Tech Services Thread

Can you provide tech services to improv or sketch shows? Does your improv or sketch show have technical needs that you would like to entrust to a professional? I encourage both types of people to post in this thread.

If you are PROVIDING tech services, include the following:
  • Your name
  • Availability
  • Contact method and information (email address! phone number! PM!)
  • Your rate
  • Your experience and the venues / equipment you've worked with

If you are LOOKING for tech services, please include the following:
  • Your team or show
  • The date or dates of your show
  • Location of show
  • An overview of your tech needs (i.e. 'improv show: music intros/outros / black outs only' OR 'sketch show: simple cues for music / lights' OR 'sketch show: intense tech needs; complicated music / lights cues')
  • Contact info
oh look, i'll start.

Katey Healy-Wuzburg
Not available on select Fridays, and not available Thursday or Sunday. Generally available otherwise.
I have experience at most of the black box theatres in the city, including the Red Room and Under St. Mark's Theater. I've been teching improv shows for a while now, and I have good music, and give good to excellent blackouts.
I charge $20 for a standard 2 hour / 3 team improv show; I will get to your venue at least a half hour before start time to set up the tech and the stage, if necessary. I also stay until the venue has emptied out and ensure that you have closed the space down completely. We can discuss rates for other types of shows.

You can get in touch with me via email at khealywu @ the gmail.

If you are looking for someone competent, professional, easy to work with and providing of their own ipod with 'bringing teams out' and 'pre-show' playlists, then i am your gal! Also, I have a loud laugh, so sometimes people just start laughing at me laughing. Always a bonus to have a show, right? Get in touch with me today!
oh snap. just updating this ole thread. i have been teching sketch shows as well, of late, which i find pretty fun as well! i am available intermittently on week nights, some fridays and most saturdays.

contact me if you have shows you need techified by a professional!
Hello, everyone!

My name is Dave Bluvband, and I would love to tech your improv or sketch show. I have been teching for a little over a year now, and have worked at such venues as Under St. Marks Theatre, Creek and the Cave, Players Theatre, The PIT and other places around New York City. I have teched shows such as the NYC Fringe Festival, Thank You, Robot, KAPE, Sherpa, Bender and Veal.

Forgot your ipod? Don't you worry! I have an ever growing selection of "pre- show tunes" and "intro/outro music" (including Weezer, Pinback, Minus the Bear, The Killers, MC Chris and more!!!).

I charge $20 for a two hour show, and I will make sure to get there early to go over some technical stuff in the booth.

I am availabe most weeknights (except Tuesdays), Sundays and select Fridays and Staurdays.

Please hire me today! My email is david dot bluvband at gmail dot com.

P.S. I also have a loud laugh that has been known to comfort people.
Hi James from Froduce here.

We are having our Holiday Show at the Creek on this Sunday the 21st. I recently lost my tech guy and am in desperate need for one.

Going to be having 5 teams, a stand-up and a mini musical (music to be played from booth)

Anyone who is available email me at
Hey my team, Serious Business, is in need of a tech for our improv show this Thursday (1/15) at the Broadway Comedy Club at 7pm.

If you have some tech experience and would be interested in doing tech for our show, email me at jamesb DOT dwyer AT gmail DOT com.

I'll be there early (6:30) so we can meet up, talk about the show and you can get familiar with the equipment.
Need tech person for Tues., Feb. 10th

My sketch group needs someone to do fairly simple tech for our show. Here are details:

Tuesday, Feb. 10th from 6pm-8pm (show at 7 or 7:30)
Under Saint Marks
Simple sketch show w/minimal light and sound cues and a couple of videos
Contact me at: beth dot appel at gmail dot com

We'll pay you money!!
hey there kiddos. my schedule has recently opened up and i have most nights available, including friday and saturday nights. get in touch if you are looking for a professional tech person!

k healywu at gee mail dot com.


you get gun!
hey, before selling out and getting a desk job i used to pay my rent as an electrician/light board operator at lincoln center institute, 59 east 59th street theater, and a bunch of other spaces around nyc. in terms of comedy, i've run shows and hung lights in the pit, the ucb and the magnet. and i miss doing it, it was super fun.
my availabilities are pretty flexible. i usually base my rates on the number of people you are [doesn't seem fair to charge a duo the same rate as an 8 person harold team], how intense your tech needs are, and how long your show is, so drop me a line with that sort of info, as well as what you'd like to spend, and we'll figure out what works for both of us.
to email me type:
"davewarth" then shift and 2 at the same time then "gmail" then period then "com"
Tech Needed

I am in need of a tech person for a sketch show at Under St. Marks on April 12 (Easter) at 7pm. Preferably someone who has done shows there before and is a fire-guard, although the latter isn't a dealbreaker. PM me if interested. Thanks.


Shoulda used my real name
Projectionist Needed To Play Movie Tonight 4/24/09

Hello techies,

The Raspberry Brothers badly need a projectionist tonight to play Dirty Dancing on a dvd in a movie theater.

It's tonight (and tomorrow if you can do it) at midnight at Chelsea Cinemas (203 west 23rd St). It's a pretty simple operation - music and lights on/off once for an intro, movie starts, lights come up at the end.

The pay is $25, if you are interested please email Jerm Pollet at or Johnny McNulty at or call Johnny at 973 568 3983.

You rock,
lighting tech avail eves and weekends


I'm taking improv classes at UCB, but I also freelance as a lighting designer so I know my way around a light board and most of the off off Bway theatres here in NYC. I am willing to whore out my services for a modest stipend or beer.

I'm available most evenings and weekends.

anjestokes AT gmail DOT com


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Austin Kuras Tech Services

Name: Austin Kuras
Free: Most nights except Tue and Wed, and for now most day practices
Rate: $25/hr
- Over 250 hours (usually at lest 8 hours a week)
- Super Free Wed at the PIT Since Jan
- Have covered most days at the Magnet including some sketch and musical improv
- Tech for the sketch group BOF at the PIT and UCB during sketchfest


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A friend of a friend is coming to town for the Fringe Fest and needs a tech.

FRI 8/14 @ 5:15 – 6:15 SUN 8/16 @ NOON – 1 (Joy!) MON 8/17 @ 7:30 – 8:30 FRI 8/21 @ 9:45 – 10:45 SAT 8/22 @ 3:45 – 4:45

plus one run-through either the 8/13 or 8/14 morning

Pay would be $200.

Send me a message if you are interested and I will put you in touch.
Candy Slice at Under St. Marks with Ohio!
Thursday night JULY 30th (and every last Thursday of the month if it works out)

Looking for tech to do black outs,music intro/outros.

Also- loud laughs are and extra plus plus bonus. :)

email candyslicecomedy at gmail dot com with your rates if you are able to do this!