The 15 Hour Project (improv workshop/rehearsal/performance event)


Theatre Momentum is proud to announce our signature event, The 15 Hour Project!
The 15 Hour Project is TM's take on the traditional 24-hour theater project. Starting with improv actors who may never have worked together, we develop 3 improv shows from scratch, rehearse them, and perform them, all in under 15 hours. It's a unique experience, and we hope you can join us for the day!

Join us on July 14, 2018 for an entire day of workshop, show development, rehearsal, and performance!

The 15 Hour Project consists of four parts:
A morning workshop (9:30 AM-12:30 PM), followed by an afternoon show development workshop (1:00-4:00 PM), a rehearsal period (5:00-8:00 PM) and an evening performance (9:30 PM).

The entire day of the 15 Hour Project will take place at Pendulum Space (1803 W. Byron St, Suite 216), beginning at 9:00 AM (check-in) on Saturday July 14, 2018. Performances will begin in the Stage Studio at 9:30 PM.

Cost: $25!

That's right, this entire day of workshop and performance is just $25, to cover the costs of coaches, space, and pizza lunch. Spots are limited, so get signed up!

To make sure all participants are on the same page, we require a minimum of 6 months improv or acting experience to participate in the 15 Hour Project. Thanks!

This time our shows will be directed by Deborah Parks, Jackie Sestak, and Mike Zimmermann of Theatre Momentum!
Every time we run this event, it's been a complete blast, so we hope you can join us!
Performances are FREE, so invite whoever you like for some great, smart improv!

To sign up, visit: