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well... just when you thought the coast was clear....

i got a text from emotional boy on saturday morning, hoping that i had recieved the gift and had a good time overseas. jamie answered it for me. telling him - very bluntly - to fuck off. didnt hear back so we thought it was all good (again :blank: )

checked my mail this morning and this had come in last night....


Tango before you think im a nutty or something,reason I sent you a guft was just my way of saying all the best for your future etc.I gather you may be heading overseas soon as you told me you would be .So I thought a nice way was to send you a gift,not to offend you in any way,or try and get you to meet me again.Just to wish you all the best.

I enjoy what we had and know I fuck up but Im not what you may think,sorry yu felt that way.There are some decent guys out there ok and I thk Im one of them .

Sorry i did offend you and if your b/f has a problem get him to call me or get him to meet me ok .

Do take care -it was nice to see you the other week

emotional boy xxx

i mean WTF??? he is talking like i had coffee with him or something. i didnt even know that he saw me! oh well... in a hurry - finish this later lol


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well, less of a hurry now. although i am waiting for my new friend to turn up :) am taking her lingerie shopping hehe. she is a beautiful indian girl, and while i am really attracted to her, she isnt sure about the girlie love thing. oh well - she is a really groovy chica anyway - i can hold myself back if thats all its going to be.


met with the company the other day and basically told them they were a pack of liars when they were trying to say that the being escorted off the premises was basically a timing issue. what a load of tossers!

apparently i was putting pressure on the rest of the team by being in 'wind-down' mode. i said that seeing as i didnt actually do anything at all related to the teams work it didnt make sense, and besides - if they were so under pressure how did it seem logical at all to the company to escaort me out and take one of the team away from their tasks to cover reception and do my work??? then i was told it was a performance issue, but the company had decided it wasnt worth going through performance management seeing as i was leaving anyway. i was :mad: "so it was important enough to escort me off the premises but not important enough to talk to me about??" then after he had backtracked from that statement i was told that there had been complaints about me by some of my team. i asked who and what, and was told it was because i had complained about christine being late to relieve me for lunch. and i asked why that was a problem? it wasnt like it was the only time it had happened, she is 10 - 15 minutes late to reception every single day, and thats time i never had made up - why shouldnt i complain about it? he took that back too lol

so basically there was no reason - none that they could legitimately give anyway. i was told that the company was willing to have me back in to give me a morning tea. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - dont make me laugh! i said i couldnt sit and listen to them sayoing nice things about me after the way they had treated me and that in all good concience i couldnt go and say anything nice about the company. i told him that for 7 years i had been a company girl, i had never had any performance manaement of any kind, i had thought that i was a valued member of staff etc... but the incident had tainted my time at the company and it would be sometime before i could look back with any fond memories.

he said he understood and then proceeded to tell me that in fact the company had always valued me, trusted and appreciated me and my professionalism. i was sitting there thinking - make up your fucking minds!

upshot is - they have to give me money and a letter of apology (which i insisted was signed by the ceo rather than the company secretary) and let me back on site to say my goodbyes and tell any future employer that i was the most amzingly fantastic staff member they had ever seen in the history of mankind :D

havent heard anything more form emotional boy. bonus :) lol the flatmates still want me to text him to say in future could he send chocolate sauce instead of passionfruit as noone likes it.

ooooh - and while i remember lol - i was given a months free gym membership :blank: so as of tomorrow (procrastinate? me? LOL) i will be a gym bunny :) well... maybe bunny is stretching the truth a tad. i will be a gym mammal of some large size :) i went today and filled in the forms and whatnot, and in the part where it asks you to describe your currnet condition i put - unfit and wobbly. the guy doing the meet and greet thing seemed a little confused by the wobbly part - but damned if i was going to give him a demonstration in the middle of reception lol

well thats pretty much it - i am leading a very boring existence at the moment. maybe this afternoon will be more fun ;) hehehe


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

A bit belated I know but I don’t get online like I used to. I miss it too! Lol

Jamie is working today, as are both of the flatmates so I have the house and the computer to myself. Damn shame noone is online for me to talk to really lol.

Christmas day was fantastic. Jamie and I had played the “poor orphan us – noone loves us we will be all alone on xmas day, alas alack etc” card so often we ended up with about 20 invites to Christmas dinner, and then had to make our excuses to all of them because we didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything lol. We stayed up late xmas eve, and opened some pressies early. Then when we finally got up xmas day we opened the rest of the pressies, got the dinner on (roast leg of lamb stuffed with shitloads of garlic! And lots of roast veggies YUMMY!) we watched most of our xmas dvd’s (The live Bottom shows, Not the 9 o’clock news, the young ones, Billy T, monty pythons holy grail, shrek) we wore our new clothes ( a tshirt with “sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me” for me and a Doors shirt for Jamie) ate loads of chocolate and partook of lots and lots of nasty xmas bonking :D

Ahhhh a good day :)

Then new years – goddman I hate new year. Always have. Bores me to tears. I worked at the salon in the morning, had a reat time. Then in the evening I worked at our local pub. And the drama began! The bar had been hired by a group of Russians but the bar manager had told the regulars that they could still come on down. The Russians were not happy about that and were quite vocal about it. The regulars got all huffy and there was very nearly fisticuffs. Jamie was absolutely ratarsed and started arguing with a Russian guy. I was supposed to work till around 3am but finished at 1:30 as they wanted to get Jamie out of the pub. We got home and he was still ranting (as only excessively drunk people can) about the Russians. Then because I couldn’t be arsed listening anymore and told him that because he had let the Russian uy get to him so much, and had gone on so long about him – this made the Russian the most important thing in his life at this point in time, so in fact the Russian “won” hmmm… trying to reason with a drunk? Not tangos best move :blank: so we got into an argument, I slept (well – lay anyway) on the couch. The flatmate came in at around 8am completely hammered, but in a good mood. Jamie was still ranting away to himself in the room. We ignored him and were having a good old chat. That didn’t go down terribly well either. Upshot was… I packed my bags and went to my aunties for some non-judgemental comfort. Had a really nice time with her (well – if you ignore the sobbing and heartbreak on my part) the worst part was – I was not ready for this relationship to be over. And I was pissed off with myself for letting it get to this stage. He called me at around 10pm. Still drunk but missing me. I should have been stronger and stayed away, but like I said – not ready for this to be over yet. So I came home. We talked about it (later – when he was sober lol) and since then it has been lovely. I get told how beautiful I am (lapping up the lies here lol) I haven’t had to cook yet (although I am making dinner tonight) and the ceremonial coffee table, that we bought the wood for in november, is nearly finished. So – alls well that ends well I suppose.

I am still going to the gym. I have gone down nearly 3 dress sizes since I met Jamie. Who knew divorce could be so good for the figure? ;)

We are looking at getting away together for a few days in the next few weeks. March is going to be hard. Both of us have become a little more emotionally involved than we ever meant to.

Oh well – life huh?

p.s. the lingerie shopping was fun! got another corset ;) i really have to stop buying them - but they are sooo sexy!


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so im home alone again :) hehehe i do like these moments of respite from 3 rowdy builders!

i have done pretty much nothing for the last week - god i LOVE being a lady of leisure! i am trying not to spend too much money though.

i went out to Whenua Tapu (sacred earth) cemetary to see my uncle johnny the day before yesterday. i dont know why i have been feeling a pull to visit his grave. he died in 1986 and i havent been to his grave since the funeral. i have always felt... for want of a better word... ashamed to go see him. i overdosed 2 weeks after he died and always felt that i let him down. anyway - on new years day i was with my aunty christine, we were talking about all sorts of things and the subject of spirituality/ belief systems came up. i was telling her how i talk to my uncle a lot and how i felt about being drawn to go see him. she said i should go. so i did. it was a beautiful day. whenua tapu is beautiful, rose gardens and seats to sit and reflect in. and because of the nationaltiies buried there, every grave is covered in beautiful bright flowers, so colourful. you can feel that there is a lot of love there. so it was especially hard to note that uncle johnnys was just about the only bare grave there :( so i am going in to get some nice fake flowers to brighten up his resting place. fake because they are brighter and they will last for ages - i dont know when anyone else will get out to see him. i lay on the ground with my head on his headstone and watched the clouds, listened to the fantails and waxeyes and talked to my uncle. i came away feeling so centered and peaceful.

i miss him but i know he is only a thought away.

today i took the ceremonial coffee table that jamie made for me ( i painted it though!) around to samrowits (girl i used to teach english to) house. it was supposed to be her xmas pressie - just a tad late. oh well, cant be helped lol. anyway - it looked amazing! and when she saw it she was jumping up and down and we just had to have coffee to celebrate and christen it. i took loads of pics as i dont have many of her and i will miss her when i leave too. it was great to see her so excited :D her mum is back in ethipia for the first time in 12 years. she is apparently going to bring me back a coffee pot :D wooohooooo!!!!! cant wait!!!! :D

and in answer to tardis... i wouldnt trust you with my pin number :blank: lol ooh and :eek: are you being sold with the business??? thank god mr happy is gone huh! thats the price of the business up 10k right there! not to mention the instant increase in goodwill! lol but sadly the cute one is gone *sigh* oh well

and OMG!!! only 17 weeks???? shit! i need to start cultivating my facial hair right away! i am so looking forward to seeing you again chelle. i know i am complete and utter crap at keeping in touch - but i think i did warn you that i was a bad bad friend like that. it doesnt mean that i dont think of you a lot though. and i think i get lazy about contacting either of you when i get caught up in here. that and my internet time is severely curtailed lately. i think i need to get a laptop and one of those vodafone cards that hook you up!

hopefully this weekend i will get some emailing done. no promises mind you - just a vague hope that i will get off my lazy ass lol.

oooh went and saw Turin Brakes on the weekend. god they are fantastic. i called my brother when our song came on but the wee shite must have still been asleep and i got his answer phone. so i just sang really really loudly into it. hehehe that will teach him to sleep! :D

edited to say - EMOTIONAL BOY update :blank:

yep thats right - i am so amazing that the boy cannot keep away! this came in .....

Subject : Happy New Year

| | | Inbox

Ok I know Im not the one you want to hear from,Im a jerk,weirdo whatever but happy new year and I do hope if you have gone overseas ,everything works out well for you Tango.

Done some thinking -still trying to work out what i did so bad apart from trying too hard to be your friend.Was it those g-strings i gave you that piss you off.Hope you did not think that they were not new ones,they were brand new ,just was not sure exactly what size.If so im sorry if that was what you are piss off with em about.

Anyway I know whatever I say is not going to change what you think about me so do take care and enjoy your future and keep that lovely smile ok


ok emotional boy.... build a bridge and GET OVER IT! omg the guy is in serious need of some therapy!
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Well hello everybody :)

A lot of catching up to do really. I think that I should wait for something exciting to happen and then by the time I get around to doing something exciting, there are zillions of things to talk about and then I either cant remember everything or I run out of enthusiasm to type it out. But Jamie is watching serial mom – which is (in my opinion) one of the most incredibly boring movies in the history of cinematic endeavour. So here I am. Poor things – you will all be hoping for a better week of tv next week huh? Lol

I went back to Whenua Tapu and put some flowers on my uncles grave. I felt a lot happier afterwards. I know that it sounds kind of silly, but I really felt better knowing that other people would know that he was still loved and missed.

I now have more Buffy to watch :p mmmmm willow hehehe haven’t quite caught up to *dizzy* yet but I am getting there. Only 3 more seasons to get lol I also got the entire series of blackadder for me and fawlty towers for Jamie. We have been overdosing on comedy.

I have a new pet name for Jamie LOL we were watching manchild (british comedy – of course) and one of the guys learnt to give his wife an erotic Japanese massage. She was moaning and told him to keep going “you big fat squashy faced bastard” PMSL! It really tickled me. Jamie isn’t quite so keen on it though – cant understand why :blank: lol

My mum has been asking me to go over for a week or so as she is really missing me. With me heading over in march anyway, I didn’t really want to. I am not ready for me and Jamie to be finished yet. The plan is to stay with ma and pa for a month before heading to Indiana (the moustache is coming in nicely by the way ;) )
So while I was in the shower this morning I had an epiphany. As you do.

