday (6 PM).

Space is available on a first come, first served basis and we are booking way in advance.

Contact me (Aaron) at

Aaron Haber
Artistic Director of
The World
The Improv
45th Street Theatre – Is now available for bookings

45th Street Theatre, formerly Primary Stages, now handled by Eric Krebs Theatrical Management is available for rentals for:

Staged Readings
Fund Raisers

The 45th Street Theatre, located in the heart of the theatre district, is home to two of the city’s most charming theatres.

The 45th Street Theatre: a 99 seat Off-Broadway house, for nearly 20 years thundered with the voices of new and established American playwrights. It is once again available as a home for artists. This fully air conditioned ground floor space features a raised stage, large tech booth, soaring ceilings and a charming full Lobby.

Our Stage Too Theatre, formerly the Phil Bosakowski, is a lovely 47 seat, intimate proscenium space. It features a modern, remodeled lobby, air conditioning, large dressing room, and is located on the second floor of our elevator equipped building.

hourly and day rates are available as well. please contact us for that information.

For more information and plans for the spaces please visit

To see the spaces at any time or for more booking information please contact or (212) 315-4784
under st marks?

ive heard about this place called "Under St. Marks" or something of the nature...supposedly is pretty open to indie groups and whatnot...has anyone performed there/any feedback?

Broadway Comedy Club and New York Comedy Club

Hey everyone,

My name is Aaron Haber and I’ve just landed a new job: Improv and Sketch comedy booker for The Broadway and New York Comedy Clubs. I am looking to book improv and sketch groups for one-off shows, but am also looking for groups to become part of a permanent performing rotation at the clubs.

Here’s the notice I’m sending around:

The Broadway Comedy Club (53rd between 8th and 9th) and New York Comedy Club (24th between 2nd and 3rd) are opening up their 5 rooms for your improv and sketch comedy shows.

Rooms range from 60 to 200 seats!

Two rental options:
1. Free rent with a 2 drink minimum for your audience
2. $150 rent with no drink minimum for your audience (don’t worry we’ll still have booze available.)
Please contact Aaron at for available dates and/or more information.

And oh what the hell, here's a dancing banana :banana:
New Sketch/improv Show In Willamsburg Looking For Groups!!!


I have a great space that I am producing at 507 Bar/Lounge. We are looking for sketch/improvisors for

THERE IS a $5 cover for audience

This place is a great space IN WILLIAMSBURG to perform.

It is off the Lorimer stop on Grand Street. It is amazing.

If you are a group looking to perform in Williamsburg, please contact me ASAP

or forward this to anyone you feel may be interested in performing.
This is a fantastic opportunity to perform and not get saddled with renting fees or drink minimums.

Matt Taylor
Astoria Comedy Club looking for Improv Groups

Hello everyone -

My name is Matt Taylor - I am the booker/manager of the brand new Astoria Comedy Club.

We have dedicated thursday nights to improv groups and are looking for groups to perform on our show.

Our club is brand new right now and we are giving all groups a chance to perform - as the months go on we will tighten our roster, but right now we are looking give opportunities to as many groups in NYC as possible.

Here is the information for the club - if you are interested, please send an email to the address below


we have a dedicated 75 seat show room
there is no rental fee, nor is there any drink minimum for the members of the group. We are simply looking for good improvisors that wish to perform in Astoria.

if you are interested, please write to matt:

opening night is Friday, March 7
our first improv night is Thursday, March 13.

thank you
Great Performance Space Looking for New Acts!!!

Hey there,

I happen to know of a performance space that is FANTASTIC. It's called Ochi's Lounge and it is located at Comix Comedy Club, and its' producers are currently looking for new acts to perform there! They are looking for SMALL acts (such as stand-up comedy, small musical groups, and storytellers) with MINIMAL stage requirements. This might be the perfect venue for you!

Just visit for more details.

Here is some more information listed below:

Located downstairs at Comix at 353 W. 14th Street, Ochi's Lounge opens for pre-show hobnobbing one half hour before the first showtime every Monday through Thursday. There is no cover charge and a one item minimum food or drink purchase for every performance. Past performers in Ochi's Lounge have included David Cross, Jim Gaffigan, Zach Galifianakis, Judah Friedlander, Tom Shillue, Christian Finnegan & other famous faces you know from stage and screen.

Ochi's Lounge is the next level of Comix. Say goodbye to smelly co-ed bathrooms and run-down, musty venues that are the standard alternative comedy experience. Everything you love about independent shows produced by some of the MVPs of the comedy scene is now in a comfortable lounge with a dedicated staff serving delicious food and beverages that won't break your bank account. With a liquor license, clean spacious bathrooms and no rodents dropping by for unexpected guest spots, Ochi's Lounge is sure to change the way you think about underground comedy.

There is no cover charge and a one item minimum purchase of food or drink for all shows.

Email Kambri Crews at kcrews[at] with any questions.
:) :) :)
7ave ave between 50 and 51st

New Comedy Club located in Times Square - we are looking for improv groups who will bark for 20-25 min spots.

Tired of bringing your audience, but you do not have a residency yet? Do you need to work out an want to do it in front of an audience?

This is your best way to do 2-3 shows a night. We want you to hand out fliers, we will give you $5 for every ticket that is returned, and we will give you plenty of sets.

please, contact matt



The Mayor of The City
The City at Broadway Comedy Club


If you haven't heard I'm opening up a new improv/sketch theater called "The City" at The Broadway Comedy Club.

We have no rental fee for your group, plenty of performing slots and the ability for your group to become a house team and perform on our after show spots (after the BCC's main shows) in front of tons of already brought in comedy audiences.

If you're interested, please email me at or call me at 646-242-6652.

Aaron Haber
Mayor of
The City
Great spaces

The Players Theatre has 2 performance spaces.

Its in the heart of teh West Village so walking traffic is always high

A black box that seats 55 (can be rented any day). Late night requests are accepted and we have several options for your budget.

We have a 180 seat theatre that is (as you would imagine) more expensive but late night requests are accepted as well and we are willing to work with your budget.

In Fact, we are offering some very great deals on the Main stage. Please call 212- 475-1449 for any info!
Comedy at the Tank

Comedy at the Tank

First off - I think I posted this in the wrong area earlier. That being said . . .

Hello Everyone, My name is Chris Booth and I was recently made the comedy curator at the Tank Theater, here in NYC. I am looking to start booking acts here at the theater. The Tank recently relocated to 354 W. 45th St. bet. 8th and 9th Ave. – closer to 9th. The Tank has two spaces, the downstairs space seats a little over 100, the upstairs black-box seats about 45. There is no cost to book the space, there is no drink minimum. The Tank takes the first ten tickets, the rest is split 50/50 – this money goes to pay for the space. I as the curator will work with groups, as much or as little as they want in producing and publicizing the show. It is our goal help artists to grow in their given art-form. If you are interested in booking your group and/or show into the Tank, send me a quick e-mail at I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.

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Anybody have any info on booking at The Creek or the Brooklyn Lyceum? I've contacted both, but havent heard back from either.

Any other suggestions of spaces that arent listed here?