The DC Scene - are we hesitant to be proud of our talent?

I want the IRC to function again. It's better than FB. Less ephemeral.

Throwing out a question to see if anyone is out there. Are we scared of claiming that DC is a *great* improv city? Seems like we are scared to even claim that we are good. Or that we should be proud.

You look to other cities and you see that there are people who have been performing together every week for 10+ years. Doesn't seem like we have that as much.

But when you see the shows, the level of talent is off the charts. There's this significant churning of talent out of the city and yet the shows remain strong.

Feels like we should stake more claim about the DC scene being great. If people want to get good at improv, DC offers more stage time and more access to playing with incredible talent. It often feels like the folks who leave don't pay enough respect to this fact and how instrumental it can be to their future success.
I'm late to the post but am down. I will also say that I think DC is a great improv city. In the top 5 in terms of size of the community, engagement, show frequency, etc.
Ha! I kept checking back here for awhile and then totally forgot about it.

So I've been listening to a lot of the UCB Long form podcasts. It's pretty cool to hear that DC does in fact get a lot of respect. The interviewers want to know what's going on here. Reckless Theater seems to have a lot of DC people involved. Also hear from incoming students from iO and Second City that it's fairly well known that DC is a great place to learn and perform.

But the same phenomena exists where people don't really articulate *what* makes it great here. The answers are always sort of like, "Yeah, I got some stage time and met a bunch of great people." Interviewers try and dig deeper and there's not much said. Obviously, if someone doesn't feel super passionate about their time here then that's fine. It's not a huge deal. But it would be nice if before people leave there was at least some sort of acknowledgement of how lucky we all are to have tons of performance opportunities and a bunch of strong education programs. I wouldn't mind a little more edge to DC being like, "Remember where you came from..".