If I go over for a week now, I can stay in sheep island a little longer, and ma and I wont end up falling out (because a month is a really long time to stay with her), I can spend some more time with Jamie and still get to Indiana for the wedding :)

We went to the travel agent today and I leave on Friday. I have to get hold of my tattoo guy as I am getting my ‘daisy a day’ tattoo enlarged and made more colourful and pretty on Friday as well, so I will need to either hurry him along or go in earlier!

I was just about to call mums friend in Australia to get him to pick me up from the airport when my mum called me. She was asking me what I was doing this week and asking me to come over again. Hehehe The friends who are collecting me and mum and dad get together for games/drinking evenings on Friday nights, and this week is the friends turn to have it at their place. I cant wait to see the look on mums face when she walks in the door and sees me sitting there :D

Mum also sent me the best ever book extract. The woman who wrote it writes a column in the paper. LMAO.. I loved this :D it is sooooo true! Oh – by the way. GST is Goods and Services Tax. The same as VAT or sales tax. We had it added across the board in sheep island but Australia added it to some things and not others. For example – cooked chicken from a fast food place has gst added but raw chicken from a supermarket doesn’t. yeah – wierdos those aussies, I know ;) lol

When GST meets PMT

I blame the ads, of course. In all the arguments that have raged wince John Howard announced there would be a gst on tampons, I think we may have overlooked the real problem. And that is: why aren't tampons taken seriously? Why was a gst even considered on something that is necessary to an unavoidable, monotonously regular biological event in woman's lives?

I'll tell you why - it's those ridiculous tampon ads that make periods look like fun. No wonder men aren't taking this issue seriously; they think having a period is the equivalent of a four day stopover in Hawaii. They think we are all out there once a month in the surf together - holding hands, jumping up and sown, turning cartwheels and racing down the beach in sheer, unbridled joy that our period has arrived.

They think we all turn into Home and Away extras and have conversation that go like this:
'What are you smiling about, Mary?
"I've got my period, and you know what that means.'
'Oh, you lucky girl, it means you can go windsurfing again.'
'I know, I know, and now, thanks to my period, my stomach's so flat I can wear that great little white bikini I bough.'
Or worse, they might even think we're all called Susan and Katie and that we have endless cups of coffee together where we talk about our periods for hours - in between telling funny stories about our husbands that go something like 'Oh,you think your Brad's bad, my Peter won't even look inside the rubbish bin.'
'Oh look, I know, honestly, if it wasn't for that little break I get away every month with you girls on Holiday Island, I think I'd go insane.'

Really, is it any wonder that when Health Minister Michael Woolridge was asked to explain why tampons wouldn't be exempt fro the gst, he actually replied, ' Look, as a bloke I'd love shaving cream to be exempt, but I'm not expecting it.'

And why should he? Tampon ads are just like men's shaving ads - Dr Wooldridge probable gets into the lift at work every day and thinks Cheryl from accounts is going to have her wicked was with him before they even hit the third floor, just because he popped a bit of Old Spice on the ministerial face that morning.

I think advertising agencies have a lot to answer for in this gst debacle, and if they would only show realistic ads that truly portrayed what women go through each month, then maybe men like Dr Wooldrige and Mr Howard might be a little more understand.
Then these ads would go like this:
'What are smiling about, Mary?.
"I'm not smiling, you stupid cow, I'm grimacing from pain because I have my period. It feels like someone has just given me a lumbar puncture, my stomach's so swollen I think there might be a football in it, I have a raging headache and I've run out of painkillers. My idiot children can't cook their own dinner, none of my clothes fit me and I would like to kill you right now with my bare hands.'
'Right ... so I suppose white-water rafting's out of the question then?

Dr Wooldridge also helpfully explained that condoms were gst free because they prevented illness ) not to mention unwanted pregnancies, I'd imagine) and that he 'wasn't aware that menstruation was an illness'.

We I'm sorry, doctor, but try telling that to my friend Georgie, who spends five days every month lying on the floor and begging anyone in her immediate vicinity to 'just kill me, kill me now'.

Of course sanitary products should be exempt from the gst. We women suffer enough without having to pay for the privilege. Women are angry about this issue, and rightly so, and if I were John Howard, I'd be making a concession on these products and pronto. Believe me, hordes of women marching on Parliament House complaining about the gst and calling you a SOB would not be fun ... especially if they've got PMT.

Erm… im sure there is more I had to say but I cant remember it now. Oh well – maybe next time lol


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well here i am in australia.

The flight was fine - as far as flights go. i turned my clock back and then fell asleep, when i woke up , i checked the time and saw i still had an hour and a half of the four hour flight to go - i was gutted! and bored too. then the pilot came on and announced that we were 15 minutes out from the airport. i had put my watch back an extra hour :blank: i am so incredibly smart sometimes lol

i had also decided to bring my nana with me. a friend told me i would have to declare her, so i called the airport to check and was told i would need a certificate of cremation, i assume this is to prove that she isnt really some snortable substance or somesuch. so i organised that with the funeral home. they told me i may need a death certificate for australian customs. i called the aussie consulate to find out and they made me call australia, in the middle of the day - full toll rates and i was promplty put on hold. after telling them i was on a toll call. then i was transferred to 7 different peole, me telling each one i was calling from sheep island. i ended up being put onto a voice mailbox. not helpful at all really. i called back and said to the girl that i was calling from sheep island and that i had already been on the phone to them for around 15 minutes, could she please put me on hold and go ask the person who knew what i needed and come back and let me know. she said "no i cant, but if you can just hold the line...." i said sure - thinkg that she would be finding out some information for me. (i should have known better shouldnt i!) the phone clunks on to her desk and i can hear her serving someone at the counter!!!!!!!! :mad: i finally go through to the duty manager who said..." well you really do need a death certificate" i said i could pretty much guarantee that nana was, in fact, quite dead and had been for a couple of years. she said if i didnt have the certificate, it would pretty much depend on the officer on the day whether they confiscated nana or not! i couldnt risk the chance that the customs guy could have just found out his wife was shagging his best friend, so i organised an emergency death certificate. this is the same as a normal death certificate, you just get it that day rather than in 3 days time. so all sorted, i could declare nana was dead and not an illegal substance and all would be well with the world :) but i was a little miffed that they didnt even want to see any of the paperwork, or nana for that matter! they just thanked me for declaring her and waved me through. sheeesh - all that palaver for nothing. anyway......

