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Auditions for Long Form Teams at eGarage

eGarage is the new place for improv in NYC! Improv Nation has been turning into the latest comedy mecca priding themselves on the diversity this art form needs. Now officially announcing their involvement with the long-form community after becoming a new home for indie teams, eGarage is having auditions for long form teams. Come be a part of the inaugural casting and help make eGarage and Improv Nation the coolest, funniest place to be!


Wednesday, October 5th 6-9pm

The eGarage
44-02 23rd St. Studio 104
Long Island City, NY 11101
(E,G,M,7 train to Court Square/23rd St.)


CALLBACKS: Sunday, October 9th 1-4pm

Please email your headshot/resume to: (we are only accepting improvisers who have completed AT LEAST a Level 3 improv training class). After reviewing resumes we will be giving you a time slot on the day of the audition.

Spread the word and let's continue to keep improv alive!


Improv Strippers ROCK!
Musical improvisor/piano player needed!! Teaching!

This is my daughter's after school Arts program in Astoria. If you apply, please tell them Corinne Keuper referred you. Hiring ASAP!


Serious Fun After School, Inc is looking for a music professional who would be interested and available to lead a choir class for children ages 5-10 in our after school program here in Astoria. We are a not for profit arts enrichment after school, and we currently offer violin, guitar, and keyboards to our children on our Thursday music day. We have polled our parents and there is a great interest in a choir class on Thursdays from 3:30-4:15, and I am writing to see if you would be interested and available. We have been looking for three weeks and would like to start ASAP, hopefully by this Thursday.

The choir teacher must be able to use the piano at least to break out the parts for the children as an accompanist is not provided. Musicians that can fully accompany themselves and have a musical improv background would be ideal.

We are open every Thursday that the public schools are open through June 23, 2011, with time off for the winter holidays, the midwinter week break, spring break for Passover and Easter, and Thanksgiving. We would pay $40 for the hour beginning at 3:15 with a class start at 3:30, ending at 4:15. There might be additional hours available with other arts programs in the area to supplement the time with us. We would provide an auditorium and a piano, and a teacher’s aide if the class grew bigger than 10.

Please let us know if you are interested and/or available and your earliest start date. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me at 646-415-8901.

Best regards,


Sylvia Ramsaywak
Executive Director
Serious Fun After School, Inc.
website help needed 20/hr or by project

My boss is needs a goto website/tech person. She is a therapist who has lots of clips of herself on talk shows. She wants her website to be more current with an easy way to add new clips as they happen. She also has a youtube channel she needs someone to help update regularly. Lastly she would love if someone could help with her search engine results.

This would be a good amount of work at the beginning and then eventually someone who could just keep everything up to date for a couple hrs a week. They would be paid 20/hr or by project.

Let me know at


A regular guy!
My contracted projects that I've been working on have run out of $$$ and so this improv tech head geek is looking for work.

My LinkedIn profile:

I'm especially good w/ Database related work. Schema creation, writing T-SQL/SQL, stored procs/tables/functions/triggers/etc, strategies for optimizing poorly performing queries, backups and replication, data transformation services, CLR functions, etc.

I also have done coding in a support role (fixing bugs and writing enhancements to existing software). C#, ColdFusion, Java, javascript, XML/XSLT/XSD, some PHP.

All or any leads would be appreciated. contact me at camp.chrisc at
My sketch group is shooting our first video for a certain well-known comedy website. We're looking for a DP to work with. We've got a very limited budget (only enough to purchase props/equipment rental) so we can't offer to pay, but the site averages about 150k+ views for each of its exclusives, so it'll be a solid portfolio addition.

Email me at chris at missingearl dot com with your reel and lighting experience if you're interested. I can promise that there's more work where this came from.
Just a few more spots to fill for the perfect team.

Production Sound Mixer- Responsible for recording all sound recording on set during the television production usingprofessionalequipment for later inclusion in the finished product. (Equipment preferred, but we will provide as needed).

Sound Designer- An artist capable of recording/selecting/manipulating/mixing audio for a narrative in post-production.

Assistant Cinematographer- Will be responsible for setting up shots as directed by the cinematographer. Must have and be willing to use Cannon 5D.

Assistant Director- Tracks daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranges logistics, oversees daily call sheets, checks cast and crew, maintains order on the set.

Gaffer- An electrician responsible for the execution of the lighting plan for a production.

Production Assistants- Will work on the physical set of the production. You'll report to the AD. Duties include
echoing (calling out) "rolls" and "cuts", locking up (making sure
nothing interferes with a take), wrangling talent and background,
facilitating communication between departments, and related tasks as mandated by the ADs.

