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I'm available to coach your group via Skype. I run the Improv Resource Center here in Chicago and if you are available for in person coaching, I recommend that, but if you are anywhere else in the world, I can coach you via webcam using Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout, etc.

Here is my bio:

Kevin Mullaney
Kevin has taught improvisation for 20 years, first for iO Theater, for the UCB Theatre in New York and and now for the Improv Resource Center in Chicago. He is the host of the Improv Resource Center Podcast and the webmaster of the Improv Resource Center. Since returning to Chicago, he has directed many shows both improvised and written including: One Act Roulette, #trending, Based on a True Story, Dear James Franco, Vampyre Hunter High, Space Warps, and A Swarm of Spoilers.

He is the former Artistic Director of the Chicago Improv Festival and of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, where he also served as the chief administrator of their training program. He directed numerous improv shows for the UCB Theater including “Tracers”, “Retraced”, “Individually Wrapped”, and “The Swarm in Slow Waltz Around Rage Mountain”. He is the creator of Cage-Match and the Annual 3 on 3 Tournament at UCB. He recently won the 2015 INNY award from Improvisation News for the best "Best Improv Comedy Instructor/Coach".
Here is some info on what I like can teach you:
  • Improvising from the Gut – observe your scene partner and use their behavior and emotions to provoke yourself and inform the scene.
  • Surprise Yourself / Unleash Your Improv – When you improvise, do you surprise yourself? In this workshop, we will explore adding a little chaos into your scenes on purpose. Change the subject, state your opinion emphatically before you know what it is, make up a long story in the middle of a scene, over react to mundane things, exit or enter a scene without a reason. If these things sound like a bad idea, this workshop is for you. Real life situations are messy and unpredictable, so maybe, just maybe, your scenes should be as well.
  • Improv Bootcamp – intensive training which focused on specific skills
  • The Game of the Scene – discover what’s funny about your scene and follow the logic to establish, explore and heighten your game
  • Emotional Yoyo – Build a game with your partner through impulsive emotional choices which leads to unique points of view
  • Behavior First Improv – establish the mood and feeling of a scene first and then create circumstances which make your behavior a game
  • Scene Blast – maximum reps with multiple coaches
Want to learn a specific form? We offer workshops and coaching for the following improv forms:
  • The Harold
  • The Monolog Deconstruction
  • La Ronde
  • Monoscenes (and one act plays)
Prices are the same whether in person or via Skype. If they are done in person in Chicago, the space is included in the price.
  • 1 hour session: $50
  • 2 hour session: $90
  • 3 hour session: $125
Discounts available:
  • $5 less per hour for weekdays before 5pm central
  • $5 less per hour for when prepaying for 5 weeks (or more)
You can contact Kevin at
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