rod picked me up form the airport and we went to their place, because there had been a big storm the traffic was fairly horrendous and mum, dad and grumpy were already at rods place when we got there. we were sneaking in when dad walked out through the garage. he said hi to rod and looked at me, looked at rod, looked back at me and then squealed like a little girl LOL once we had quieted him down, i went through to the family room where mum was hanging out. she did the same thing, i walked in and said hi, she looked up and said hi and started to carry on her conversation, then realised who she had said hi to and leapt around the place and we cried and hugged and grumpy just grinned and cried and it was BRILLIANT!

it has been incredibly warm here though. 37c in the shade. thank the deity/ supreme being of your choice that they have a pool! although, when the water (unheated) is 32c, it is sometimes hard to tell you are actually in water.

mum is still exactly the same :D she is a lot like me when it comes to space and time. dad has made this easier for everyone by, instead of asking left or right when thet are driving anywhere, he askes watch or bracelet? they were driving to a particualary hard to find place when dad came to a turn, "watch or bracelet?" he asked his navigator. to which he recieved the reply... "dont ask me - i forgot to put any jewellery on" ahhhh, i have missed my weezy fix :D lol

today we wnet shopping, oooh - my shoe fetish is back with a vengeance! a beautiful pair of strappy heels, dusky (but metallic) pink with a strip of sparkly cut glass beads down the top of the foot. stunning! and another pair of boots :blush: i cant help it - i really did need them. honest.

tomorrow we are off to australia zoo to see the mad steve irwin. well, hopefully we will see him. i will be buying the steve and terri dolls anyway :D the steve doll says "crikey - look at that croc!" and the terri doll says "watchout steve, be careful" hehehehe cant get cooler than that! lol

bedtime for me now though. will update again when i can.

have fun all.

oh - tardis.... hehehe bottom drawer, very cute :D


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Im home now and getting pampered no end :D apparently im sick. I think I have hayfever but Jamie says I wouldn’t have the hacking cough if it was hayfever so I am not allowed out (I managed to talk him in to letting me out of bed lol)

Australia zoo was brilliant. I always thought steve Irwin was a bit of a plonker, but he is actually pretty cool. Not only does he pump the money he makes back into the zoo, he has also started buying up the land surrounding the zoo so that developers cant destroy it. That’s pretty cool in my book :up:

I inadvertently freaked out a small boy though…. There are a load of these cute waddly lizards running around the zoo, we were looking at one of the crocs when one of these lizards ran out underneath the bars, I said “oooh look – a baby croc and its running away!” me and my dad were having a bit of a laugh when I said it, but the wee boy wearing open toed sandals next to me leapt about 3 feet in the air and ran away. His dad was running after him going “its not really a croc!” I could hardly breathe for laughing. Oh well I guess you had to be there – hah! I was! :D

Dad and I had a bit of a falling out though. I don’t like him when he is drinking. I am your stereotypical happy loud drunk, dad can go either way – this night he had got all snarky and I called him on it, told him to pull his head in. lead balloon :blank:
The upshot was he told me I shouldn’t have bothered coming. Oh well – by morning he was over it lol we had a few words about it later (when he was sober) and it got sorted.

Did a fair bit more shopping, I got Jamie a tshirt that reads “I don’t need your attitude – I have one of my own” he really likes that one. On the way back one whole suitcase was filled with potato chips and lollies that you cant get here. We have been pigging out on them quite a lot.

There was a pub called the fishbowl that ma and pa took me to. I have never seen anything so magnificently tacky in all my life! The whole place was filled with 50’s memorabilia. Each group of tables was in a different theme. One area was the Australian ‘50’s kitchen, another was quite plastic space agey stuff, another was jungle themed and so on. Very cool. Loads of pics. Had to have a wee recline on all the lounges.

I don’t think I can live there though. You know how sometimes, you go somewhere and feel immediately as if you have come home? Well I just didn’t get that at all. Not even a hint of it. So I don’t think I will settle there after the travelling. I tried to break it to mum but she just wasn’t listening. Oh well – time enough later I suppose.

The trip home was uneventful and boring. It was lovely to see Jamie at the airport though :)

I just got in, had a shower, unloaded the pressies and the phone went, work calling me in! bloody hell! It wasn’t too bad though. They are pretty cool people.

On Saturday I got my tattoo done. It looks amazing! The other tattooists were coming over to have a look and the guy doing it was all excited about his colouring and when it was done he asked if he could take a picture of it. I have pics available if anyone wants to see it ;) lol it really does look fantastic! And it frames my original one so well, especially when he put a little extra colour in the old one to refresh it a little.

Ohhhhhhh and that movie I was talking about a while ago… the killer ants one? Well it was on telly again last night. I taped it so I could send it to my dad, I had just told him about it last week. Very funny – we saw the beginning of it this time – even worse than we first thought LOL so it is definitely the best crap movie I have ever seen now.

And I think that about covers it really – anything else, I must have forgotten it.


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damn. i just wrote half an entry then brilliantly decided to check my mail. of course it wiped the entry. i am so amazingly clever sometimes!

anyway... i am sitting in an internet cafe writing this as i dont have net access at home at the moment and can i suggest they rename these places. i dont think much of a cafe where i cant smoke or get a coffee!

i cant even remember what i was writing about now. life has been pretty uneventful. oh, except for a bout of fisticuffs between 2 of the flatmates. but that was quick and now all water under the bridge.

i was talking to a girlfriend yesterday and her nearly 2 and a half year old daughter got on the phone to announce "i fancy a cup of tea"!!! she is so cute. and clever! she not only knows the alphabet but she can pick out the letters at random when asked. thats pretty darn impressive! and she can spell her name.

ok, i have to get a coffee. boring post. apologies to all. i will try to do better next time.


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i got a phone call from my mother on friday to tell me that emma, a good friend of my brothers, had died. she drove her car off the top of a hill. it was my dads crew that responded to the callout. i am so glad that mum and dad arent in nz as dad would have been the one having to try and revive a girl he has known for nearly 15 years. i dont know why she did it. but she was doing at least 80 kph when she went over so i cant see it being an accident.

my brother is devastated. goes without saying really doesnt it. i went up to the lookout where she went over, and i cant help but wonder why she chose there... it is not very steep. she could welll have only been maimed and mangled. the lady who wathced it happen came out of her home to talk to me. poor woman. noone needs to see that. she said that there are usually a lot of kids playing there so in one way, emma was lucky. lucky she didnt take anyone with her, especially a child. she loved kids. was training to be a kindy teacher.

the funeral was nice - as far as they go. the guy doing the service had worked with emmas mum for a long time so he knew emma. that made it beautifully personal and very moving.

on the way to the funeral though, i had one of those life changing moments. im glad i recognised it :)

i was driving to newtown, and i went a way i normally avoid like the plague. i dont know why i chose that route that day, but i am glad i did.

as i approached the ropundabout i saw and old lady waving "stop" at the traffic, and all the cars were sailing by. i was running late (as usual!) but i couldnt just leave her there - she may have needed an ambulance or anything...

i pulled over and wound down the window, she says to me... "are you going anywhere near the hospital?" LMAO she was hitchhiking! i told her i was running late for a funeral, but that she had better jump in and we would see what we could do. on the way to the hospital (a 6 minute drive in traffic) she gave me a philosophy on life. it went... remember you are as good as, if not BETTER, than the person next to you. and any kindness you do from the heart will never cost you anything. even if you have to pay a few dollars at the time, it will be returned to you somewhere, somehow. i smiled (a surprise as i had just got off the phone with my brother and was still sobbing at the time i picked her up!) and told her i was going to keep that. i asked her how she was getting home, this amazing woman (who must be at least 80) said she was a tramper so she would probably walk, and started to tell me a little about her life, she has lived all over the world and while she was in africa, during the war, she climbed mount kenya - TOPLESS! :up: i laughed, so did she. she told me that she was probably showing her age telling me that, but at the time she was going out with a very naughty boyfriend who dared her to do it. and she did.

i think i want to be her when i grow up :)

when she got out of the car she asked for my phone number, i told her i only had a cell phone at the moment and didnt want her spending money to get in touch, so she gave me her name and address and toild me to pop over for a cuppa.

i called her this morning, but there was no answer. i will try again though. i think i was meant to meet her :)

she really put my dya back on track, i was able to get through the funeral and the rest of the day with out falling completely to pieces because of her. so i think i got the light end of the deal by only giving her a lift to the hospital. she gave me a lot more :)


aka Kinky T
so i finally have internet at home again YAYYYYYYY :)

and it goes without saying that i have a home phone again. finally! really good toll rates too. 14c a minute to aussie and the uk with a cap of $3 for two hours. and thats all day, not off peak like the other telcos. slingshot rocks!

so with my home phone i was finally able to call my mad irish hitchhiker. i am giving her a lift to the hospitl on wednesday so she wont need to hitch a lift again lol and then we are going to go have a coffee and some lunch. she asked if i minded going to a cafe as she couldnt cook worth a damn hehe i love this woman.

our flatmate, john, had his girlfriend stay last night. not the first ime she has stayed - but it was the first time that her son, quin, stayed. he turned one on saturday. a very happy cute lad. nice to have him here.

so i wont be in indiana now. but it will be nice to be here when chelle gets here. the carlton has changed its coffee supplier, but it is still good coffee :D and it means that i get more time with jamie too. i cant believe that i would have been gone already if i had kept to my original plan.

i told mum that i would come over for her birthday, she told me to save my money and come over for grumpy's birthday in june. but that i had to find a job if i was going to stay here. jamie has now wormed his way into her affections... well affections may be a tad strong, but he is taping coronation street for her so he is definitely in the good books there.

i started hairdressing again. i am working about 20 - 25 hours a week. nice and cushy hehehe. i had started at one salon and was enjoying it but then they hired another senior without asking if i would like the hours. a friend had just moved to another salon and they needed an extra pair of hands so i wandered on over there for the best interview i have ever had. sitting having a bourbon and a cigarette while talking absolute shite :D cant beat it lol so i work there now. and as well as more hours i get $1.50 more an hour. *sniff sniff* whats that? ah yes.... roses LOL

speaking of which - i worked on saturday till 2:30, then went to do samrowit and her sisters' hair, then popped around to my beautiful indian pals place to do hers and when i got home all tired (and probably a little cranky - unlike me i know ;) ) there was a vase with a beautiful bunch of roses sitting on the table for me. awwwwww :blush: so sweet that boy. and he is cooking dinner tonight.

i am SOOO spoilt.

i spoke to a drunken friend in the uk on the weekend lol surprisingly he made sense for most of the phone call.

well i will be on here more often now that i can smoke and have a cuppa while im online :)

and i wish *diz* was still writing.



aka Kinky T
thanks sugar-snit :) im glad to be back. and its really good to 'see' you too. you seem to be in a really good space just now :D go you!

saturday afternoon and i have just finished work. i am really enjoying being in the salon again. that will teach me to say never again lol. had a lovely woman in who had been recommended to me by the pqarent of one of her pupils. i have only been at the salon for 3 weeks so its nice to know my fame is growing ;)

i finally caught up with my old irish hitchhiker. i went to pick her up to take her for a blood test and then to go for coffee. she had NO idea who i was! i think i was freaking her out a tad. i turned up at 10 as we had agreed over the phone, she wasnt ready - hadnt had her breakfast. she was making porridge. i dont think i can be friends with someone who eats their porridge with honey and beetroot. yes - BEETROOT! her lips were getting al pink from it and everything. it was yukky. but when i left her i told her to give me a call. i dont think she will. i enjoyed meeting her but i dont think i will be hearing from her as she probably wont remember me.

