Tech Services Thread

Tech here.

Relatively new on the scene. I do tech for Bleak! Comedy's monthly show at the Creek. So I know that place really well. I've done various other shows but haven't done it all. So as long as you don't mind showing me the system quick, we're all good. I'm also an improviser and know when to hit cha with a good blackout.

I also have great taste in music.

I'm free most nights, except for Thursday.

My rate is negotiable but its usually, $25 for two hours. Though I'll take less if I get beer.

preciousroyaf (at) gmail (dot) com

-Andrew Ford
Tech needed 8/8

Hi! I need someone to run tech (Lights and sound) for a show at the Creek in LIC on Sat. 8/8 at 6pm. Someone with experience at the Creek preferred but not necessary, you will just need to meet at the Creek at some point before the show to check out the equipment with the owner. The show is 1 hour, with at least one half scripted, meaning you will be hitting light and sound cues from a script and cue sheet given to you. Pay is negotiable, make me an offer, hoping to pay around $20 and a beer.

PM me or email at newyorkbuddah at

Light Board Op needed ASAP for Fringe Show

Cut From the Same Cloth

Our tech rehearsal is Monday 8/10 8:30-10:20. Performances are Friday 8/21 7:45-8:35 Saturday 8/22 2:15-3:05, Sunday 8/23 7:15-8:05, Monday 8/24 3:15-4:05, Wednesday 8/26 5:15-6:05.

Our venue is the CSV: Cultural and Educational Center-Milagro, 107 Suffolk St. (between Rivington and Delancey St.)

All the cues will be written into the board on Monday night. You would just have to hit the "Go" button as I call the cues. Right now, there are about 25 light cues for the show.

If you're interested, please email me at
Need a Tech 10/10/2009 for show at The Creek

I am looking for someone to run lights and possibly sound at The Creek on Saturday 10/10/2009 at 10 PM for about 2 hours. We can pay $20 plus a couple beers.

We do musical improv, and we just need someone to help us set up the mics for our host and do blackouts and entrance music for our groups. The show is an hour and a half.

e-mail me at
dumpstertequila at gmail. com

Hey, I teched class shows for a few years at the UCB. Then I left New York for a bit. Now I'm back and would love to tech your show.

Email me: garrettpalm at the usual google email provider.

(I'm gone Oct 7th-26th, though.)


Bearded Daddio from Mars!
Hi all. Do you have a show but no tech? Well I'd love to help you out. I can run tech for improv, sketch, solo shows, one acts, multi-acts, you name it and I can do it for you. I have roughly six years of experience running sound and light for a variety of shows, and I have designed the sound for plays back in college and for a few small shows in New York. I also am a certified NYC Fire Guard, so if something catches fire during your show I can guide people to the exit.

For improv shows I can show up as early as you need me to to go over how you want your show to run, for scripted shows I can meet with you prior to your show to go over whatever tech requirements you have and even run sound cues during a rehearsal or two.

My rate is negotiable depending on how complicated your show is, but on average I'll ask for $25.

If you're interested contact me at radioactivespork at gmail.


My name is Stephanie Streisand and I would love to tech your show.

I went to an arts High School and majored in Technical Theatre and I teched at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for two years.

If you would like me to tech your show, contact me at StephanieStreisand at gmail

More about me:

I'm a tech at the UCB. I have good playlists with upbeat house, intro and outro music.

I'm really good at getting places on time so I'll be at your show early and stay until you're all closed up.

We can discuss rates depending on the type of show you're doing. Don't worry--I'm pretty cheap. Not sexually, but monetarily.

You can reach me at sue dot smith at gmail.

Ok byeee!


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Tech needed Monday 8/30 for Jeff Michalski Sketch Show

Friends and countrymen/women!

Jeff Michalski has been teaching a sketch class and we have a show on Monday at Roy Arias Studios at 830. We are looking for someone who can help out Jeff with teching the show--light and sound, nothing too intense, and Jeff would be up there with you.
The gig would be: show up at 6 for tech, show is at 830 and after, we'd buy you a beer or two. Plus you get to work mere inches from this legendary second city director!

Please contact me at lesliekorein (at) gmail (dot) com or find me through facebook.

James Ferrarella can meet your tech needs

James Ferrarella throwing his hat in to tech.

I am the technical director of The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City since April 2009. I have teched everything at the Creek from the improv, to festivals to stand-up to bands.

I have extensive theatre background and was previously assistant technical director for the NY Neo Futurists.

I was also the Rigmaster and EFX man on this year's Killgore at the UCB.

Very reasonable rates. Email me at
Tech Needed for Show Tonight

Hi! It's pretty last minute but I'm hosting Couples' Retreat tonight at the Creek at 9:30pm & I'm looking for a tech person. E-mail me back at bpaulose at gmail (dot) com & let me know.

I'm Jon Bander and I'm an experienced freelance tech. I tech every week at the Magnet Theater and on the LES at Theater 80 on St. Mark's. I've seen plenty of lights and sound boards and I'm very comfortable with dynamic lighting shows.

I tech Baby Wants Candy shows both on the road and downtown at the SoHo Playhouse. I teched the Improvised Shakespeare shows during their last run.

Reasonable rates. Contact at bander dot jon at gee mail.

I'm Jon Barcelo and I'm willing to tech your shows. I've done some shows at the Creek but looking to branch out. My speciality is video (camera/projection) but I can run/set up any lighting or audio as well.

I'm a freelance tech who works primarily for an audio-video rental house in the city. We do a lot of corporate gigs and video art installs. If you need that or just want to rent any audio, video, lighting, etc. gear, let me know.

Reasonable rates on myself and the equipment.

jonbarcelo at gmail dot com


Tha Dephik8ta
Tech! Nick!

I can tech your anything.

Experience as a Technician:

Just recently brought on board (no pun intended) to Tech at UCB Theatre and The PIT. I also tech the improv show "Kettle of Fish" at Triple Crown.

From 2000-2004, I was the board operator for several concerts in RI, working with lighting cues, music cues, special effects, and most importantly, sound quality. Comparatively, the work I've done for RI concerts is far more involved and difficult than tech-ing your improv or sketch show. I have the ability.

rates available upon request

email me at mr.mendillo[at]gmail[dot]com

Kathleen M.

Stand up & Improvise.
Hey! I've got a show at the Creek tonight and I'd rather take the tech off of a friend's hands & pay someone so he can relax. So if someone who can handle an standup/improv show with some simple music cues (with a clear listing, eleven cues w/ time sigs in/out, from straight through a playlist.) and a couple of lights up/down. (Beginning and one blackout), I'm got a little dough and the shows at the Creek tonight at 7pm. Message/text me at 203-554-7365 if it sounds like a easy 20$ where you were going anyway! It's one-hour, no more! <3

Thanks for considering!


(Plus it's a fun won't suffer!)
I will tech your show

I have teched shows at Under St Marks, The Pit, Here Arts Center and others.
I am also really good at black outs. BAM!
I am also a certified New York fire guard.

Give me a shout I'm happy to work it out.

katekimble AT gmail