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Wow! I had forgotten what it was like to be a hairdresser again. Working Monday to Saturday with two late nights. Not a lot of time for much else at the moment. We did get up to himitangi to see a friends new baby. He is a tiny cutie :D he was born on Friday and we saw them on Sunday. You forget how teeny tiny they are. And then she was undressing him to change him and he got smaller as each layer came off lol it was like when you wash a fluffy cat or dog – they end up about half the size you thought they were lol

On the way home we stopped and took some flashing photos by the state highway one sign hehe that was pretty fun ;)

We went to see colin fry. He is a medium. Wow – even if he was faking it (which I don’t believe), he bought peace of mind to a few people that night, and that cant be a bad thing.

Mum called me this morning to see if I was still alive. Apparently there was a 7.2 earthquake in the south island. We never felt a thing. Mum gets mad at me because I tend to sleep through earthquakes, but I cant help it lol she laughed at me today when I told her I didn’t even know there had been an earthquake. But there were 3 other people in the salon and they never felt it either. Apparently it was very newsworthy every where else though… a woman came in later in the day and she had had a call from an uncle in India asking her if she was ok too. It only made one radio news broadcast here about half an hour after it happened and we never heard about it for the rest of the day. Sheep islanders may be a little blasé about these things lol

Jamie has got himself a little job :) delivering junkmail and local papers. Just a few hours a couple of days a week. He enjoyed it today (his first day) but said the top of his legs were feeling a bit sore. His routes are quite hilly.

I tried to enrol at uni yesterday. Bloody hell – what a palaver that turned out to be! Because I am majoring in second language education, I have to take 3 compulsory linuistics papers. The only prerequisite for them is that you have 34 credits before you can take them. That’s cool. But they only offer them in the first trimester of each year. So I went to ask for an exemption on the basis that I passed my non-cross creditable course with flying colours and have been doing esol work for some time, plus the fact that I am an intelligent, motivated learner. I want to be able to take one of the compulsory papers next year and do the other 2 the following year. They said no. that means that I have to take 3 linguistics papers in one semester. The amount isn’t the problem… the boredom it will bring about is. I cant do them in the third year because of the way the degree is structured – year three is pretty much completely taken up with compulsory teaching and education papers and I definitely do not want to be doing 2oo level papers in my fourth year. GRRRRRR they are getting another call from me tomorrow asking them to reconsider. They have said no on the grounds that the last two people to get exemptions did really badly. I told them I was disappointed that I was being judged on somebody elses performance rather than my own merit. I said I understood the need to have good passes from an admin/ ministry of ed. Point of view. They said that wasn’t the case, I told the I had worked at the ministry and knew about the pressures put on the courses, they said it wasn’t entirely the case. PHHHHTT so they declined my exemption without even talking to any of my lecturers from my previous course. I will be calling those course co-ordinators and asking them to intervene on my behalf.

I met jamies mum on the weekend too. That was tense as it was the first time they have seen/ spoken to each other in 18 months. Jamies stepfather keeps in touch and has smoothed things over for them to get together. It was short and sweet and looks promising to see her again. And they gave us a barbeque that they don’t use anymore. They’re alright in my book lol

Apart from that, its all good in sheep island.

Oh… by the way… these pages have got bloody short now! A page and a half??? Damn – that’s not a lot of journals available anymore!


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Well finally, a minute to sit and write an entry. Phew! I had forgotten what a busy time of year this was in a hairdressing salon! The only upsides are the cute kids and the pressies we get lol nahhh, not really – I am actually enjoying myself :) but the kids are cute. One little boy was sooo excited when I told him that winnie the pooh’s birthday was on the same day as mine – I thought he was going to combust hehe.

Anyway, whats been going on? Ummm – we moved, we are now in Melrose, the penthouse apartment. Which translates to the top floor flat :D but we have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the entire bay and airport. It is gorgeous, very relaxing just chilling out looking out the window counting the surfers, watching the sunset and all that stuff.

We may not be here long though. Just because I thought I didn’t have enough on my plate with studying and working, I am looking to build a house :D well not me personally – im a hairdresser not a chippie. But Jamie is a chippie. And there are some relatively cheap sections about the place and then I can add my study fees to my mortgage and make my money work twice for me. Pricing up plans and materials now, the bank has agreed to a smallish mortgage but mum has just suggested going to the housing corporation (state housing people) to get a low income loan. So could be an interesting exercise.

Looking forward to Christmas :D another one just the two of us… hopefully. We bragged so much about how nice it was last year that we have a load of people who want to come to our place now. Which kinda defeats the purpose really. Oh well. We will see what happens.

I had a old man come into the salon the other day, I was in the middle of a cut so I excused myself and went to see to him. He asked me if we did haircuts. I said yes but that we had no time that day, he said fine and that it was good to know that we did them. I dread to think what he thought we did! ;)

Awwww :( poor fred! I am watching coronation street and lovely fred the butcher has just had his proposal turned down. Poor fred.

Lol that will make sense to maybe 2 people on this site.

We are going up to himitangi on boxing day night. Jamie is helping mike to build another room on his house and then we have to come back as I am working the in between days, then we head back up for the four day break over new years to finish the room and build a deck. They have just had a new baby so toni and I will probably have to take baby jakob to the beach. The noise will be too much for him :) it had better be bloody sunny up there!

I got my exemption :D:D but now they have changed the timetable so my anthropology class is on at the same time as my compulsory linguistics class – the one I got the exemption for. Grrrr I may take art history instead now lol

Well my cup of tea is ready (I am soo spoilt :D myhousework, washing all done and my dinner made and my bath run) then we are off to the warehouse to spend the $100 voucher jamies mum gave us for Christmas :D

If I don’t get back here before hand…. Happy holidays to all of you. I hope santa spoils you rotten :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Dizzy :love: I am thinking of you

Apparently sheep islandese is a completely foreign language to the americans lol

Translations for philmo :)

Pressie = present
Boxing day = day after Christmas, an English tradition apparently to do with putting boxes away rather than watching lennox lewis
Chippie = usually a potato crisp but in this case, slang for a carpenter or builder
Melrose = on a map, find welington airport and then lyall bay and Melrose is the suburb just next to that.

Good sheep island bands… hmmm you may have heard of shihad who became pacifier after 9/11 but then last week changed back to shihad, they used to be a heavy metal group but now are just heavy rock. There is bic runga, she is amazing – she did the theme song for American pie 2 but if you can find any music off her ‘beautiful collision’ album – it is her best one. There is an eminem wannabe called scribe who does some pretty good music and for easy listening/ alternative kind of vibes you could try and find some gramsci, he has a beautiful voice and some very nice lyrics.

The ex… well, yeah he was a nice fellow – just not the right fellow as it turned out. He is moving to Brisbane in February which annoyed me slightly as part of the reason for the split was his complete unwillingness to travel. Oh well, I hope it turns out well for him – he deserves it. I hope he finds someone who will love him well and make him a father. He is a good man.

Coronation street is a long running british soap opera, I think about 40 years now. I’m not sure about bbc America but possibly? Maybe burns would know?

Christmas day here was lovely – not the weather obviously – but it was just the two of us and our roast lamb and roast potatoes yummmmm :) I got a new book and another buffy series for my collection and the coolest clock in the entire world :D it is a lass circle with a picture of a ‘tattoo’ type 50’s girl on a pole/ mast wearing a little girlie sailor suit with a cute cap – ahhh you’d need to see it I think.

Then we went out to jamies mums place and his son was there!!! :D he hasn’t bee able to see him for 4 years. Jan is now 14 and taller than me. And a nice kid, chatted away and was so pleased to see his dad again :D it was the best Christmas present I could have wished for Jamie. He now has his dads numbers and address and has asked his dad to go and watch his surf lifesaving.

Then we went to himitangi beach to put a deck on our friends place. Baby jakob is beautiful, it helps me sometimes having a chance to get my maternal instincts out. The deck is looking good. We will be back up there for new years (we get 4 days statutory holidays then too :D ) the weather was lovely up there, got a bit of a top-up on the tan but didn’t get to the beach, too much to do at the house.

Back to work tomorrow for three days. It’s a hard life lol


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So… a lot has happened over here in sheep island!

We moved in to a place in Melrose with an amazing view but bastard neighbours. We started looking at new places to live when I had a sudden thought… lets buy a house! All the houses we could afford were hovels and pits, so we were about to put that idea to bed when we saw a section advertised. And Jamie being a builder… seemed like a plan.

With a little negotiation and a little finger crossing, I am now the proud owner of 2/5ths of a piece of land in tawa. The bank is kindly letting me buy the rest of the land from them in instalments.

We have the plans in with the draughtsman and hope to be starting to build in march. Which is when I start studying (I think). I have to go on Tuesday to enrol in person as they have changed the timetable and now I have clashes in my classes.

I am still hairdressing in island bay, the traffic in the morning isn’t too bad – except the other day when there had been a cyclist hit by a car – it gridlocked the city and it took me an hour and a half to get to work instead of about 40 minutes. Sadly the cyclist died in hospital. It is hard to be road ragey when you know someone has been badly hurt or killed. Everyone seemed to be driving a little better that day. They were back to normal the next day though.

We have adopted a beautiful scaly breasted lorikeet named Douglas. He is giving us hours of fun lol he says hello Douglas, shutup, baby, oi-oi, and when he bites he says ouch sorry. He has a bit of a foot fetish – especially my toes. He will jump off the couch and sprint across the floor to get my toes and bite me if I try and get him away! He gets time out then. He is back in his cage with the cover on for a few minutes. Lol this morning he was getting a bit excited and was nibbling my fingers, I told him NO and he told me to shut up!

We are also adopting a cat called grace. Her mummy and daddy are moving Australia so we are taking her :) they are away this weekend so we are feeding her. She looks like Sylvester, but prettier.

We had a good weekend last weekend, had a couple of girls over :) a good time was had my me LOL well… by all but who cares about the rest of ‘em??? Hehehe

Colin leaves for Brisbane Tuesday week. I went over and grabbed a few things before he went. He wouldn’t let me have any of the wedding presents (even the ones from my family) but I did get all my books and some little sentimental knick knacks, and the porn collection lol

He appears to have a girlfriend – he wont ell me lol but I hope he does, and I hope it is serious enough for them to keep it going when he goes. He looks a lot better than when he was single. He seems a tad more relaxed as well lol getting rid of the tension helps ;)

Well I had best get organised (still in my dressing gown) and put some of the stuff away. Hope all is well with everyone :)


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Well well well… I feel like a complete stranger! Lol it has certainly been a while. Where do I start?

happy easter :D

My house. Drama. We are taking the draftsman to court. He is a partner of a client of mine, we were going to adopt their cat, he was giving us a good price. He was going to get us to council permit stage (that means that we could start building) before he left the country to move to Brisbane.

We gave him a floor plan showing where we wanted things like rooms and windows and wardrobes and stairs. We told him that we didn’t really care where in the house they all went, as long as they were there – 3 bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs and living / kitchen etc upstairs. What he gave us 5 weeks later was an outline of a box. It had other boxes inside it. There were no doors or windows. Walls that are meant to be measured at 90mm were shown as 100mm. I asked him about it and he said he always did that because it was easier to put in the computer that way. Starting to worry a little now. He said he would change it. (phew!) he gave us the next set of drawings and told us we could take these to an engineer to get the foundations drawn in. we did, they laughed! The engineer gave us a list of 14 things thast needed to be done to the plans before they could do anything with them at all. Anyway…we told him we had lost confidence in his ability to do the job in the time frame we had. We agreed that he could keep a couple of hundred bucks to cover the work he had done (hours – not actual results). His girlfriend (my client) sent me an email saying that in fact, they were not going to refund any money as he had completed the job to the first stage – “no matter what any helpful engineer has told you”. Well. I went up and forgot to come down.

What the hell is she doing getting involved in his business matters? Shouldn’t any correspondence be coming from him? On his letterhead? And if we are at the stage where we can take it to an engineer… then surely it does matter what a “helpful” engineer tells us. The designers association told us we should go to small claims court and they recommended that we get all our money back. The guy also told me that he had heard of our guy and “don’t quote me on this as it is unprofessional of me to say… but he is not fit to be practising” we called our guy and told him that we had been told to take him to court. He asked who had told me this, I told him. He called the association and, lo and behold, now we should just accept his offer. When we called the next day and asked if our guy was a member of the association, the guy told us he couldn’t help us and hung up. Nice one.

Then we got the offer in from our guy. (alan luff, t/a Lines Unlimited by the way. Don’t go there!!!!) he said that as he had completed 30% of the work, he would refund us 30% of the contract cost. Ummmmmmm. Hello?? Surely if you have only done 30% of the work (which he hasn’t) we should be getting a refund of 70%. and apart from that, the cheque that was attached to the letter was for about 20%. So not only can he not draw, he cant use a calculator either!

So we have a court date for the 31st. even if we get the money awarded, we probably wont see it. The cheque with the letter was not in his or his girlfriends name – it was her sisters cheque. We couldn’t cash it because that would mean that we had accepted his offer and we would not be able to go for any more. He has no money. Yay for us.

But, we have got the address for the brisbane draftsmans association and we will be sending all the drawings, corrspondence and court stuff to them :) hehe don’t try to fuck with me buddy!

Deep breath… and release :) lol am in my happy place now.

Am still working and studying. My maori course is going ok. I don’t feel like I have had my ‘eurka’ moment yet though. You know? Where suddenly you go… ‘ohhhhh! Right! Now I get it!’ but I am still doing ok. Not at the top of the class, but at the top of the middle of it lol

Art history is FABULOUS. I love it! I just wrote an essay on how early Christianity impacted on the visual arts prior to the period AD500. not really as huge a time frame as it first appeared (for 1000 words) as there was no Christian art until about AD200 anyway. But we don’t have any assessment marks yet so I have no idea how I am going there.

Linguistics is pretty cool. Hard but the lecturers are funny. In a really geeky lame assed way. But obviously that appeals to me no end lol. The other day I got the giggles fully over some pathetic thing he had said – no point even trying to relate it… a location joke (you had to be there)… but it really tickled me. I was laughing and he saw me and started laughing too. It stopped the class for a couple of minutes because he couldnt go on :) I got my first result back and was gutted. 9.5 out of 15. and I had lost 4 marks for not giving an explanation. But I could not see that “how do you know you have them labelled right” was a command to write an explanation, in context, the paragraph containing it was telling us it was difficult, and to take our time and do some reading on it. So it seemed to me to be a reminder to be careful. Anyway… I spoke to my tutor and told her I was gutted, especially, when according to the answer sheet we were given, I was one of the few who got it right. ( a word tree by the way) she told me not to worry about it. 9.5 was well above the class average :) so I let it go lol

We are having a noho marae (a marae stay) for māori class. Should be ok. Exept it will be a sleepless night lol I don’t sleep well on my first night anywhere. And if somehow I get to sleep, everyone else will be kept awake – apparently I snore very loudly lol

Lots of stuff going on really but because I leave it so long to write in here, I forget the funny stuff. Ah well. Maybe I will get my shit together and find some time to write regularly. Am such a busy busy girl now. I go to school, I go to work, I come home and study, then I go to bed.

The funfilled life of a mature student lol

Hopefully it wont be this long again before I write. It takes too long to update and its not fun lol

Two (insert ethnicity/ hair colour as you see fit lol) couples decide to try swapping partners. After a couple of hours, one guy turns to the other and says “that was fun… I wonder how the girls are getting on?”


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We won :) alan was so condescending and smug that I didn’t actually need to be there lol he shot himself in the foot. He kept telling half truths as well as the blatant lies and the judge kept calling him on them :D at the end of it, when the judge was summing up her findings, he was still sitting there smirking across the table at me and I was thinking.. matey.. you just aren’t hearing her at all! When she said he had to pay me, the his face fell like a (lots of very un-PC similes here lol) … lemming off a cliff :)

Now we just have to wait and see if he actually pays.

Had an interesting week at work. We have an old lady who comes in, she has had ulcers on her feet for about 2 years now and the nurse comes twice a week to bandage them. She is very very big and walks with 2 sticks. Every time she uses our bathroom we are terrified she will get stuck (she did once before) and we are ‘baggsing’ not being the one to go and help her. She is not the cleanest of women, but she is quite funny. She was a policewoman, and belongs to loads of organisations etc so she has a lot of good stories to tell. I had her at the basin and was washing her hair when she asked if she could tell me something that would make me “quite ill” I said ok and she started. I soon wished I hadn’t!

The nurse had come to clean and bandage her feet, she had finished one and was unwrapping the other when she leapt up goin “oh my god!” my client said she had no idea what the matter was. She said “sometimes I get this thing called something longandlatinihavenoideawhat (or something like that lol) and it smells very bad and makes the bandages emerald green” she said that she couldn’t smell anything or see any green so she was confused until the nurse said she had to go get a basin of water to wash the foot. When the nurse had dipped her foot in the water, she lifted the basin to show my client. She had maggots in her wound! Not medicinal ones either. Just ordinary housefly maggots. I was trying not to retch at this stage. She then carried on (in a really loud voice) that the nurse then said “ooh theres another one, and another… and another…” she eventually fished out 15! Then my boss walked past. My client called out “judy… did you hear me telling tango about my maggots?”

Then judy had to help her put her surgical slipper on LOL. The next week when she came in, she said “I hope my neck isn’t too dirty” I didn’t really respond and when we got to the basin she said “did you not hear me say I hoped my neck wasn’t too dirty?” she said the nurse had come early so the carer couldn’t give her a shower, just a bedwash. When the carer had gone she went to the bathroom to wash her face and neck before coming to the salon. She washed her face and as she was wiping her neck… a tomato flew out! She said..”I don’t know what you must think of me, one week it’s maggots down there and now vegetables up here” LOL that made it seem so much worse than it actually was lol.


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Part two... it was a tad wordy for one post - *sorry * ;)

Then on Saturday I had a mother wanting to bring her 13 year old son in. she said to me that they had been having a bit of trouble with his behaviour. He hadn’t brushed his teeth, showered, brushed or washed his hair in… (wait for it…) 5 weeks!!! Eeewwwwww!!!! She had got him into clean clothes that day for the first time in 2 weeks!!!
And seeing as how I am all about the tough love lol i said fine… bring him in.

He came in and his hair (nearly waist length) was one matted dreadlocked lump. I had cut his hair a few months before and told him about washing his hair then! When he sat down I said to him that seeing as I had warned him last time, if he didn’t wash his hair and look after his scalp I would have to cut it off, that was exactly what was going to happen. I told him I wasn’t prepared to spend two and a half hours combing it out. I was trying to separate it with my hands and just couldnt even budge it!

He told me to fuck off. youre not touching my fucking hair, fuck off etc. I looked at his mum, she nodded and I grabbed his hair. He was struggling but I just cut it off. then I was able to separate the hair to see his scalp. Well not really. 5 weeks of sweat, dead skin, dirt and general mankiness meant that there was an inch of scunge. I told him it was absolutely disgusting and that I wasn’t prepared to touch it until we had washed it. Again with the fuck off, get fucked, youre not touching me you bitch etc. his mum asked if it was ok if she called her husband. I was thinking sweet, he will come down and play the heavy :) so while she was calling the father, I asked louis if he wanted to take this opportunity to walk to the basin before his father arrived. Much to my surprise (NOT!) I got told to fuck off. his father arrived and strode towards louis. I was expecting fireworks! Dad says “now louis, don’t you think it would be nice to get your hair washed? It would feel good, come on son, what do you say?” I was gobsmacked!! And never veering from form, louis says… yep that’s right… fuck off. I had had enough of the tantrum by this stage. I grabbed the chair and dragged it, and louis to the basin.

I told him to lean back into the basin, again was told to fuck off, I reached over and found some lovely little pressure points in front of his collarbone and was gratified with the speed with which he leant back into the basin (hehe no way is a tantrum throwing 13 year old beating me!) I then told him to lean his head back, he wouldn’t (no surprises there!) his mum and dad were holding him at the basin, he was punching his dad. Dad was saying “ok son, if you are angy and if it helps you, hit me, I don’t mind” !!!!???? what the??? I was stunned. I told louis that if he didn’t lean his head back, he would get soaked. He told me he didn’t care (you can add the language) I said that was fine with me as I would be nice and dry, the floor was wood, it didn’t matter to me if the floor and/ or louis got wet. I started washing his hair. There was water everywhere. He was crying and punching his father because he was wet. I said “well louis, that’s twice I have told you something would happen if you didn’t do as advised – and look at that… both times, I was right. Makes ya think huh?” lots more swearing. I was laughing at this stage… especially when he said “fuck fuckity fuck” I was all “oooh that’s imaginative” he was getting a bit angry and told me to stop laughing at him, I apoloised but said I couldn’t help but laugh when he was being so ridiculous. When I finally finished his hair, 3 shampoos later! I had to drag the chair back to the mirror as he wouldn’t walk. I said that as I had managed to save some length, he could tell me what style he wanted. Perhaps I should have been prepared for the response…” get fucked, I don’t fucking care what you do” I said “riiight… you cared enough to throw a tantrum when I wanted to shave it off, now you are being offered an adult choice you would rather tell me to fuck off and just complain about it later?” his mum was telling me how hard it was having him at home, he had been beating her up and his 2 brothers, one of whom has a disability. Louis pipes up “hes a fucking retard” I said “real nice louis, you want people to treat you with respect, and this is how you act? Respect has to be earned buddy” then I told him that since he didn’t want to make a decision about his hair, I would just do it and he would have to live with it. His mother wanted to know if we had a towel he could wipe his face on (tears and snot… you know how it goes) I said there were tissues right in front of him “oh no! he wont use paper!” huh?? Apparently even at school (when he goes) he uses a smart pad that lets him type and send work to his teacher. (can you say indulged??)

While I was cutting his hair, still getting called loads of names and whatever :yawn: lol I said to him “louis, a piece of advice… I hope you listen, but I doubt you will… it’s a hard world and the only people who actually care about you are you mum and dad. Noone else gives a shit about you. You can be as dirty, smelly and abusive as you want, the only people you are affecting are you and your parents. Maybe you should try being a tad nicer to them” again with the swearing and crying.

When I was done he put on the hat they had bought down for him and the said “im not fucking going outside, bring the fucking car down” his mum said no as they only lived up the road. He stomped around swearing and calling her a bitch. Then she and his dad decided that they had made a huge step forward just getting the haircut so they would get the car for him. Wow! I wish my tantrums worked with my mum and dad!!!

He said he wasn’t going outside so everyone could look at him and laugh (with a few more expletives than that, obviously lol) I said “how arrogant are you? Why would people look twice at you? Whats so special about you that everyone will stop and watch you walk up the road? Especially now that you look normal. Maybe they stared when you had that disgusting mess on top of your head, but they have no reason to look now” I maybe agree with him that I was a bitch then lol

When he was outside and his mum was paying, she apologised for his behaviour and asked me not to take it personally. I said that I possibly could have been a little more compassionate (LOL) but that I had very little tolerance for tantrums, and that if I could give her some advice, it would be – if you say something… follow through! I said it would be hard the first few weeks but when he realised that tantys weren’t going to get him his own way, he may stop trying them. I said I thought it was him trying it on with his parent s because he knew it would work, and that I felt I was right because not once had he taken a swing at me (and believe me, I was expecting it!) and when he was stomping around the salon, he didn’t throw anything or break anything. I said I thought this meant he knew there were rules and boundaries and that when he didn’t think he could get away with breaking them, he didn’t try.

On Monday, his mum came in with a box of chocolates and a card for me :) she said that although he had a few choice words to say about me when they got home, he actually liked his haircut and was being nice to them! LOL when I read the card it said “just enjoy these as a token from us. Thank you for going that “extra mile” on Saturday with louis. I know it was unpleasant but louis now has gel to make his hair spikey. He’s a changed boy! He’s happy with the cut now.”

Ahh yes the super glam life of a hairdresser :D lol

Ohh and then there was the regular who I marched off to the doctors lol ( I am sooo bossy!) she told us a couple of weekes ago that her meds had been changed and since then, she has been getting more forgetful and hasn’t been feeling well. She didn’t want to go (of the generation that believes doctors are Gods and you mustn’t question them) but I walked her down and had a chat with the doc. He is looking into it. She goes back next week for another check up :)

Apart from that… its been pretty quiet in sheep island :D


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hopefully this will send and i wont lose the post :)
hmm... although now, in saying that, it had better be a post worth submitting...

ah well... bugger it! lol

back at school today. first class was maori. i feel like i forgot everything over the holidays! even though i did do some revision. i dont know that i will keep learning it. i have to keep a b+ average for my teaching degree and i dont feel like i wil be able to if i keep learning this language! i may just have to learn it somewhere else where it wont impact on my degree.

linguistics up next. i am hoping that this lecture will cast some light on the last assignment question i have. i figured out copular verbs :) (yay me!) and now just have to write 500 words on subject/ direct object/ verb order in a language i know reasonably well - to show a basic formula which is considered to be the norm. if i do english i have to provide 3 times the examples i do if i do, say, maori. but if i do maori i have to be sure i have enough knowledge to provide other sentence forms that do not use the basic structure and explain why they are not considered the norm. sheesh.

ah well...

time for a cigarette and a humungous latte to get the brain activated.

ps... camilla looked gorgeous :) im glad they are having a chance at life together... i dont give a rats arse whether she is princess consort or queen... everyone is entitled to be happy :D

the end lol


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Yes… I am a complete slackarse athe journal thing. But I have been busy. No, really! :)

Oh… lol I just looked at my last entry…a while ago.

Well then…

I have re-jigged my whole study thing, The hours were a killer. I was getting a bit down and Jamie asked me a very good question… “ why are you ruining something you love doing?” good point I thought. I was going to school, going to work, coming home and doing homework, oing to bed around 1:30am and then back at work/ school at 9am.

Then, the worst thing happened…. I rushed through my art history essay so I could spend time on my maori essay ( which I still handed in 250 words short). I got my results back and I got a B. I was absolutely gutted! I know, I know… Bs and Cs get degrees, and a B is a good mark. But for me in art history?? No way.

Then Jamie told me he thought my desire to be a teacher was more about me having the opportunity to educate myself more than anything else. Quite an astute observation I thought :)

Upshot is… I am now doing a plain old BA in Anthropology, with some linguistics, art history and religious studies thrown in for fun lol

Have dropped maori (which according to my essay marks, I was getting more than I thought I was) and am re-excited about school :)

Am still working as many hours as I can but have also allowed time to actually talk to Jamie (and sometimes not talk to him ;) hehe)

Have finally got some plans for the house… nearly anyway. The engineers are working on them then we should have some plans. The architect has been a bit of a plonker but now I have let him know that he wont get paid until I see that each stage is completed, he has got a lot more cooperative… not to mention quicker lol

Jamies mother threw a humungous spanner in the works though. She had agreed to lend us 10k to get us to the stage where we could actually draw down on our mortgage, her, I and the bank sat down and sorted out the loan to her for this. She decided though not to give it to us, she would just parcel it out as and when we needed it. We have an engineers bill of 3k and an architects bill of 1k coming up in the next week or two and she called to say that she had spent the money. She had none to give us. Great.

Not a huge thing as at least I am not liable for the loan BUT a pain in the ass because I had to go grovelling to the bank to get a loan to pay the bills. The only way they will do it is to give me a credit card. With a 3k limit. So not only am I having to pay into it already so there is enough there when the bills come in, I am going to be paying credit card interest on it. :mad: GRRRR

That’s on top of paying the rent, mortgage and school fees, not to mention all the other bills that come in.

Jamie helps out but as all the loans and shit are in my name… it is a bit of pressure.

Work, at least, is going well :) I even got headhunted. YAY me :D

I turned them down (it was the salon where I worked before I started where I am) as my boss has been good to me and I owe her some loyalty. Plus ange screwed me over when I worked for her so why line up for another round? But still…. I am soooo wanted lol ooh and the ministry of Ed. keep asking if I will go back too.

As to the horrible news from Britain… Thank God every one I know there is safe. I feel for the others but am just glad for me and mine.

I was crying at work today reading the newspaper. A journalist on the train had written a piece. Very moving. Very real.

It took me about 4 hours to be able to get hold of my brother. Thank fuck he is such a lazy bastard!!!! He had just got up and wasn’t goin in to work :) I called mum to tell her, as she couldn’t get him. She went straight into mother mode… “why wasn’t he going to work? His boss will know he wasn’t at work! He should have been going to work!” I reminded her of what could have been the consequences… she was all “hmmm.. I suppose so” LOL its that whole “thank god you are safe… now I will beat you to within an inch of your life for scaring me” reaction that mothers seem to get when their kids have narrowly missed being run over or blown up.

My tea is served, best I go.


aka Kinky T
Nope… sheep island hasn’t fallen off the ende of the world… I have just been slack… again :D nevermind, its all good.

School is going well, nothing lower than an A- in both anthropology and art history so far, which makes me happy. I feel like I am just scraping through if I get a B, so phew for me lol

Its my birthday on Friday, I cant go anywhere because I have my art history exam at 9.30am on Saturday morning… and that’s just wrong! Oh well, a couple of friends are meeting me afterwards to take me to lunch :) that will be nice.

Jamie has gone away for 6 weeks! He is doing some building in the coromandel. I am going to drive up (by myself!!!) for a week. Getting quite excited about that. It’s a 6 hour (at least) drive and I have never driven more than an hour and a half out of Wellington. Going to take my time and visit a few little places on the way. He has taken Douglas (the bird) with him. It is very quiet here. I keep expecting Douglas to leap out and bite me. But on the bright side… I do get the remote all to myself :D

We had our girlie brunch the other day… even took chelle and her daughter to a sex shop ;) hehehe the guy working in it was a bit of a dork (a prerequisite for the job maybe?) one of the girls took a penis pump up and asked him if it worked, then because of that, another girl grabbed the ‘breast enlarging soap’ (which we decided would be bad to use on your bum!) and asked him if it worked and he, in all seriousness, said “no, it’s a novelty item” well DUH! Get a sense of humour man!! Sheesh, 10 raucous women in your shop and you cant crack a smile?? Anyway… a good time was had by all. We met at 11:30 and were still gossiping at 4pm! We were all stood on the street corner saying goodbye, we really must get going etc and stayed another 20 minutes lol noone seemed to want to leave. Definitely doing that again :D

Am handing in my notice at work next week.. have an interview at another salon, one that only does cuts so that will be easy lol I asked the boss for a raise, didn’t think it was uncalled for as I do a hell of a lot for her and have been there over a year without a raise. She said no, too quiet, cant afford it. Well, maybe if you worked more than 3 days a week we would be busier! But apart from that, she forgets that I do the cashing up and know exactly what is coming in and going out. She is raking it in hand over fist! I manage the slaon sole charge 3 days a week, looked after it for 2 weeks while she went to Australia, have had 2 sick days since I have been there (one where I was told I had to work my day off to make up for it!) and I am not worth the equivalent of 2 haircuts a week in a raise?? Pffft. Just feeling unappreciated. Oh – and it didn’t help that half an hour after she said no, she asked me to take over her clients as she was going home (she had a hangover).

Umm… what else? Ooh.. bought a nice new outfit… PVC corset, matching g-string, gloves and stockings… the stockings have a pvc piece on the tops that lace up :D very nice. Jamie said that, not only did it look good on me, it suited my hair. LOL not what I was expecting to hear…
So that’s about all I think… I need to go download some images to study for my exam. Hope all is well with everyone :)


aka Kinky T
happy new year :) and a belated merry christmas and all the other stuff i missed too!

Still hairdressing in island bay. handed in my notice and told the boss why i was doing it, she cried, apologised and offered me more money. so i stayed. finished anthropology with an A- and art history with a B-, i wasn't so gutted about it because my tendency to argue with the tutor lowered my marks in my essays which dragged my grades down. i was going to get them re-marked but ran out of time. lol training myself to be a little less anal about these things :) am at school now, meant to be studying for my religous studies test. oh well... still 2 hours so plenty of time ;) hehehe

just heard from zerocool... he is in sheep island and hopefully will be getting to meet him soon.... looking forward to sugarsnit getting here too :) cant wait!

having another girlie brunch this week, except it is a dinner this time instead lol one of the girls (my beautiful friend asmita) just got engaged :D she thinks it is just me taking her to dinner to celebrate but it is the whole girlie gang :) she will be sooo excited.

my mummy is arriving in february too! really looking forward to that. jamie has already started clearing out the spare room lol he is so sweet. we had a rough time just before christmas. his head injury related depression was starting to spiral out of control. my friend (who also suffers from depression so knows what she is talking about) said that he needed to learn how to let things go (in a nutshell lol she was actually being very supportive) but he heard it as criticism and then it was all on! it was my fult that i wasnt sticking up for him apparently. i told him that while i was sorry he didint feel supported, i could not apologise for agreeingg with her. huge week long screamong match, interspersed with some icy silences culminating in me telling him he had to make a decision about what he wanted... to be happy and have me in his life, or to be an angry and depressed lonely guy. another week much the same as the first and then he took himself off to the doc and is now on meds and getting some counselling and social security are actually being helpful so he is a changed man. well... changed in that he is the guy i remember meeting :) so all good on the home front too. and we have made a decision about the section/ house. we have an architect looking at the plans we have to tell us how much it will cost to get them finished. we will then take them to the bak and see if they will lend us the money (that they were going to previously lend us but that got cocked up because jamies mum let us down so badly). if they will, we build the house. if they wont, we sell the section and buy a 'doer-upper' so YAY... progress... we have a plan!

ermmm... think thats the highlights.... best go and sort out my sunnis from my shiites and my halakhah from my talmud and my pentecostals from my evangelists. ahh religious studies.... has been fun. oh... and apparently i am jewish in the eyes of the (jewish) law. my mothers mothers mother was jewish which means that if i decide to go to synagogue it will be a returning not a conversion. which means that if there is another shoah i will be destined for the ovens too. scary thought. ok... procratinating now with all this drivel. sorry. really going now....

will attempt to be a little more regualr now that school is nearly finished - may have some time to do stuff :)


aka Kinky T
a very full couple of weeks :) not only did i get to meet the fabulous sugar snit and her mr cuteguy fiance... but my mum arrived too! YAY for me :)

Sugar and cute guy are really cool and i definitely hope i can see them again. they had had crap experiences food and service wise here in sheep island, luckily wellington lived up to its well deserved reputation of being the cafe capital of sheep island.

snit is sooo funny :) i really wish we had had more time to just sit and talk, i kinda feel like noone else was really getting a word in hehehe mr cute guy is really cute too :) they seem to have coped with the relationship stress of travelling well and i am sure they will be very happy together. i hear honeymoons in sheep island are good that time of year ;)

we are having a girly brunch tomorrow so that mum can meet all the girls. its been lovely so far. except the weather. she arrived with the rain. we are supposed to be having summer and yesterday it rained so hard with accompanying thunder and lightning that we decide to go to a cafe instead of getting stuck in the mayhem that is peak hour traffic in the rain. we sat in front of their open fire! in the height of summer! too sad lol

we are taking mum to jamies mums for dinner tonight. this should be interesting. the first time i will have actually spoken to her since she abused me for not selling her the section.

oh... that reminds me... i think we are taking the second draughtsman to court now too. we cant use any of the plans he drew for us. he has built the house over the boundary line onto the neighbours property. thought... fuck it... dont need the drama. section is now for sale...

update soonish hopefully :)

have fun!


aka Kinky T
so noone missed me? lol

just been doing a bit of catching up in the back issues of all the old faces (so to speak) lovely to see so many familiar names :)

far too much has gone under the bridge to catch up on, but it all stays the same, doesn't it?

i am still at uni, religious studies and anthropology, doing a criminology paper over summer to see what it is like.

just had a hysterectomy... thank god! very happy about it, just feeling a bit like a virgin again in a strange, cant put my finger on it kind of way. and, seeing as i am single again, have decided to be a tad pickier this time around ;) hehe

moved in with my mostest bestest friend, who first appears in these posts as someone from uni whom i hoped i would be able to get to know :) she is a pretty cool woman, i would like to be a little more like her. apparently she would like to be a little more like me, so that all works out lol
her 7 and 14 year old sons live with her... that is pretty cool. me and the 14 year old have 'aunty' dates - they call me aunt tango... well they do when they want something anyway :) the 7 year old thinks i am bossy because i make him make his bed and clean his room. i can live with that.

we have moved to a suburb called karori. it is bloody freezing!!! we have 2 kittens called stanley and titch.

so... the more they change, the more they stay the same :)


aka Kinky T
worked late tonight, but as it is my day off tomorrow, its all good :) sitting in bed watching crap telly. going to have coffee tomorrow, well 2 coffees really, with a girl i met online... she seems really interesting and is very flirty :D will see how that goes. then going to meet an old old friend later... he was always my 'arrangement' before i met colin. he is all married up now, will be fun to see him domesticated lol i bumped into him months ago, yuou know how usually when you see someone like that, you are all daggy, hair all over the place and no make-up? well... i looked fabulous and it was he who was a scruff :) i liked that lol... that i looked good... anyway...

i told the boss today that from july 9th i would only be working mondays and saturdays to ensure i gave my best to my studies... was worried about it to start with but i forgot how nice she is to me when she thinks i could be leaving lol must take advantage of that more often!

i was de-flowered - again LOL it was very wierd... not kinky... again, a guy i met online. we were just chatting, talking about the place he was renovating, i offered to help him paint. his mate came back with "we need a kitchen hand more... sick of pizza" i told him i made an excellent peanut butter sandwich :) we chatted back and forth for a few days... a bit flirty but nothing sleazy. talked a lot about the documentaries we were watching...then he sent me a photo... i nearly went for a cup of tea and a lie down! he was so cute! i told him i thought i could sit on the couch next to him and watch telly... and that i would even toast the sandwiches! so, banter back and forth, and it turned out that he was just down the road from me. i got an invite to come make lunch. the next day (my day off) i went and got 3 coffees and doughnuts and wandered down to his place. i sat in my car thinking... i can leave now... noone knows i was even here... but i sucked it up and went in. got a huge smile when he saw me... thought it was very cool... stayed for an hour or so shooting the breeze with him and his friend (also a cutie! was all geting a bit much lol) got a kiss hello and goodbye. apologised for no peanut butter sandwiches, but said that the bread was stale and i did not want him thinking i was a rotten cook :) later on i got an email from him telling me that they both thought i was cute. and that his friend was talking about how confident i was... among other things :) a few more days of banter and chit chat, he asks me to come down to watch some tellly. knowing the building site was organised by boys, i asked if i should bring teabags. he said yes and some... i asked... milk? friends? toys? told him i would call a boyscout and come prepared.

LOL sorry about the blow by blow (so to speak... but it was very cool lol)

i took teabags, milk, a peanut butter sandwich, a couple of 'toys' and some condoms LOL i was certainly going to be prepared! we chatted, watched telly... his fave programme was about to come on... american chopper - i had never seen it - we talked about cabbages and kings...blah blah

he leaned in to kiss me... my face must have been a picture (remember i have been a one man girl for a long time now, and jamie didnt kiss!) he asked if i was nervous... we laughed about the wierdness of things - then it was all on! he was hypnotised by my nipple ring lol and loved the corset (it was a cold day - i was already wearing it when he invited me! honest!).

i had already told him about my surgery and my subsequent fear that the sock* would not have been darned well enough... and my firm belief that i was now a born again virgin. so we tried to take it slow and gentle. that lasted about 7 seconds. oh my... :D afterwards, lying there convulsing, he asked if i was like a guy, once i came i didnt give a f***. as it turns out... apparently so! lol then i took pity on him and it started again, and again, and... well you get the idea. a brilliant re-entry, as the actress said to the bishop ;) hehehe had a cuddle, another hour or two of chit chat and i went home, with 4 hours till i had to get up for work.

went to the bathroom, blood. HOLY CRAP! he broke me! lol called the doctor in the morning, had to get antibiotics to make sure no infection set in, said i hadnt opened anything up, but that the scar would take about 12 weeks, i was told 6 by the surgeon, AND i had waited 9! so have to go back to the doc to make sure that the swelling has gone away. he suggested that next time, i take it a little more gently. i think maybe next time, i wont take my toys LOL

sorry for the graphic post lol but it was a big deal... back on the horse - so to speak ;)

* surgeon told me he had sewn me up like a sock... scarred me psychologically more than i can explain lol


aka Kinky T
So… still studying, still hairdressing… life goes on. Have moved in to a place closer to work. Got 2 flatmates at the moment, one guy and one girl. There will be a few more soon I think. Hopefully some of them will be shift workers so we don’t fall over each other :) its closer to work and a lot warmer than karori! 2 doors down from the satans slaves motorcycle ‘club’ but that’s all good – a guy I worked with lives there and so I have a built in security system hehe

Have been seeing a guy for a couple of months now… he is only 26 ;) oh yeah… yay for the toy boy! But then we had ‘the talk’ where I said I liked the regular, stable but no commitment style of things, he felt that because we were seeing each other so often, it felt like commitment, I said often is good for me (well its true!) so to take the pressure off I was happy to see other people. So now there is young dave and new dave. Have to say, 2 guys with the same name is helpful, but very confusing! So the next member of the harem is going to be a guy called Johnny. 3 seems like a good number.

Have been invited to do honours in religious studies, have changed my anth major to criminology and the marks I am getting means it is likely I will be asked to do crim honours as well. Am not sure if you can do both… will have to look into it.

Obviously there is a lot more that has gone on but I should think about getting to bed… fully booked at the salon tomorrow. Again :) its good to be good at what you do lol