surreal thoughts

Surrealism, so my dictionary tells me is a 20th Century movement in art and literature purporting to express the unconscious mind by depicting the unconscious mind.
Then again they obviously never looked into my unconscious mind and a good thing too, or my dictionary would be very....weird.
Now, those of you who read Chelle's journal may have seen her post that she "can't do this anymore" with luck she will chage her mind and resume her post's. I sure hope so. Then again she and I are engaged, so I'm bound to be a little biased.
One of the things that Chelle and I have in common is a love of books. Not just new books, but also second hand books. While she tends towards literature I prefer referance books. On the day she flew back to the states, from what Tango calls Sheep Island, literally on the way to the airport we stopped at a number of second hand stores, mainly to look for books. In one I picked up a 1940 edition of Pears Cyclopaedia, which includes a Gazetteer of the world. Miami you may be pleased to know is acording to this edition a noted winter resort and beach in Florida with a population of........... 115,000. How fast things change in a life time.
Mouse in my House

There is a mouse in my house


When Chelle was here I trapped seven of them!
Now in all the years I have lived here (nearing 14) I have probably caught about 4. Chelle arrives and I get seven in a couple of months. Perhaps she is some kind of mouse god? And this current one is a late comer to religion?
Perhaps not. Actually I think this one has some kind of religious aversion to cheese. May have to buy some bacon.
I hate doing this, I think mice are kinda cute - but not in my home. They are welcome to play in the garden, but not under my bed.
I was visted by a siamese cat the other weekend, am wondering if this aloof creature was just hunting mice and not after human attention after all. Another blow to my ego.

I did not sleep well last night. Stayed sitting here at the PC way too long doing WORK, quotes for my main customer and finally gave up just before 11pm when I mis-spelt my own name three times.

Thank goodness for spell check!

But did I sleep? No. The little message on the screen here came up saying I could now turn off my computer, but I could not turn off my brain no matter how I tried. Finally drifted off sometime around 1AM, only to be woken just after by Russell.
Russell is my little unwanted mouse house guest who managed to get himself (her?) stuck in my bedroom last night. I think this mouse may have been a cat in a former life, I swear I was woken twice by this little rodent scratching at my door wanting to be let out. Any movement from me and he/she was out of sight in a flash. I left Russell a nice fresh piece of cheese on a trap, but he/she either left the room in the morning or is smarter than the hunter.

Probably that latter.

And now I am sitting here waiting for Chelle to show up. I don't know if I should call or not, it's not quite 4am where she is, if she has not taken the phone into her room, then I'll wake the wrong person.... The other worry is dialing the wrong number, done that before too... ooops.
May as well go and grab some bits of paper and do some work while I wait.
Russell is Dead

Things have been fairly consistant this week - I have been late home every night.
Last night I left work about half an hour late, knowing that I needed to go to the supermarket, but even that chore was delayed by a 4 car nose to tail on the motorway.
It was suggested to me that I try peanut butter in my mouse trap, but when I eventually got to the supermarket the smallest jar I could find would have fed a whole platoon of the critters, and I do not plan on attracting them in here!
So I gave that a miss. Just as well really as Russell was lying in the trap. And as stiff as a board, must have decided to go for the cheese just after I left for work in the morning. Russell by the way was a girl.
There was a moment of confusion on a friends part this morning when I casually mentioned that I had killed Russell. Partly because I have never mentioned my rodent friend to her, and partly because Russell is her employers name.
Time to go watch some news on TV, see if the world is still there. I worry at times that someone might misplace it...
Son of Russell

Well Bugger!

After one night of good sleep I get woken last night by a rustling scratching noise.....

Yup, son of Russell. Probably the smallest wee mouse I have ever seen. He or She darted away when I turned on the bedside light. I am getting used to the way this works though, so I got a small torch and used that next time I heard the noise. This mouse is tiny, therefore of course it's name must be Tim.
Tim is small enough to squeeze him/herself under my door. So what all that scratching was about I don't know. Why wake the giant when you are looking to steal his food?
Tim is very small and cute. Tim is also vermin and not welcome in my home. Guess the trap is going to have to come back out.
I never actually intended this to be a journal about mice, if it were I would have made the title something like "Mice and Man" or somesuch. The mice might be dying but I don't think the man is winning here.
Tim still lives

I saw wee Tim this morning, very briefly around 5am.

I also slept in a couple of hours this morning, I figure it's my one day off this week (unless I get a call out) so I'm aloud to do so. I have a long list of chores I need to do today, so of course I am sitting here on the computer instead. In my defence I will say I have put a load of washing out on the line, other than that I have had breakfast and finished a magazine I started reading about a month ago. (to be honest I forgot it was even there)

I have to meet Chelle on line in about three hours, so I had better get my butt out of here and do some of them. Need to go to the ATM and transfer some money to my cheque account, then post off my phone bill. International phone calls do not make for little bills, thankfully there are alternatives like e-mail and instant message services, but sometimes ya just gotta hear the one you love.

K, time to move.
A hole!

I have found a hole.

I remember this hole, it was in the floor when I bought the place. The people who lived here before me ran an extension cable under the floor down one hole and up another. Am wondering if this is an entry point for tim and co - awfully small hole though.

In other "news" I worked late tonight, just over an extra hour, at least that way I should miss the traffic.


Six car nose to tail on the motorway sure put paid to that! spent abpout an hour going form 5K an hour to full stop. Not a good way to spend the end of your day believe me. My count my blessings, there are six people out there who had it worse than me!

I was supposed to get help from one of our other guys today, out of 8 hours he helped me for just under 2, starting at 2pm. Joy. Oddly though for a Monday I am not too far behind where I thought I should be. I got no breakdown calls today. None at all. Amazing.

And Tango is back from her holiday. Welcome back T!
Glue nstructions

A couple of years back, my dad bought a packet of glue at a local $2 shop (nothing costs more than $2, sometimes you get several things for $2)

A typical male, he used the glue (which worked just fine) then picked up the wrapper to throw it in the bin, on the way there he glanced at the NSTRUCTIONS. (that's how it's spelt) He kept the packet, and gave it to me. Many people have photocopied it, but the original is about due to be thrown away. This is how the NSTRUCTIONS appear:


1. An dirt dil and gease on surfaces should be clean thorbugly.

2. Remove caps and apply plaster on both surfaces to bondecl eveuly

3. Wait 20 to 30 miuntes before putting them together with pressure.

4. Be sure to put the cap back onto the tube from which it was.



Harmful by inhatation and in comtact with skin to eyes respiratory system and skin. Avold contact with eyes. Do not emply in drains. Take precautionary measures against static discharges.


I figure the last two sentances were copied off something else.
Mostly Average

Today was mostly average, except for one job

I had to go see a blind man, that is a man who makes blinds as opposed to one who can't see.

There was a fault on the machine that cuts up those little strips of metal to the required length. I was told they had traced the fault, and had the part waiting there for me to fit. Good. Nice easy job.

They gave me the part when I walked in the door. I've worked on this machine a few times before and I did not recall anything that looked quite like that.

Went out on the shop floor and spoke to the machine operator, who kindly demostrated the problem for me, and pointed to where they suspected the fault was - a small cam operated switch. Which was loose. I pushed the switch down a bit with my thumb, asked the operator to run it again, and by golly it worked.

Two weeks they have had the (wrong) part sitting there, the poor operator only being able to use the machine by manually switching a switch every cycle. Thats hundreds of times a day!

The only reason they got me in at all, is he was so fed up he threatend to stop using the machine till it was fixed. After two weeks I am not surprised. All down to a loose screw....

Maybe the blind man is a blind man.


A fairly normal day. Stunningly beautiful morning though, due to traffic I did not take my normal route through town to get to work, went around the bays. Early morning on a clear fine day, the winter sun low over the harbour..... Amazing I got to work at all, I could here my camera's calling to me from behind my seat. But it was not to be, sigh...

Chelle got her flowers :) I always worry when I order things like that. Have to give this company credit though, not only did they give me a conformation e-mail that my order had been recieved, which is fairly standard, but also one to say the courier had picked them up, then another to say they had been delivered. Well done (little plug there for a job well done)
Got my fix

I got my fix today. :)

I stopped off while driving to work and took some pictures with the little digital camera. Its whole DAYS since I took pics! I was getting withdrawl symptoms. Any blurring I can blame on DT's! And I had some nice sunlight-on-water pics to e-mail to Chelle tonight, hope she is feeling better.

I had to do something to cheer myself up, reading about Gypsys son this morning mad me a combination of sad and angry. While I have been sunburnt before I have never had it that bad, poor kid. That is a down side to living in NZ, you have to be extra careful of sunburn. The UV rates here and in Aussie are the highest in the world. (proximity to the Antartic ozone hole I guess)

I ended up working late again tonight, helping one of our other guys get to some lights in a commercial building in town. Yes they look pretty up there, but suspending lights high over stairs is not very sensible when it comes to repairing them. Or cleaning them. Or changing lamps. Any architects out there please take note!

Working late worked out well for my flatmate, he rang me all disgruntled that the trains were not running (overhead line cmae down on the tracks) so we ended up having dinner in town. Oddly I chose fish, even odder I really enjoyed it! (is odder a real word? Answers on a postcard to...)

Oddly tonight time seems to have slowed down, I feel like it is way past eleven, but it is only 9.15.. Guess I get to read an extra chapter or two of my book.... er..... actually Tango's book that she loaned to Chelle, must start taking those back now she is back from the top side of the planet. Bring a bag to work Tango!

nite all.
Death by Monopoly

I was woken last night just after 2am. Yes that's morning, stop being pedantic, I don't function well at such times!

I was not sure what woke me, but guessed (correctly) that it was the mouse trap going off. (yeah, it's ANOTHER post about mice) Tango, you already know this, ya may want to skip.

There I was rather bleary eyed at 2.20am or what ever it was. Then the scrabling sound, followed by the little high pitched scream. Yes mice CAN sceam. Another scrabble, another scream. This is not something you can turn over and ignore.

I got up and the poor thing appeared to be caught by it's hip. At this point I went to the bathroom and, well you can guess. Comes with having a mug of tea not to far from getting into bed. I thought about letting the mouse go. Yes mice are vermin, but I hate seeing any creature suffer, but on reflection what kind of life would a mouse with a broken leg have?

So I went back into my room and got down on the floor. The trap was under a wardrobe. Also under the wardrobe is a monopoly set. I slid the monopoly set sideways into the mouse. End of story.

Not. The mouse jumped up. Poor thing did not want to die. I can understand that, I am not in any hurry to die either. It did not evade the second hit. Or the third (just to make sure)

I sat there for a while - even said sorry (can you believe that?) Ejecting dead mice from traps is not a problem, killing a living creature is something else again. If I had to kill cows and sheep to eat I would probably be a vegetarian ....

I then went back to bed and completely failed to get to sleep for well over two hours. Yes I admit I am a wimp.

After my shower in the morning I retrieved the poor creature. It had not been caught by it's hip as I thought, but by it's toes. Now I really wish I had let it go.

All this dealing with mice has reminded me of BJ.

BJ is of course not his real name. If BJ lived in the United States he would live inTexas and drive a pick-up with a gun rack. BJ likes guns. Of all sizes and types. He is in the pistol club, the small bore rifle club, at times has represented the region and the country in target shooting. He also has been known to spend lots of time with a shot gun clay pigeon shooting. He also built (and sometimes fires) his own cannon.

His other hobby is explosives.

Did I mention he has quite a temper? Probably make a good postal worker. Talanted man, can draw very well and is good at building things like working steam engines and the like. Tells a good story too.

Which is how I know, that when he had a mouse in his house, in a kitchen cupboard no less, he shot it.

At close range.

with bird shot.


I started early on Friday (seems so long ago!)

There was a frost, my white van had white windows. Cleaned all that off with my trusty watering can (it's plastic, is "can" the right word?)

Then met with one of our other guys to repair a light on top of a pole in a car park. A very tall pole. Hence our very tall ladder.

Ever notice how your hands go pink in extreme cold? Try holding on to sub-zero metal for a while and you will notice real quick!

Lucky me, I not only got to start early doing that, but at the factory I do most of my work in, I got to work past 6 due to a flurry of late minute breakdowns.

Today bless them they called me out for a different breakdown. And yet people always seem to be so stunned when I turn down the chance to fix things in their homes.

I started early on Friday (seems so long ago!)

There was a frost, my white van had white windows. Cleaned all that off with my trusty watering can (it's plastic, is "can" the right word?)

Then met with one of our other guys to repair a light on top of a pole in a car park. A very tall pole. Hence our very tall ladder.

Ever notice how your hands go pink in extreme cold? Try holding on to sub-zero metal for a while and you will notice real quick!

Lucky me, I not only got to start early doing that, but at the factory I do most of my work in, I got to work past 6PM due to a flurry of late minute breakdowns.

Today bless them they called me out for a different breakdown. And yet people always seem to be so stunned when I turn down the chance to fix things in their homes. I DON'T HAVE THE TIME! And if I do get time off I like to do something else for a change.

I feel so much better for that little rant.

While I am ranting anyway... I opened up a dictionary hunting for a word (bet you would never have guessed that bit) and it fell open at the word MOUSE. I just can't escape...
sonnet LXIV

I did something out of the ordinary today - I went, and, of my own accord searched out and what's more read one of Shakespeare's sonnets.

It was quoted in a book, or rather one line was quoted in a book. It's a bit like walking partway down a trail. What's around the corner??

So of course I had to know what else there was, and sonnets are short. I have a "The complete works" so I dug it out and read it. Later on I typed it into google, and had it on screen in a fraction of the time. Of course I cannot very easily take my PC to bed, so it's still nice to have the printed version too. And it may have been printed in 1930, but somehow I don't think this one will date. Of course the PC has the advantage of copy and paste :)

Tired with all these, for restful death I cry,
As, to behold desert a beggar born,
And needy nothing trimm'd in jollity,
And purest faith unhappily forsworn,
And gilded honour shamefully misplaced,
And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,
And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,
And strength by limping sway disabled,
And art made tongue-tied by authority,
And folly doctor-like controlling skill,
And simple truth miscall'd simplicity,
And captive good attending captain ill:
Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,
Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.

Reading that by the way did not help me much, there can be more than one message taken from the above.

Over in the off topic forum is a thread about names. Or rather unfortunate names that people have, like one of my old classmates from years ago had the surname Ennis. His stupid parents named him Paul.

P. Ennis.

I went back looking to see any new ones and noticed there is a thread:

Sodomy NOW, Sodomy forever.

closely followed by the thread.

My poor doggies

I need to go read my book now...

Well, what a night.

Thunder and wind and rain battering against my window.

Kind of annoying really. There was not enough consistant thunder and lightning to make it enjoyable, but there was enough to keep waking me every half hour or so..


And then at 6am we had an earthquake...

NZST: 2003 Jun 30 05:58
Mag.: 5.0 Depth: 25 km
10 km south-east of

Lot of people up here would just have assumed it was the wind.

I had arranged to meet Chelle on line tonight. We were happily chatting away when I got called out, so instead of spending one and a half to two hours we got about half an hour. And as a bonus I got soaked getting home cos it's STILL pouring with rain.

Am very jeallous of Burns and Minou at the moment. Good luck guys.
error ways

Back to my post about Nstructions.....

I was working on a machine yesterday, and it failed to do what it was supposed to I checked the manual, thinking that most machines have a guide for fixing problems. This one was headed:

Please to be removing error ways.

I wasn't pleased with that at all....

Woke to thunder at 3am again, no earthquake at 6am though. Instead I slept in a few minutes and had to hurry through my shower. Woke with a nasty headache and ulcers on the roof of my mouth. Great. People all round me have been sick for the last few weeks, I really thought I might escape this one.

Did not get the afternoon thunder and hail that was forecast either. Probably waiting to 3am to surprise me.