The Board Has Been Upgraded to Xenforo


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I decided that rather than trying to repair and upgrade vbulletin, I'd move the forums using a new application called xenforo. Please poke around and if you have questions about the new forums, please post it in the Questions Forum.

A few things have changed:
  • All private forums have been hidden from view and most of the private groups have been removed. With the exception of one forum, they were not used. If you need access to an old private group, let me know and I'll see what I can do to restore it. For now, I thought it best to hide all the private stuff rather than risk it accidentally becoming public.
  • Not sure if access to Improv Journals is working correctly. Please let me know if you notice a problem.
  • I'm looking for a banner advertising addon for these forums. For now, there are no ads.