Submit to the 2015 Seattle Festival of Improv Theater

“a completely unique experience” –
“incredible and very fun!!!” – Goldstar user
“when the border guards ask me if I have anything to declare I'm gonna say SFIT was the best fest ever!” - Michael Robinson (Vancouver, B.C.)
“we laughed until we had no voices, felt so incredibly welcomed that it hurts to leave.” – TwinProv (Oklahoma City)
“SFIT, you were my greatest lover.” – Jordan Savusa (Honolulu)

Come to the land of coffee, sushi, ferry boats and the winners of last year’s Super Bowl – Seattle! The Emerald City beckons you to submit your show to its 2015 Seattle Festival of Improv Theater!

The 13th annual Seattle Festival of Improv Theater will be Feb. 18-22, 2015. Last February we welcomed 96 improvisers and 26 improv groups from Seattle and nine cities around the nation to our two venues for five days of the potent, hilarious, and mind-alteringly-great improv.

Please visit for more info and to submit your show or group! (There is a $39 application fee.) Questions can also be Addressed to Executive Producer Brandon Jepson at or 205.352.8291 x5.

SFIT performance slots are 25 minutes long. Out-of-town groups are given priority to have two performances at this year’s festival – usually one slot at each venue, and usually one Saturday slot in addition to a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday slot. (Local improv group slots may be a variable length.)

The deadline to submit shows is November 10, 2014

We will also be taking workshop applications very soon. (There is no application fee for a workshop.)

Last year we were host to such great shows as “The Five Deadly Improvisers” (San Francisco), “Pimprov” (Chicago), “Danger! Warning! Improv!” (Austin), Mark Sutton (Chicago), and such great Seattle acts as “Upside Downton,” “Pretty Wonderful Club,” and “Plush Squad.” (And a bunch more: see the photos below!)

SFIT is dedicated to paying all performers for their work. All performers will receive payment for your work at SFIT. Performance payment will be varied based on percentages of tickets sales at your performance.

Other fun things for SFIT performers: complimentary tickets to all performances; great parties each night; improv workshops taught by some of the nation’s best.

Andrew McMasters and Brandon Jepson

...and here's photos from last year's Festival!
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Now that we've had a month to recover - I'd like to take a moment and celebrate the 2015 Seattle Festival of Improv Theater!

We had 115 performers from 30 improv groups from 10 cities come and perform over 5 nights in February, 2015! Thanks to everyone that made it happen!