Script Supervisor/ Slate- Responsible for maintaining the motion picture's internal continuity and for recording the production unit's daily progress / Responsible for operating the slate

Wardrobe- The wardrobe person works very closely with the director and the script
supervisor to make sure that the costumes look as they are supposed to
from one scene to the next. This is a production in which the actors will be able to use their own clothing items. You will be responsible for pairing the items they bring in order to create the perfect look.

Editor- The creative post- production process of filmmaking . It involves the selection and combining of shots into sequences, and ultimately creating a finished story. This is a promo for a pilot and will be 8-15minutes. Can be edited quickly.

We are submitting the pilot, Head Start to the New York Television Festival Pilot competition ( Deadline January 27th)
Head Start:
Teachers in the small town of Miami, Oklahoma with various backgrounds
hilariously collide as they ineffectively try to change the lives of
Pre-K children.

Please submit your resume and reel by January 3rd
IN THE SUBJECT- write the position you are interested in.

This is non-union, non paying project. Internships available. A great opportunity to work with a team of active entertainment professionals.
The Gadget Hour needs a bartender

The Gadget Hour needs a bartender for this week and for weeks to come.

The Gadget Hour is a weekly variety show held at the Richmond Shepard Theatre (26th St. and 2nd Ave) that holds a party at the theatre after the show. Most shows are Friday at 11, including this week, but there is one Saturday show a month.

No bartending skills are necessary (we serve beer and shots) and our only requirement is a willingness to stay to the end of the party.

Our idea is that we will have a different "guest bartender" every week so we can help line the pockets of our many soon-to-be-but-not-yet-rich improv, sketch and stand-up friends. So if you're looking to make some extra cash, e-mail us at:

thegadgethour [at] gmail [dot] com

And if you don't know the name, Gadget is:
Caitlin Bitzegaio, Jocelyn DeBoer, Nick Kocher, James McCarthy, Brian McElhaney, Patrick Noth, Grant O'Brien and Zack Phillips


Sound Mixer

For collaboration on a short film project that is on going through the first three months of the year. There is then potential to continue for the rest of the year. This is unpaid for the whole cast and crew. The emphasis is on quality work on a low budget scale.

If you are interested please email relevant information to:

echogen {at}

'y' as in yahoo.

This post will be updated as each position is filled.
Resume writing

Hi all,

My name's Neve, and I write resumes/cover letters to support my improv habit. I just started a small business called Mad Exec, and I'd love it if you would think of me if you need job search help.

I've been doing this for over 6 years, and I've written cover letters and resumes for many, many people in the community. I've done primarily advertising and marketing resumes, though I'm comfortable writing for other industries as well.

You can check out the site:

Or email me directly: OR

Thank you all! Good luck with the job search.
wordpress web designer wanted

hey irc,

i am an actor/musician looking for help designing a website/blog with wordpress. if you have the skills to find an awesome theme and manipulate it to be tailored to the needs im looking for... please get in touch.

this is mos def a paying gig. email: heathbrandon at gmail dot com.


- heath
Hey IRC folks,

Seeking Web Designer/Developer Online Store

Seeking freelance web designer and developer to create public facing e-commerce store. Ideal candidate will have experience creating and launching e-commerce utilities. Looking for a re-designed online store to deal with merchandise (T-shirts, posters, books, etc) accept payment and implement shipping options. Keen eye for design and usability a must. Position is not in-office.

• Web creation
• Graphic design
• standards compliant HTML5 and CSS
• Cross-platform development and testing
• Familiarity with javascript and programming templates which will be populated by data from a dynamic language
• Familiarity with prototype.js framework, tools is a plus

• Design and code basic store design.
• Front page, product page template, categories, landing page template.
• Shopping cart page.

Market rate, negotiable.

1. Cover letter
2. Resume
3. Links to previous work.

Send these items to the following e-mail:
Improv Entertainment Mag Seeking Ad Sales Team

Online entertainment magazine is seeking outgoing, self-motivated individuals to lead new ad sales department. Strict commission. Acting and improvisation experience is extremely helpful.

Per project pay also available for sales presentation design.

Set own hours.

Interested applicants should submit resume to
Interns For Comedy Mag

A successful & established, on-line, entertainment magazine seeks interns in several areas, from admin to editing to graphic design. All interns will assist a supervising editor and be closely mentored. Excellent opportunity to learn the ins and outs of an online publication. In addition, interns receive free workshops in marketing, advertising and improvisation, subject to availability. Motivated interns may earn writing or editing credits. Schedule flexibility. Telecommuting is possible as well as video-conferencing for mentoring appointments.

Interested candidates should reply with to: