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BizCastr is a digital media company that creates and broadcasts reality webseries about dynamic businesses and the people who work there. OK, that’s the technical definition. What do we really do? We make really fun and entertaining reality shows for the internet. Through entertaining, character-driven episodes, businesses and viewers can interact like never before! Taking advantage of the power of reality videos and digital marketing, BizCastr produces a level of brand recognition and customer loyalty that engages and creates a loyal following for businesses.

BizCastr is creating a weekly web show, BizBuzz, that focuses on recapping the episodes for that week. In the style of Talk Soup/Tosh.0; this show will be more of a roast and comedy driven series rather than a newscast. Hosted by a comedian, BizBuzz is a chance for BizCastr viewers to find out what happened that week and laugh their butts off. This show is meant to engage audiences and become its own stand alone show with the right talent; some audience might tune into just to watch “HOST” rather than the actual episodes.

HOST- stand-up/background in comedy is required. MALE or FEMALE capable of writing a weekly 5min. webisode about BizCastr’s shows for that week. Ability to work well with a side-kick if needed or work hold their own by themselves. We are interested in finding someone dedicated to the time this project requires on an on-going, indefinite, weekly basis. The ideal person would have an engaging/likeable on camera personality, funny (duh), time to dedicate to writing the weekly script (may have room to riff but jokes must be written), shooting on a weekly basis, and dedicated to creating an overall hilariously fantastic show.

Email responses to
Auditions are on 6/27
Callbacks are on 7/3

Tim Vogel
Casting Improv Actors

We're looking for improv actors to appear in a comedy TV pilot. Reputable award-winning production companies are producing.

One day shoot. No pay. Final tape provided your reel. Please send email a reel/resume/headshot or kind letter if you're interested to:

Auditions will be set from there.

Upright Students welcome to submit.


Registered Improv Genius
$20.11/ hr to portray a drug user

Improvisors: great PT job opportunity at Columbia University! "This position will require the applicant to portray standardized patients for training purposes. ...Qualified applicants will have excellent improvisational skills and be able to maintain multiple character story lines without deviating from or combining roles." The posting comes down on Oct 17 so apply now.
Need an Editor for a Music Video ASAP PAID!

Hey all,

James Coker and I had an editor back out last minute for a music video we are shooting tomorrow and Friday. We need the video edited by Nov. 6th as it is a music video about Paul Ryan. Let me know if you can do it and how much your rate would be. Thanks!

Receptionist Job at TV Production Company

Looking to fill a full-time receptionist position at a television production company. Previous experience in similar capacity preferred, but internships are okay. Very hands on, fast-paced environment with lots of opportunity for growth. We produce shows for all the major networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, Bravo, CNN, etc. Duties would include answering phones, managing PA's, greeting visitors/guests, general office administration. If you're interested in working in production, as a writer, or producing, this would be a great opportunity for you. Plenty of chances to get involved in development/filming of our various projects.

If you are interested, please email with your resume and the subject line "Receptionist". Must be able to start by 2/1/13.


Lost in the stacks.
Snow Laborers

The Department of Sanitation is hiring Snow Removal Laborers

Individuals interested in registering can do so at their local district DSNY garage between 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The rate of pay begins at $12 per hour, and increases to $18 after the first 40 hours. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be eligible to work in the United States, and capable of performing heavy physical labor.

All applicants must bring:

? Two small photos (1 ? square)

? Original and copy of two forms of identification

? Social Security card

For more information you could visit
Seeking improv actors for murder mystery shows!

Hiring Professional Entertainers/Actors/Improvisers for immediate replacements and ongoing seasonal work (September-February).

Currently seeking all types.
Paid performances ($65+) at public venues in NYC and Jersey City and traveling gigs all over the greater Tri-State area.
Paid rehearsals ($20) are held in Jersey City and Manhattan.
Ages 18+ non-union work, must be legal to work in the US.
All payment/reimbursement is provided weekly via direct deposit.
Independent Contractor Non-Compete Agreement required.

Preference will be given to those who own vehicles and/or have professional improvisation/education theater experience.

The Murder Mystery Company has been active in the national theater community for over ten years and is third in record ticket sales in the US. Our shows run year-round with a multitude of murder mystery themes ranging from 1920's Mobster to Masquerade Balls.

MMC Actors have the opportunity to perform in up to 300 shows per year with no minimum show requirement, an excellent arrangement for actors with separate non-industry employment or those interested in taking on additional projects. Actors are provided with appropriate gas/travel stipends and are reimbursed for any tolls incurred.

Auditions will be held by appointment only in Manhattan on July 14th and 16th from 10am-2pm with callbacks 2pm-4pm on July 16th.

Please submit your headshot and theatrical resume with the subject heading "NYC Summer 2014 Auditions" to to be considered.
Hiring Coaches and Directors

IN Studios is hiring improvisation and sketch comedy coaches and directors.

Training with The Second City or Magnet Theater is helpful.

If interested, complete the link below as soon as possible: (the link is case sensitive)
short film intern / assistant

Seeking assistant / intern in the production of a short film.

Duties include:

Responding to emails.
Finding locations.
Sitting in on auditions.
On set duties such as assisting with equipment and getting coffee.

Compensated in meals and no less than 100 bucks for 10hours work, though pay will be more depending on how efficient you are. Total hours needed will be between 10 and 20 for the entire production.

Please email:

christo [dot] entes [at] icloud [dot] com

Briefly answer between one and all of the following questions:

1. Favorite actor.
2. Favorite performance by an actor.
3. Most overrated actor currently getting work.
4. A top comedy, drama, and why.
5. Favorite director.
6. Most underrated actor, director, and why.
7. Blockbusters/hollywood vs. independent films.
8. Merchant ivory vs. Kevin Smith.
9. Best decade in film, elaborate.

Preproduction is going on now early next week and shooting will be during a week in september.

- Chris


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Trial User
Hi y'all,

I'm a designer and former improver who is working on a project about augmented reality. I'm looking for three improv actors who are interested in tech trends and exploring them using improv techniques and games. The gig will be three hours from 9:30-12:30 on Friday September 29th.


If you are interested please reach out to me and I can explain more.

Contact me at: