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Sitting at work with 6 big assed cookies and a cup of tea. Feeling a tad emotional today. Just went to see the doc about the girly bits, got told – again – that I am too young for a hysterectomy. They wont give me one just because I am infertile and don’t want to have another period. Wjhen I asked why I was told that it was because it’s a major operation. I said so are breast implants and facelifts but they hand them out willy-nilly! So I am being put on the pill. Ironic.

But funner things than that have been happening :) yesterday I met chelle for lunch and introduced her to my pal Kelly. We had a lot of laughs. Talked absolute shite (as you do lol) and laughed about everything. I had a good time, I will find out tonight whether chelle did, I am going round to her in-laws’ place to cut tardis’ hair and I think hers too – cant remember. Damn hormones!

And on Saturday, I got a piercing :D I got my nipple pierced and it looks fantastic!!! I have a cute rainbow coloured titanium ring and it is pretty! :)
Chelle said she didn’t need to see it :blank: lol
Sitting in the chair, a little nervy about the whole deal, and the cute little piercer girl grabbing my nipple with the clamps – it was pretty weird. She pushed the needle against my skin and I felt it pop through. But it didn’t come out the other side. I was trying to breathe through it – I think they should supply Lamaze coaches for these situations – and I felt her (I wasn’t looking!) push reallllll hard and the needle finally popped out the other side. It stopped hurting almost immediately, which is a good thing lol she told me it was the toughest nipple she had ever done :) I told her I was going to tell jamie that she said he had calloused it LOL he thinks it is dead sexy :D

While I was waiting my turn at the needle, there were 4 older women waiting to get tattooed. I was flicking through the photo albums of the tattoo guy’s work and on page 3… IT WAS ME :D :D I exclaimed out loud words to that effect, and the women looked over and went … ohhhh, youre the daisy a day girl. I am soooo famous lol then they wanted to see it all healed and pretty (in the photo it is still a bit bloody) and they were very complimentary. Nice women 

Im here supposed to be writing my cabinet paper, the senior support lady who had organised me as a temp thinks I am amazing for doing it, she was telling me I could say no as they apparently have people whose job it is to write them, the papers are pretty formulaic and very very formal. Apparently I cant use smileys in it :blank lol

I did 4 pages of it and then took it to one of the cabinet paper writer chicas who looked it over and told me it was great, she offered some formatting tips and said I was doing fine. Ohhhh my head hurts from the swelling ;) hehehe

Best I get back to it then… government policy waits for no temp ;)


aka Kinky T
I went to a ‘D-Vice’ party on Saturday night. Like a Tupperware party, only a different kind of plastic lol I came home with a new toy… quite fun, if a little noisy :| but it was a weird vibe (excuse the pun hehehe) at the party. When we walked in, all primed up on the pre-party bourbons, there were 40 women sitting on the floor of this teeny tiny room. 4 of them had babies hanging off the boobies. The woman doing the presentation seemed to be a little embarrassed at having to handle the toys and talk about them in any great detail. My friend and I were in fine form and being all loud (and funny!) the guests were laughing but the D-vice lady was not impressed! At the end of the presentation she thanked all those who had ‘been attentive’

We were at the table looking at all the bits and pieces and this complete stranger hands me a baby to hold while she flopped out her booby and proceeded to try on some nipple jewellery. I was a little taken aback. I’m no prude, but it was the ugliest nipple I have ever seen in my life! The baby was obviously teething :| anyway… we got our new toys and got the hell outta dodge!

We were going to go back to the pre-party venue, but decided to get pizza and go home. Jamie was pretty happy about that as my friend Jo has a great rack and both her and I bought some nipple jewellery and he got a bit of a show ;)

All in all, a good night :)

Ooooohhhhhh :D :D Samrowit just called me… I used to tutor her in English. Her husbands visa just came through!!!!!!!! YAY!!! She has been waiting nearly 3 years to see him again. Finally all the red tape is cut, the way is clear and all that jazz. I get to meet her husband! Her mother gets to meet her husband! Lol she has actually met him before, but hasn’t seen him since she left Ethiopia 9(ish) years ago. He was just a gangly neighbourhood kid then. now he is her eldest daughters husband. Its all going to be a bit emotional when he finally gets here  but oh so worth it :D

I just had lunch with my new girlfriend, steph. She is such a cutie, and a younger version of me. It’s a bit scary really. I swear she thinks and acts the same way I do about pretty much everything! Jamie thinks its pretty cool lol now he has 2 of me :D

Huge change of subject now… (what a surprise – so unlike me :| )

I took my aunty out for her birthday the other night, and we went to a little thai restaurant in petone, about 20 mins out the other side of the city from me, when we got there I heard a very distinctive laugh and thought… ohhh I really must get in touch with Sue and Liz (my gay friends… you know… the ones I watch the bad martial arts movies with…) I turned around and it was them :D they leapt up and we had big group hugs (they never listen to me when I tell them I have personal space issues lol) and then they invited me to their wedding :D I am doing the hair and make up for it now :) having dinner at theirs on Thursday to catch up and have a good ol’ gossip.

Oh yeah… speaking of weddings…. Tardis and chelles wedding photos are great :) she will tell you she doesn’t look good in them, but she does. And the ones that tardis took are really great – she obviously trusts him to take a good picture as she is more relaxed in those ones. Scarily though, one of her daughters could belong to tardis! She is the spitting image (in a more feminine way of course lol). In the photos, they look like they are family. Which they are now, but you know what I mean. Stop nitpicking with me! ;)

Ok, I am being the quintessential Libran at the moment. I am procrastinating terribly. I am supposed to be making up a table summary of the submission analysis I am working ion as part of my cabinet paper. I don’t wannnaaaaaaa :(

Its doing my head in.

Oh well… best I go look at it some more, try and get enthusiastic about it. Or look like I am anyway lol


aka Kinky T
I am waiting on people to finish with my cabinet paper. HURRY UP!!!! I want them to read it and come back telling me its brilliant :D obviously that will be a stretch. Even if it is brilliant, public servants are genetically incapable of leaving something well enough alone.

I went to see Shrek 2 last night, with Jamie and his daughter. Very very funny movie :) I think I laughed more at it than the first one. But I think I will laugh longer at the first one.

I spoke to my fairy friend (the one that owns the fairy shop, not a real fairy…) last night. Her book is off to the publishers in a couple of weeks. Dead exciting. Hmmm… I am sure I wrote about her writing a book. If not… my friend wrote a very funny book, and is hoping to get it published. (I am getting very good at summaries hehehe)

Her son has just scored the job of assistant director on King Kong. :D I am sure I wrote about him being something or other on lord of the rings…


I went for a drive up to the university last night, just to get an idea of where I have to go on Friday. I have my orientation and enrolment appointment Friday morning :D woooohoooooo!!! Very nervous about studying again. But excited at the same time. Glad I am doing it now and not straight from school or straight after completing my apprenticeship. Now I know where my interest (dare I say… passion) lies. I know myself fairly well and I know that if I am studying something just because I have to, something I have no interest in, I will not do it.

YAY me for figuring out what I want to do when I grow up :)

I am pretty tired today. When we got back from the movies we ended up watching Grease. Man, that movie never gets old :) but it meant that it finished pretty late and then Ash (who was on a mattress on our floor – too wussy to stay in the spare room on her own lol) woke me up in the early hours. She was asleep but scratching like a thing possessed! She has eczema and had ‘forgotten’ to bring her cream with her. Also, I think the amount of sugar she has while she is with us flares it up. We will have to get stricter with her I think.

She is a pretty cool girl though. She and Jamie came to meet me for lunch today before he took Ashley home on the train. He was starting to look a little ragged around the edges. They are so alike. (Definitely an argument for nature over nurture there!) They were both tired, and they both get grumpy when they are tired, they have the same sense of humour, they both stick their tongues out when they are concentrating, they are both stubborn and like to be leader of the pack, and they both like me :)

I am waiting for Jamie to text me when the train gets in to Wellington so I can go pick him up. It should be any minute now :) that means I get to finish a tad early today. Wooohooooo :)

And now it is tomorrow. Jamie arrived before I had a chance to finish this.

YAY the blues! :) New South Wales just won the Australian ‘State of Origin’ Rugby League Series. I am a blues gal. dad and jamie are moroons (Queensland) for years the only sport I ever voluntarily watched on tv was the FA cup final and the State of Origin series (3 games, so not too over the top )

Just a wee aside here…

I love, when I am just about asleep and jamie is holding me, that he pulls me tight to him, kisses me and tells me I am beautiful. I love that, if I am having a bad day, when I get home there is a bubble bath run for me. I love that if he hasn’t been working and I have, I am not allowed to lift a finger when I get home, I get ordered to sit and relax.

I just deleted a whole lot of other things in that list. Not because they were filthy (although I do love that too ;) hehehe) but I just thought – this is getting waaaayy too sloppy.

Its just that every now and then, I stop and realise how spoiled I am by him, especially after colin. Not that colin was a bad guy – he most definitely wasn’t a bad guy – he was just maybe a little selfish. That is even too strong a word. But I didn’t feel cherished (oh man – what a soppy soppy girl I am today lol) by him the way I do with jamie.


Sheesh. Emotional boy strikes again.

Start from the beginning.

A couple of weeks ago I got a text saying ‘whos number is this?” I sent one back saying “who wants to know?” as it wasn’t a number I had stored in my phone. The next minute a message comes through “sorry, emotional boy here just deleting some old numbers didn’t mean to offend sorry” I was a little grrr about this. I had had to go to the terrace last week and was worried he would see me and get in contact again and had made it a week or so without anything – thought I was clear. And because if my number was stored in his phone, my name (or a name that he saved as mine) would be there, right?

So obviously I just ignored it and carried on my merry little way. Then yesterday I was going down to the little café on the corner to grab a coffee, I had my book in my hand and my little security swipe card on, so I look like I work in this building. I got out of the lift and who was walking towards me carrying a tray of coffees? No prizes – emotional boy. He got a huge smile on his face and stopped and was all.. hi! How are you?. I was (maybe excessively, maybe not) rude and looked at him like I had no idea who he was and kept walking. I kept thinking I was going to bump into him all day. I told jamie that I was half expecting a text or something from him after that. Jamie said that I wouldn’t get one as; a) he should have got the hint after the last text and deleted the number, possibly thinking it was no longer my number; or b) realise after my reaction that I didn’t want anything to do with him.

So my phone went just then and I got this message “hi, I now relise who’s number this is. I thought u had headed away, sorry I will delete it now. Im am sorry ok that I ruin our friendship. Take care”

Why will the man not just shrivel up and fuck off?????? Seriously, I thought it was a joke at first (as you long time pals will know) but now – a year later??!! He seriously has some issues!

*deep breath*

finding my happy place


aka Kinky T
I have my first 2 lectures today. Social sciences and humanities. At this stage I only have the barest notion of what they actually cover. Hopefully they will be interesting.

I have been told I can stay here temping for at least another 2-3 weeks. Very helpful as far as money goes! I was starting to stress a little. All my money is tied up in investments so I cant spend it and I really didn’t want to have to break into it for this course as I will need it next year when I start my degree(s)

At last I will get to use my laptop properly :)

I had the entire weekend off this weekend :) it was great!!! I slept in on Saturday, went to see samrowit and my friend dot, went home had a shower and got all gussied up to go to the rugby clubrooms to meet jamie. We had a few bourbons (quite a few!) and staggered home to watch the pacific islanders play the all blacks. We saw most of the game, but seeing as I was all clean and shiny, I was far too tempting hehehe. Ahhhhh great night :D although the carpet burns on my knees and the bruises on my bum are a constant reminder. Mind you – every time I move and feel them, it gives me ‘aftershocks’ you know?

We hired a playstation last night and spent all evening destroying ‘the corporation’ and running through parallel universes (universi? LOL) it was a good weekend all round :D

Ok, work is beckoning, I will update after my first foray into higher education :D

Stay happy and well!


aka Kinky T
I am cleverer today than I was on Sunday :) because now I am a fully paid up, card-carrying student at University. It means I can stop washing and wear bad clothes and eat lots of instant noodles, if my television aided understanding of student life serves me correctly ;)

Already I have a fair bit of reading to do. I enjoyed the social sciences (anthropology, sociology (not scientology as I keep calling it :| ) and criminology) reading. The humanities reading is pretty dry and excessively verbose. Also – not a huge fan of media studies, so that is colouring my view slightly.

On the bus, on the way back to work from class, driving down a very narrow road called the terrace, our bus driver had a sneezing fit. Every time he sneezed he moved the steering wheel violently one way then the other. I wasn’t sure I would make it back to work in one piece!

The IT studies (a compulsory paper) may be quite boring unless the tutor streams the class. He asked for a show of hands as to who didn’t know how to minimise/ maximise a word document. People (kids!!) were putting their hands up! Couldn’t believe it. How have they managed to live in todays world???

Chelle came round last night. Gave her a haircut, then we wandered off to the pub for dinner. I have lent her and tardis my dvds of the Young Ones. And have threatened her with the ‘Bottom’ stageshow dvds once she gets the hang of british humour :)
Tardis came in and we were talking about monty python (Tardis does an excellent Rowan Atkinson by the way hehe) then we discovered that chelle hasn’t seen ‘not the 9 o’clock news’, absolutely fabulous or anything! Oh – the education she is getting lined up for :D

I have discovered that having a pierced nipple in freezing cold weather can be a bit of a challenge… added to that the whole pms tender thing and – boy oh boy! Very aware of the boobies at the moment! Not that that’s a bad thing lol

Oooh – I get to go stationery shopping tomorrow. I don’t know why, but I have a huge stationery fetish. I love new books and pens and highlighters and paper clips and stuff. :D yay for the stationery warehouse!


aka Kinky T
My head is all filled up! I am at work today, vary glad to be here. It will give me a chance to actually digest what I have been learning.

I have been frantically taking notes in class and then transcribing them at home, that way I actually read what I have written. When I am taking notes (like when I am typing something) I am thinking so much about the process that I don’t take in anything that I hear/ read.

Its official… I am a girly swot :) out of the 20 people in our humanities tutorial, I was the only one who had done my homework. I am surprised at how casually a lot of the others seem to be taking this course. I cant afford to pay $1300 and not pass it. There are quite a few that are taking it again after failing last trimester. Those same guys are talking all the way through classes and I swear I will be surprised if they aren’t retaking it next trimester too!

We have some interesting people in my classes. There is Shaniqua (formerly known as Mathew) she is pretty cool, pretty insecure in her ability though. She is way cleverer than she gives herself credit for.

Trish is a 17 year old, her boyfriend is 27. she has had a pretty tough life but is a survivor. She follows the ancient Egyptian religion and looks like she is trying to be a goth, but just missing it. She has forced her way under my wing (not that I mind too much – she is a sweet girl) and has decided that I am to be her partner for our oral presentations. I will have to ensure that I don’t ‘mother’ her too much and end up doing all the work myself. I get a tad overbearing like that. But I figure, it’s my grade too so I am allowed! lol

Rosie is a professional student. She left her husband 16 years ago and hasn’t worked since. She has diplomas and certificates in just about every subject you could name. she doesn’t know whether she will go on to a degree, and isn’t too worried about her grades for this course. That is fine – but I wish she would stop talking to me during lectures! She is away this week, if she carries on next week I will have to be assertive and tell her that I am there to learn and it is important to me to hear the lecturer.

Jacqueline is a recently separated mother of 3. she had her first ever one night stand 2 weeks ago. Obviously my pal was right when she told me I ‘ooze’ sex/ skankyness (in the nicest possible way of course ;) lol) jaqueline has made me her confidante and tells me all her pick up stories. She is fun, we have a good laugh. She is also serious about studying and doesn’t chatter all through lectures. I like her a lot :)

We have a very white, blue eyed blonde girl with a very western name and a kiwi accent who wears the muslim headscarf. Not sure what her story is, but am interested to find out.

There is Sean (I think) who prefers to be known as tiger. Dean who looks like a bad duran duran video, but as he is going into design next year – perfectly understandable.

Ria, a girl who apparently I went to school with. She seems to remember me pretty well, I know she looks familiar but cant really remember her. She is pretty fun too.

Awhi (pronounced ahfee) is a very young solo mum. Beautiful girl, amazing eyes but attitude the size of Australia! She is very concerned with looking cool so wont answer anything, just in case its not right. She is never on time to class and never apologises or gives a reason. I hope she sorts her shit out, I think she could do really well at this course.

The rest of them, I don’t really know yet. We don’t have all our classes together so it will take a while. But on the whole, a diverse bunch of people. Its all good :)

I did have a panic moment on the bus on the way home yesterday, surprisingly not caused by the driving, we have our first test coming up, and our homework is getting pretty heavy. Especially for our academic writing class. We are supposed to read a couple of articles (supplied to us) then summarise one and paraphrase another. Now, theoretically, I know how to do it, but as we haven’t actually been shown how in class – I don’t know if I am going to be on the right track.

Oh well. Best I go do some work. I have a load of typing to do. At least that will give my brain a break lol

And then I think I am meeting chelle for lunch today. I’ll slap all that notion of her being a bitch right out of her ;)

I think that it is time the flatmate went anyway. Those two need to be on their own and just revel in each other :)


aka Kinky T
I was seconded to another “quality in education” project yesterday. These guys were ridiculous! They were supposed to lay out the parameters (scope) of a project to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in tertiary education in sheep island. They couldn’t have laid a table quite frankly!

One of the things they were supposed to do was decide the make up of the working group who would actually carry out the project. I asked them who they wanted, they started giving me names. I explained that what we were looking for was an idea of what type of person they wanted to see on the group, like – did they want the group to include teachers and students? Did they want the group to include peak body representatives? They said, oh – but joe bloggs would be ideal… I said once they had decided on what kind of representation they wanted in the group, the sector would then get nomination forms sent to them and that’s where actual people would be chosen. Then they asked “whats the political motivation here?” ARGGGHHHH who bloody cares???!!! Just do the job that you are getting paid for!!! Sheesh. Academics sure do love the sound of their own voices.

In other news…(prepare yourselves for some serious trumpet blowing!)

I am the most amazing student :) in my academic writing class, I get comments like ‘excellent’ scrawled across my work and although there are a few areas that I need to make note of (‘their’ is a plural) apparently I am a natural with my expositions and my arguments :)

In my humanities class, I am still the only one who has handed in my homework, and the only one who managed (including the teacher!) to summarise a 7 page article into 500 words. (I find summaries really hard because I think all of the details are too important to leave out, so I tend to paraphrase the article instead)

In social sciences, the tutor said she isn’t going to ask me anymore as the others in the class are just sitting back letting me do all the work.

In humanities, the tutor passed a us all a piece of paper asking what was the most important point we learnt in the class, Shaniqua, Ria and Trish all wanted to write “the most important thing I learnt today was to sit next to tango” hehehe they are so sweet. Its because I can break the information down for them if they aren’t getting it. Shaniqua was telling the tutor that if she needed a replacement tutor ever, she would highly recommend me :) lol

Ahhhh so good for the ego

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm snickerdoodles :D

I am meeting chelle on my way back to work from uni today. Yay for chelle and yay for snickerdoodles :D


aka Kinky T
I had my first test yesterday. In academic writing, summarising and paraphrasing. Not sure how it went. I was one of the few to finish so at least I have a fair bit to be marked – law of averages and all that.

I did get some work back from my humanities lecturer – a few technical suggestions but the comment was ‘excellent’ with loads of !!! hehehe I am so the girly swot :) now I have an essay to do on “should the living standards in refugee camps be improved?” we had to choose a human rights topic. It will be more interesting than my IT essay “how are Information Systems being utilised in Sheep Island health providers” yeah – that’s gonna be fun…. NOT!

I just got a call from my hairdressing boss, the girl I work with is away sick so I will have to go in there tonight to help out.

And I was just asked on Tuesday if I would take on a 3 – 6 month contract at the Ministry of Education being a project support officer and writing up the ministerials (cabinet papers), it would be part time according to my study. I have to meet with the manager today to find out what they are offering and stuff, but it would be very very helpful!

I am meeting Chelle today :) I feel like I haven’t seen her for ages. I have brought in the vicar of dibley, and Bottom – the first stage show for her to watch. I am thinking the next lot will be Billy T James (a very very funny NZ comedian) and Not the 9 O’clock news. She will be well versed in the brit/ sheep island sense of humour very soon. Then we can work on her yankee spelling HAHAHA ;)

Well I suppose I should go do some work then. and then I can research some stuff for my essays. And maybe start the outline (which I have no idea how to do! I’ll be making it up as I go I think :) )


aka Kinky T
i am officially top of my class :D i scored 24/25 in social sciences (the next highest mark was around 19), i got an A in my academic writing (and was told i was a 'naturally economical writer" which was news to me as i always thought i was a natural waffler - but there ya go lol) and i got 86% in humanities (one guy got higher than me - a 90% - but i still beat him out in everything else hehehe)

i am sitting in my IT tutorial now, but apparently the tutor is sick so class has been cancelled. making the most of it :)

i decided not to take the ministry contract as it would be 8-10 hours a week and i have 2 weeks mid term break then 6 weeks study and then i have 3 months to make a shitload of money before i start my degree course, so being tied to 8-10 hours a week wouldnt have worked. the ministry were trying to talk me into staying but i thanked them and said no. i left them my numbers and said if they had anything, to give me a call and if i could, i would. that was on monday. on tuesday my temp agency called and asked when my mid term break was, the woman from the ministry is going away fro a week and wanted to know if i was available to cover for her :) a higher rate of pat because it is a more senior position!! yay for me :D

my dad is coming in september, looking forward to it :) on the 10th of september we are going to napier (a pretty little art deco city - look it up - its pretty) for a golden oldies rugby tournament. we leave here after my last lecture on friday and then we have a girl meeting us up there :D looking forward to that hehehe then it will be a drunken weekend and then the following week dad is here and jamie is on his team trip. i will get to spend some time with dad and some time studying.

ok... off for a coffee now and to kill some time before my next lecture at 12.

have a fun day everybody :)


aka Kinky T
I am on two weeks mid-term break at the moment. So instead of spending my time studying and writing the essays that I have to hand in in the first week back, I am back at the ministry of education. They missed me :) lol it means I will have some money coming in though – that’s not to be sneezed at! And it just means that I will have to do my study after work. Thank goodness the Olympics are on. It means I wont be distracted by coronation street, black books and hardware :)

I did write an entry about a week ago, but I ‘timed out’ and lost it and couldn’t be arsed writing it all up again lol

A brief run down…

I am top of my class :) my social sciences lecturer wants me to do anthropology as my major in my BA. But because I will be doing a conjoint degree – BA/Bteach, I am pretty much told what subjects I can major in. this is because I have decided not to lomit myself to only primary or secondary teaching, I will be doing a double major in the BTeach so I can teach both, and then (so I can choose some subjects I am really interested in) I will be doing a double major in my BA as well. It means that I have to take subjects in the summer semester (usually a holiday) but it means that I get a really good outcome for my future.

I have my essay topics now… my IT essay (which I have finished!!!!) was to be on a topic under the heading of ‘how IT is being utilised by sheep island health providers’ so I wrote about an electronic prescribing system (which would have saved my grandpop all the hassles he had!). my academic writing essay is to be on a human rights issue, so my thesis question is ‘were human rights violated in the MV Tampa situation?’ (the Australians refusing to let asylum seekers into their territories) my social science essay is on ‘how is food social and cultural?” so I am doing a comparative essay on food rituals and usage in weddings. And for my humanities, I am doing a comparative analysis of advertising in mens and womens magazines (FHM vs MarieClaire).

Best I get back to my ministerials now – hopefully I can update properly soon.

And chelle…. Wednesday? I will give you a call tonight or tomorrow :)


aka Kinky T
Here I am waiting for the bag full of ministerials to arrive so my hectic hours can start.

Had lunch with chelle the other day, and read something to her that really tickled me, it was an article in the newspaper about an elderly bank robber who was finally up for parole. The article described his crime and the final paragraph described how he, in his 10 year imprisonment, had not undertaken any sort of rehabilitation, no courses, no upskilling. The final line killed me…. “He has had a hip replacement.” :D that’s great… I don’t know whether we are supposed to be glad that his hips are dodgy so he wont be able to leap over counters now, or if we should be worried he is bionic now :wishy:

I started on my academic writing essay last night. I couldn’t find the right ‘flow’. I must have written and rewritten the opening paragraph 12 times. Its all good now though – I think I found my rhythm and its coming together.

Our newspaper made me so angry yesterday. My essay is on human rights abuse, and in particular – the abuse of human rights by the Australian government during the Tampa situation. One of the reasons the Aussies gave for the arbitrary detention of the asylum seekers (contravening all sorts of articles in the UDHR!!!!) was that there was the possibility that some of these afghani refugees could actually be terrorists escaping justice. Australia doesn’t want terrorists in there fair land. Ok – I can almost agree with that (almost) except I read yesterday that John (I think) Hicks, an Australian currently going on trial in the USA for conspiring with Bin Laden has a champion in the Australian government. They have said that if he is convicted, he must not be executed (fair enough I suppose) and he must be sent to Australia to serve his sentence there. It would be unfair to detain him in a foreign country. ARRRRGGGHHHHHH so angry!!!!! I want to take John Howard (Aussie PM) and give him such a bitchslapping!

Mind you, our pollies here are no better. Apparently our national party wants us to rellook at our humanitarian programme now. According to the ACT (a sheep island political party – very right wing!) leader, all of the refugees we accept under our UN obligations are ‘illiterate afghani camel drivers’. Now National (another party – the governments opposition) have decided that we should only be accepting educated, English speaking refugees. What the..???!!! yeah – that’ll work. Best we start some wars in some affluent countries, and not blow up the peasants. Honestly – I was in danger of an aneurism yesterday morning.

Anyway – enough ranting for one day… the bag is here now. Best I get on to it so I can go and meet steph for lunch. She broke up with her boyfriend last night. My heart goes out to her – but I cant help but think – YAY – now she can come back to us :) LOL


aka Kinky T
we are supposed to be away this weekend. but we are not. Jamie got his hand stomped on last week while playing rugby. the studs broke the skin on his hand - but only a little cut. his hand swelled quite dramatically, even though he did manage to play another 15 minutes and scored a spectacular try :) (his words to the doctor lol)

we went to the hospital on sunday night and were told that if he hadnt come in for another couple of days, he would have had to stay for a week or so. his hand wasnt broken -just horribly infected! they gave him intravaenous antibitotics at the hospital and a prescription for 2 different types of antibiotic (500mg each) 4 times a day for a week. he cant be drinking the alcohol this week. so we decided that as he couldnt drink and, thanks to the lunar cycle, i couldnt play - we may as well stay home. why spend $100 a night for a hotel just to sit and look at each other? lol

we went to prizegiving instead. free dinner. very yummy and back home for an early night.

saw the funniest movie last night though. a british movie called virtual sexuality. very funny :)

im sure i had a load more to say, but jamie is looking very cute, and he is being distracting.... he keeps leaning up from the couch and hitting the keyboard. Aimee's max types better! LOL

i had best get on with my hmanities essay anyway. "In what ways are lines of appeal in advertisements linked to the gender of the assumed target audience?"

and kind of lining with snits post... i am using a mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis. i made a cute little chart and now have to back it up with some bullshit... i mean theory and research. i have to say... i hate referencing! it takes longer to sort out the references and the bibliography/ list of references than it does to write the damn essay!!!

oh well - life as a student i suppose :D


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Righthand (female):
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So, Deez was spot on lol. I went and took the test and was scored as a convincing 7. well done Deez :)

I am doing really well at school, I have perfect attendance and am still top of my class :D yay me!!!

I got my draft humanities essay back, I had marked myself quite hard on the self-assessment sheet – not out of false modesty, but because I didn’t feel like I was explaining myself well enough or using my references properly. What a nice surprise when the lecvturer gave it back marked at least 2 grades higher than I gave myself in every category. I got an A- for it :D I cant wait to see the mark I will get when I had in an essay that I am truly happy with! LOL like that will ever happen ;)

My dad has been staying with us for 2 weeks, it has been lovely. He has hardly been home lol that probably made it easier to cope with. Him and Jamie got on really well which was good – it took the pressure off me somewhat. He leaves today, because I am at school (and because I will be in brissy in 3 weeks, I am not ruining my perfect attendance to see him off at the airport (I am a hard bitch LOL)) so Jamie is taking him to the airport for me :) he is a nice boy.

Had fun with chelle and tardis last week. A really good meal and good company. Even if we did make chelle walk for 3 days to the pub ‘cause we took the last carpark hehehe. I think we could have had her dancing on the table tops with another bottle of wine ;)

I’d best be posting this and heading off to social sciences. Apparently she has marked our essays already. I hope we get them back today. Another one I wasn’t completely happy with, but it was the most interesting one to write 

Ohhh and I am on the wedding committee for my friends sue and liz. They are getting married in November. It wont be legal, but it will be beautiful and just as binding spiritually. I am the detail gal, partly ‘cause I have had a wedding and partly cause I am fabulous :D well – its true! Who am I to argue? lol


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I got an A :D hehehe I am such a geek, I am going to re-work it and re-submit it to see if I can get an A+. Now I am doing an essay ‘for fun’ such a geek. Oh well – I don’t care, I am thriving on the academic life. My mum wants me to send all my marks into my high school and show them that in fact it was the lack of interesting subjects and quality teaching that caused me to coast through and lose interest in learning. Well – that’s not entirely correct, I didn’t lose interest in learning, just in what they were teaching.

Anyway… I overheard a conversation on the bus yesterday that makes me worry intensely for the future of our country. There were two high school students, a boyfriend/ girlfriend sitting behind me. She was talking about how she was going to her friends place to check her emails and have a ‘feed’ and she would just do whatever she wanted – she always did there. He asked if the friend was rich, “kinda rich’ she said. He asked “do you steal shit?” then followed up with “steal me something nice” she refused. Not, sadly, on the grounds that it was wrong, immoral or reprehensible, but because the friends father was an ex-gang member and would kick her ass if he caught her. I was horrified. Maybe I am just old. Maybe it is acceptable now not to care or have any kind of respect for anyone else or anything that isn’t yours. Maybe in this age of the individual they are right and I am the dinosaur. I hope not!

Lol – even in the midst of my horrified-ness (new word! Woohooo! ;) ) I was a geek. When she told him that her friend’s father had made them “the meanest feed ever” I wanted to ask her if she realised that she was actually saying he had made her the smallest meal. Luckily common sense overtook the geekiness and I saved myself a beating. Because she would have – if what she was saying about her classmates was true. Apparently some little white cu*t told her to shut up because she was laughing ‘hard-out about shit’ and she smacked him in the head. Her chivalrous boyfriend offered to ‘deal to him’ too. Ahhh – young love – sweet aint it?

Nicer topics – ummmm

Its nearly my birthday :D its nearly time for me to jump on a plane and see my mummy and my daddy and my grumpy, and I have an A average :D

Good times :D

Feeling very smug and content.


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So much has happened :)

I have finished my study. I have an A+ average in social sciences. I am not sure about the others yet – wont find out until the 27th-ish. Hopefully I did ok in all my papers :) I am such a geek!!! Lol

I had a birthday – thanks for my lovely message sugarsnit :) it made my day. Almost as much as the birthday treat I got ;) hehehe but we are still waiting on delivery of one of my gifts. Apparently another toy – I don’t know what but it hasn’t turned up yet.

I have full time work at my Saturday salon until I start my degree, that’s great – and I just made my first lot of commission and got paid overtime as well :D better than a slater up ya nose! (that’s a wood louse for you foreigners lol)

Tomorrow I am off to Brisbane for two weeks with mummy, daddy and grumpy. I cant wait!! Sooo excited – especially as they are having 37c degree heat and a pool! And it is grey and wet and miserable here.

We have been playing on cam lately – Jamie is a voyeur and I am an exhibitionist so it has been a lot of fun for the both of us lol. He cant seem to decide whether he likes looking at me on the screen or in the flesh (so to speak hehehe). We have been on a site that lets people click on and watch, we are very popular now lol although we had a pal come to stay and we were showing him the site, we turned on the cam and we were just sitting round – fully clothed – having a cup of tea and we had 60 viewers lol then we were teasing them. Jamie was moving the camera from me to mike to himself and back again. Hehe we were wetting ourselves imagining all the guys getting wound up, expecting the threesome to start. One even messaged us with “get on with it!!!” LMAO :D too funny.

Then we decided that we needed some dinner. It was 2:30am so not much choice available. We ended up driving into the city and going to Kenny’s. a seedy 24hr café that has been there for about 20 years (at least). So at 3am we were having t-bone steaks :) watching all the people, being really drunk and funny. One couple were having a drunken spat and there was a cute young girl in fishnets, pink mini (extremely mini), stilettos, crop top and a cowboy hat. Very sexy but very drunk. When we left to go to the car, we walked past her sitting on the footpath in a puddle. Not sure if she had sat in it or made it lol we would have stopped to see if she was ok but she had her pals with her and most of them were fairly sober.

Ooooh! Also I am going to see Colin Fry – the ‘happy medium’. Will be having a stern talk with nana to make sure she is pushy and says hi to me through him :)

That’s about all for now I think. Next time I write in here I will be tanned and gorgeous and warm – and possibly in my bikini (which is a better fantasy than reality LOL)


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ok... this time i will remember to save this before i try and post it. the only time it craps out is if i dont save it - bloody typical huh? lol

have been here for 2 and a half days now, no major fallings out :D in fact everyone is in a really good mood - lots of laughter and good natured teasing. its great :)

The weather has been pretty crap so far, lots of lightning which is fairly impressive but not much sun. apparently that is changing tomorrow when we will be getting 29c and then climbing to 32c over the next few days. wooohooooo!

we went to a little place called montville today, very cool. lots of little craft places and shops filled with "things". i scored a gorgeous pair of jeans for $50. they have some embroidery on them - i am such a sucker for fur, sequins and tassles. a bit of a worry really lol. one shop was pretty much an indian shop and i just wanted to move in! grumpy bought me the most beautiful slave bracelet. he is doing so incredibly well lately! last night we were sitting around and mum was telling a story of how he had just planted these fabulous new plants and these HUGE grasshoppers were munching out on them. appparently he had one of them tied up with wire and had it kind of crucified across the plant it had been eating "as a warning to his mates" he has been watching far too much CNN i think! :D anyway... that brought up a story about nana, which he joined in on the telling and was able to laugh with us about the incident. amazing! :D so happy for him.

There is wierd telly here in australia. we watched one reality show called 'just dancing' where a celebrity is matched with a professional ballroom dancer and each week have to learn a new dance and perform (with their dancer) and be judged as if it were an actual competition. wierd but addictive lol

mum is working tomorrow and so is dad so me and the grumpy are going over to the deception bay mall where grumpy can get his eyes tested and i can find a new bong for jamie. it is a particular one he likes (and has) and he needs a replacement. damned hard to find it so far!

mum and i were at the mall yesterday in northlakes ( i think lol) she had her glasses on. we saw a sign for free eye checks and she wondered if she should go and get one. but then she said "ohno... what if he tells me i need glasses??" LOL then when we got home, dad was asking what tests the doc had done. he covered one eye with his hand and asked "did he do this one?" mum says... "no, he did both" LOL she is just too cute sometimes :D

i am missing jamie. it is strange now sleeping alone. all the years i was married it was almost like sleeping alone, we never snuggled in bed. now, when we are in bed, jamie is always touching me, even if it is just his foot against mine, but more usually spooned up against me. amazing how quick you get used to that.

hoping jamie gets online shortly so i can say goodnight :) i am such a sap LOL

edited to say.... i saved it and it worked perfectly! lol immutable law of the universe #763


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finally we have had some sun :) its pretty bloody hot here now. in fact - it is so hot your cup of tea only gets warmer if you leave it on the table. but at least i am not so shiny white anymore :D i know i will be a wrinkly melanoma'd old crone - but dammit! youdo look healthier with a tan!

i went for a drive in to brissy yesterday with dad, we had to go pick up one of their mates from the hospital. a couple of weeks ago, dad was co-driver transporting some cars down to bathurst with him. when they got back gary was complaining his leg was sore, dad has had a blood clot and said to gary he should get it looked at. when they opened him up to suck it out, it went from his calf to his thigh! he was lucky it hadnt dislodged during the 30 hr each way drive to sydney! he is all good now though :) and has given up smoking because of it - thats got to be a bonus right?

i drove mum to her work last night and then drove in (by my self!!!) to pick her up. i didnt even get lost or freaked out once :D on the way back (with dad in the car) dad told me i was a good driver :D i was well chuffed - dad can be a judgemental old bugger sometimes lol

so today i am driving grumpy down to deception bay to have a wander with the freals lol i'll take no excuses from him today! we were supposed to go yesterday but his ankles were sore, it would take too long - i wouldnt be back in time to pick up mum, it would be too crowded and so on. he definitely likes hanging out around the house. unless of course mum is going to be going too. he has become very dependent on her.

but he is 80 and he has made a huge lifechange coming here so i suppose some of it is to be expected. at least he is not half the hypochondriac he used to be!

he is making my breakfast at the moment... fresh fruit salad :) mmmmmmm yummy!!!


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Nearly time to go home. I have had a wonderful visit with mum and dad and grumpy :) the weather has been brilliant am looking marvellously tanned and gorgeous. (well obviously I have to say that lol)

Have done a fair bit of shopping, got some fab new clothes. A t-shirt that says “yes, I am spoiled. Whats your point?” and one that says “sarcasm. Just one more service I offer” hehe ooh and a gorgeous new leather and chain outfit :D looks pretty damn good on my tan hehe

Managed to get Jamie the bong he wanted and then while we were at the markets I saw a walking stick for grumpy. Just had to get it for him. It has a bicycle bell on it LOL I was ringing it all day getting people outta my way. He doesn’t seem to find it as amusing as I do but im sure it will grow on him.

Mum and grumpy have decided that it is imperative for me to meet the neighbours. Will have to finish this later. They could have waited for me to have a shower!


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Mum and dad are at work so it is just grumpy and me here, maybe I can get some stuff down here before anyone decides I need to meet anyone else.

We are going out tonight to the daughter of friends of mum and dads. I really cant be arsed going but that means it will probably turn out to be a good night.

It is raining here today! And cold! But that’s probably a good thing, my suntan needs time to consolidate before I add more lol.

Found a couple of sex shops, have got a great new outfit, all leather and chains ;) hehehe and some dvd’s that you cant get in sheep isalnd. Have had to take them out of the covers so I don’t get pulled up by customs. Lol I have a nipple pump, some ‘body’ jewellery, a leather and chain outfit, a bong, a couple of dvds not allowed by sheep island, an electric mullifier and a few manual ones, a couple of dirty mags with some excellent pics – again very difficult to get in sheep island and loads of potato chips and biscuits that we don’t have at home. To save the embarrassment, I am going to declare the food stuff – knowing full well that I am allowed to take it in. that way a) I get through customs way quicker, and b) generally they think that you are overly honest and don’t check any further ;) hehehe. Unless of course there is a customs guy reading this. In which case – its not me… I wouldn’t do such a thing. *adjusts halo and smiles winningly *

Ahem… where was I? Ummm oh yeah, went out driving yesterday after I dropped mum at work. She works in Narangba and I went over to Burpengary and then back to deception bay, all without getting lost and without making too much fun of the place names here. Well, living in a glass house I cant throw stones now can I? With town names like paraparaumu, ohingaiti (not sure of the spelling on that one lol), pukekohe and of course…Taumata-whaka-tangihanga-koauau-o-Tamatea-turi-pukaka-pikimaunga-horonuku-pokai-whenua-kitana-tahu, which means ‘The hilltop where Tamatea with big knees, conqueror of mountains, eater of land, traveller over land and sea, played his koauau to his beloved.’

Anyway… have still not seen a kangaroo in the wild. Even though dad sees one every night on his way home from work, he has named her alice. There are loads of beautiful birds here (mostly the feathered kind!) galahs, cockatoos plovers and pelicans to name but a few. I kinda miss the sparrows though. I like sparrows. They are cute.

The plovers don’t have nests, they lay their eggs in the grass. Dad was trying to get to the shops but was stopped by a plover taking on the cars in the street, her babies were wandering about in the gutters and she was doing everything she could to protect them :) so cute… the babies look like really big bumblebees – they have a fat round fluffy body and you cant really see their legs as they are long and skinny so they look like they are hovering :)

Was going to get a tshirt that says “no, im not a model. I just look like one” hehe but thought I didn’t need to confirm or deny ;) lol


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I am back in sheep island. The first 2 days were lovely and sunny, today (guy fawkes) has turned out nasty and drizzly and grey and cold – but not too windy. We will probably head up to the water tower to watch the big fireworks display in the harbour :D I love fireworks :D

Had a great first afternoon back ;) hehe lots of catching up to do. Apparently I looked great :D Was walking a tad bow-legged the next day. Worth it though lol

Jamie loved all his pressies :D we are slowly working our way through the mountain of food I bought back. The videos were ok, not what you would expect from the hard-core fetish section but they’ll do ;) the chain outfit went down a treat too :D as did Jamie LOL


The flight back was looking good, apparently we had a tailwind and would be landing at 2:30 sheep island time. The we were diverted to Coolangatta to pick up some passengers bound for Auckland as their plane had broken down. They knew we were coming for them but didn’t bother to start (manual!) check in until we had landed. So we sat on the tarmac waiting for them for 40 minutes. Grrrrrrrr. We ended up landing in Wellington at 4:30. oh well. Thems the breaks I guess.

Started work yesterday. Got loads of compliments for both my tan and my hairdressing lol the temp agency called today and said the ministry had some work for me, I said that I was at the hairdressers and not interested at the moment. I told them to give chelle a call but apparently the ministry were just making work for me. If I wasn’t available they were going to try to manage without me. A nice compliment :)

Then I got my essays back from uni and my media studies had gone from an A- to an A+. but my IT test was listed as not having been received ARRGH! I called them and reminded them that the hard drive had been crapped out and we had had to email it, and that it hadn’t gone through so I had one to the tutors office and saved it onto a disc and left it with them. They called me back today and I told them that I was worried that I hadn’t been marked for my test as that meant I had failed terms for IT and that meant that I had failed the course. She lauhed and said “you haven’t seen the marks then huh?” I said no, and she told me that my final course marks were: Academic Writing A+; Social Sciences A+; Humanities A+; IT A-. :D wooohoooo! She said she was going to talk to the IT tutor as she was the one who had given him the disc with my test on it, but that I shouldn’t worry – I had definitely not failed and that I would have no worries in my degree course. She also told me that my tutors had told her to pass on the message that I should keep in touch, even if it was to go for a coffee and run ideas past them. That’s pretty cool :) I am really glad that a) I can do this and b) I will have support from good people.

Dammit sugar-snit! Why is your layover not in sheep island??? Lol and is your friend still coming? If she is the closest I will get to you for a while – she will have to do ;)