we had 'team photos' at work yesterday. doing a mothers day promotion. as well as all the normal cheesy pics we took a pretty fun one. my boss just bought the salon around 7 months ago, from a girl called tracy. tracy's mum still comes in and helps out and everyone calls her mum. we made her recline on the couch and i was kneeling beside her and filing ehr nails, jo was giving her a foot massage, judy was fluffing her hair and nic was holding the fruitbowl. the caption will be "how will you pamper your mum?" or something like that.

have yourselves a merry little weekend :D


aka Kinky T
met a woman yesterday, FUN! had a great time ;) gory details available to those who must know LOL let me just say, she went down like jacques cousteau hehehe

other than that, it has been fairly quiet on sheep island. the weather has crapped out completely. it feels like winter. on sunday we took jamies daughter out. we went to see haunted mansion. what a rubbish movie that was! oh well. we have been playing a lot of scrabble, and the girl i am working with, jo, has been coming over of a wednesday evening to play too. she came in on friday night and we played yahtzee. a very addictive game. she usually has to go home to feed her cat so tonight she is doing that first and coming for dinner. that means i have to pretend to be a good hostess. hmmm, no idea what to have for dinner at all.

i called my mum the other day and she put me on to talk to dad and grumpy first. she had to go brush her hair, put on lipstick and a nice top before she could talk to me :D she is like that.

i spoke to my brother too, he is talking about visiting ma and pa in june for grumpy's 80th birthday, so i will go then too. i need to borrow a videocam so i can go round and see all grumpys cronies and get them to do some birthday messages. he doesnt need/ want anything for his birthday so this should make him cry lol

best i get down to the supermarket and get some dinner stuff organised. hmmm, maybe a stew, then i dont have to be in the kitchen very long. its bloody cold out there!


aka Kinky T
i made a yummy stew afterall. and nana's mashed vegies. MMMMM YUMMY! potaotes,pumpkin, carrots, parsnips, leek and silverbeet all boiled up together then mashed with lots of butter, milk and black pepper :D my absolute fave comfort food. i highly recommend it to all.

we went to himatangi beach yesterday to stay with a friend of jamies and his girlfriend. had a really good night. toni and i stayed home while the boys went to the pub. she is pregnant and is trying to stay sober, she has gone back to AA as she fell off the waon before she got pregnant. she is finding it hard to stay sober this time, she thinks because it is not her choice, instead it is something she has to do because of the baby. but she wants to be healthy and a good mum so she is trying really hard. last night was mikes last blast as he wants to support her too. i hope they can both do it!

jamie was so cute. we were going to colour toni's hair but we had been having a good old chinwag instead, righting the wrongs etc... and i told her that jamie tells me he loves me when he is drunk. he walked in the door, staggered to a chair next to me, grabbed my leg and declared his love for me, then turned to toni and said "sorry toni - did you do your hair? i hate to be rude but i cant see any difference"
toni and i went to bed and left the drunkards to blather (as drunkards do :) ) and jamie realised he had lost his cell phone. he searched the house but to no avail. in the morning toni said she had had a dream that she was on her way somewhere and had to turn back as she realised she had jamies phone and that meant he had hers. we walked to the pub to look for jamies phone and he and mike had a bit of a flashback about racing eachother home, jamie vauguley remembered falling over in the church yard so we went down there and played at CSI for a while but nothing. we left a message at the shop in case it was handed in (himatangi is a VERY small place and has only the one shop) . we couldnt ring his phone as there is no cell coverage in himatangi, so we left to come home. we were about 20 minutes down the road when my phone rang and a lady said "is this tango? and do you have a friend in himatangi? i said - if you have found a cell phone, i will be there in 15 minutes :D we turned around, made a quick stop at a shop to get a box of chocolates for her and hooned it back to the beach. we got to this womans place, which happened to be the local animal shelter ( she had a dog that looked EXACTLY like gnasher!!! (british moment there sorry lol)) and her and her partner were also the local vigilantes/ neighbourhood patrol. someone had called them in the early hours to tell them that there were a couple of drunk guys noising up the neighborhood so they had gone out to look for them, make sure they were ok, get them home - that sort of thing. but all they found was a cell phone. 2 bull dykes out looking for the handsome princes :blank: it was just like cinderella :) cinderfella anyway lol

it took us ages to get home as the traffic was horrific, and there were a few moments where we thought we wouldnt make it at all. there are some nutters on the road during holiday weekends. moreso than usual for some reason. now we are home and warm and comfy and fed and fading fast.... bedtime shortly i think :D

happy easter to all :D


aka Kinky T
i just rung my mummy to wish her a happy birthday :D she had waited to open my pressie until she was talking to me hehe how cute is that!? then she got all excited telling me that last night they went to a movie and signed up for seniors cards LOL she only just turned 55 today. but it means they get the movie for $6 instead of $12.50 so she has decided getting old has its advantages. she also startd a new job and is worried she may need to cut a nail. my ma and i have very long nails (all the better for picking your nose LOL) but she is working at a Dr's. surgery and will need to unset the alarm. she thinks her nails may be a tad long for it. the company i used to work for manufactured door and window hardware (for those who werent paying attention the first time ;) ) and the american market had apparently complained about one of the window fasteners. women were breaking their acrylic nails when they tried to lock them. the design guys came down to ask me to test the amended design, then they went down to my mums work and got her to test it too as we were the only ones they could find with nails long enough to compare to the fake ones all the american girls seem to be wearing lol

jamie is working at the moment. building at this amazing site in brooklyn. its like the swiss family robinsons place. the section is all surrounded by bush and there is a huge wooden decking walkway winding through the bush to get to it. i took my pal and her 3 boys to see it the other day. they were dead excited hehe cute :) the 5 year old, Milin, wanted to know all the ins and outs but wasnt getting the technical jargon the boys were using to explain. i came up with an explanation that i thought was pretty damn good... i told him that the bits they were working on now were like the bones of the house, and they were using steel to make sure the bones were really strong, and that next time we came, he would see them putting on the skin and making it look like the house next door. he got in to that but said that it couldnt be like the house next door "cause then they have to put that line there and another one there (the roofline) and a pointy thing on top" the pointy thing was a bit of decorative wood turning (they used to be put on houses to stop witches landing - the thought going that the pointy thing would knock them off the broomstick. but i digress...) so i explained that those things were like when his mum puts on her makeup. her skin is all on and looking good, but just to make it prettier and more colourful she puts on make up and thats what the house builders would do to the house.

we decided to go to the movies, we got as far as the carpark and the oldest boy, dylan, vomited all over himself. we pulled in to check he was ok and clean him up, Milin - who had been laughing at dylan - then decided that he couldnt watch someone being sick without promptly joining in. hamish, the 3 year old, was the only one not bothered by the whole thing. me and asmita were both retching and carrying on, the 2 boys were vomiting and hamish was laughing at us all. smug little bugger! we decided not to go to the movies after all :blank: back top our house, a change of pantsfor the two older boys and hamish had crashed out in the back of the car. we left him in the car (parked at the back door - not abandoned!) and watched a video instead. when hamish woke up, the fairies had got back at him for making fun of us :) he had slept so soundly that he didnt wake up when he needed to go to the toilet. so we had finally collected the full set lol

at work last week, an older guy came in (renowned for thinking he is a bit of a ladies man apparently) and was all flirty with me when i cut his hair. we have a flash as anything computerised system at work, so i had to ask his name to enter his cut and payment, he took that as the hint to give me his card. he is an earthmover.Jo asked me why i would need one as she thought i had one at home already LOL and last night i thought he had made the earth move for me.
just an earthquake huh? thanks tardis - shattering my little illusions like that ;)

ahhhh and tell the pretty wee boy that i can get hold of a nurses outfit if he needs me to make him feel better :D only wish i could see the blush on his face when you tell him hehehe


aka Kinky T
i have been working a few extra days at the moment. its great to know that the boss trusts me already to be sole charge in the salon. having the time away from 'official' hairdressing was great as i feel i am rediscovering my passion for it.

i already have clients making repeat appointments which is great :D and one lady told me as she left that she thought her conversation with me may well have been her first intellient conversation with a hairdresser :D we had been chatting about refugees and the way they acclimatise/ assimilate in to sheep island culture. im sure my nostrils were flaring... i am fairly passionate about the subject after all lol

i am officially flavour of the week here. we were hit by the sasser worm :mad: damn virus makers - but i sorted it :D and then went and sorted a pals comp as well. jamie was getting all turned on by my technical wizardry hehehe must look up some big ol' technical words - seems to work really well ;)

Tardis and Chelle.... WOOOOHOOOOOOO :love: i am so excited. i do wish i was there, but i cant wait to see chelle here and have coffee and.. ooh - i think we might even have a girly lunch with a couple of people i just know she will 'get' and have fun with. i might even give chelle a week or two to settle in before i inundate her with new people too. im good like that :) lol

i have a new avatar too... thats my new(ish) tattoo. pretty huh? :D i love it!

my friend and i took the boys to the firestation for a visit the other night. they were soo cute! the boys were too :blush: lol dads old crew were really great with the kids. even took them for a drive around the block in the machine, let the boys put on the helmets and climb in to the snorkel cage and turn on the lights and sirens. the boys are now going to be firemen. and builders.

i should go get dressed now i suppose. the weather has cleared up and i should get motivated and do something. jamie is working today. they turned up to pick him up this morning, without calling the night before to say that they needed him. im glad he has some work but we were going to go out and take some pics around town today. i had all my lingerie ready to go and now i have to wait for another sunny day. few and far between at the moment really. :( oh well...

ttfn :D


aka Kinky T
phew! that was lucky :) i found my journal. i agree with Lori... Damn - 3 pages arent enough for us infrequent types.

alrighty then, where was i? hmmm...

work is going well - lots of repeat clients now. all good, i would like some more hours but they will come. i am thinking of going to vic university to take a course in writing papers. dang things sure have changed since i was in school. and i will need to know what the tutors are after when i go to teachers college.

i spoke to my brother last night, first time in ages! we were chatting away and i asked him about work, he was a little hesitant in his answer so i asked if he was still working. apparently no. :( he lost his job the day his friend emma died. bastards!!! he called in to tell them he wouldnt be in, they heard it as i quit, the first he knew about it was when his phone and credit card wouldnt work (he was at work!) he called the manager and was told that he should come and see them, when they were chatting the boss told him that he realised mat was right and they had pretty much used the message as an excuse (they are downsizing big style), but if mat would resign they would give him an excellent reference and a month and a halfs pay. he took it and then realised he had possibly cocked up. its with a lawyer now and hopefully he will get a payout for constructive dismissal or somesuch. and then i hope he uses it to get a ticket to australia. oh - nearly forgot... when he turned up at one of his bars to do his area manager stuff, the bar manager told him that he was surprised to see him as he had been told that mat had cleared out one of the safes and gone back to australia :O i think he definitely has a case there!!!!

chelle and tardis, dont be in too much of a hurry to get back here - its bloody FREEZING!!!

my firends son was over the other night, (the 3 year old cutie) he pretends to be people he likes. he was being jamie. when jamie came in i asked if he was jamie, then who was that (pointing at the real jamie), hamish looked up and said - "thats God" LOL jamie thinks hamish is a very bright boy with a great future lol

the three boys are all worshipping at the altar of jamie at the moment. we took them to the building site and jamie carried them across the plank accessway and gave them a hammer, nails and some timber and let them be builders for 10 minutes. me and mum are pretty much just hangers on now.

i cut hamishs' hair the other day and told him that since he had been such an amazingly good boy, next time i came over i would bring him a treat. he asked "are you going to bring jamie?" lol i said ok, you could have had a lollypop or something but whatever lol. he was very impressed with his haircut though. apparently when he woke up the next morning he went running into his mum asking if his hair was still cut :D he really is a cutie.

my mum is now working in a medical center as a receptionist. the other ladies on the front desk have been telling her about the junkies that will try it on with her. mum likes to think she is "streetwise" but she was telling me that apparently one of the worst offenders is a woman in a wheelchair who will say that she has lost her prescription and is going out of town to visit her family and so needs another script. she will get 100 pills for $3.50 through medicare, and she can apparently sell them for $25 each. mum was horrified, and said that she would have given them to her as "you wouldnt expect someone in a wheelchair to lie to you like that" hehehe ma - you are such a naive wee cutie.

ok, thats all for now as we are going out for dinner tonight :) woohooooo! taking the scrabble and going to kick some butt. YAY scrabble


aka Kinky T
i have applied for a job. as a teachers aide at a local primary school :D its only part time so i can still keep hairdressing too. fingers crossed folks - i really would like to get this position. its low paid and i will only be a lackey, but until i get my shit together and get to teachers college, its a step in the right direction. it would also mean that i had a foot in the door when i need to find placements when training.

mum called me from some markets they were visiting, in the background a very funky irish folk group were playing. then dad grabbed the phone and told me to listen, there was a bit of toe-tapping style music and then the singer shouted out "hi jamie and tracy in new zealand!" hehe dad had gone up and interrupted their gig to tell them that we were listening to them in sheep island. it was very cute.

just got over a horrible virus. it is running rife through sheep island apparently and is very very contagious. someone in hospital got it as well and all the nurses were coming down with it. they had to cancel operations and things as the staff were too sick. both jamie and i got it. thank god we have 2 toilets is all i can say!!! :(

i have a busy day ahead, fixing 2 pals computers, waiting for another one to be dropped off, installing word on my laptop so i can write some more, cutting a pals hair, colouring her boys hair (he has a school disco coming up and wants to look cool lol) and then coro street is on. ooh i do like coronation street. and its dead exciting just now.

last night i went to a '40 days of purpose' meeting. for those that dont know, this is a christian thing where you watch a really annoying pastor on video and discover God's purpose for your life. apparently. i am the only non-believer in our small group and the other 4 are quite strong in their faith. i asked a few questions, challenged a few answers. at the end of the meeting i asked them to remember that any questions i had were just questions, they weren't personal attacks or slights against their faith. they were all cool with that. i think they feel they will have a convert at the end of it lol little do they know, better people than they have tried and failed. i have my own set of beliefs. no better or worse than their own, just not the same. asmita (who is running the group) is good with it, but i think there is one girl there who will end up getting upset with me. i do admire her conviction though. it was fun, and i think i will enjoy it.


aka Kinky T
I am working for a govt. ministry at the moment :) it does interfere a little with my hairdressing but for the money they are paying me, I couldn’t turn it down. The only bad thing about it was that it meant I could only meet chelle for about 20 minutes :(

She is looking well. Its so nice to see someone you haven’t seen for a long time. I even threw caution to the wind, pushed personal space issues aside and gave her a hug. But Wednesdays are going to be hard to do. They are the days we have our meetings with the reference group we are working with. Ooh – reminded myself – must text chelle her phone number lol

I went to get a coffee at a little kiosk yesterday. The owner is a lovely African man called Jesse. Some of you may remember me talking about my seeming attractiveness to ethnic men. African, Iraqi, Indian, it doesn’t matter – they all find me dead gorgeous for some reason. Not that im complaining mind hehehehe. Anyway – I digress, I asked for my humungous latte (as is my wont) and while he was making it he told me I had beautiful hair, it was styled very prettily and my smile was like an angels. LOL I was laughing by this stage. He asked if I wanted skinny milk, I said no (I don’t really look the type to have skinny milk ;) ) and I asked for loads of sugar too. He smiled and said that that was fine as he had never sen a skinny angel. He asked my name and asked if I was working in the area, I said yes so he gave me a loyalty card. You know – get the card stamped and the 10th one is free. Then he said because I was so pretty, my hair was so nice and he had a weakness, I made him weak at the knees, he stamped like 8 of the square on my card LOL I only have to buy one more to get my free one :)

It maybe upset one of his regulars though. A really very large grumpy looking woman standing next to me (we were outside, at the side of a very busy fume filled street) I was having a cigarette, she said (imagine a very snooty condescending tone here!) “do you mind changing sides with me so I don’t get your disgusting smoke blowing into me?” I said fine, if you want to walk around me, I don’t have a problem. I added that because she was a non-smoker, and smoke is of a perverse nature, the wind would probably change and be blowing at her anyway ( I was very light-hearted but its true! You non-smokers will know this! Lol) she turned away from me and was muttering under her breath that she had never smoked and wouldn’t want to look so disgusting as I did standing there with a cigarette. I just looked at her – stunned! She was revolting! Lank greasy hair, grossly obese, bad bad clothes that didn’t fit or suit her colouring. But jesse didn’t think I looked disgusting, and neither did I lol so – whatever :)

So im all up to date with my new job, am being super-organised! It’s a bit scary really, but im sure ill cope ;)


aka Kinky T
well the job is going well. long hours though. 8:00am til 8:30pm on tuesday night! but i get paid for it all so im just sucking it up and getting on with it.

met chelle for lunch, actually got an hour this time. was good to see her and blather like we used to.

i was so looking forward to a sleep-in this weekend but alas it wasnt to be. after the hell hours of the week, and a few late nights, i had to work saturday at the salon and then sunday morning we had to pick up jamies daughter early, she came to stay the night for the first time. it went really well. we went to laserforce with her. like paint ball but with laser guns in a darkened maze. we took my friend asmitas' boy with us and played girls against boys. us girlies kicked ass! :D we all had a great time, got a lot of laughs and very sweaty lol jamie burst around the corner, shot me and then grabbed me and gave me a big sweaty kiss. so sweet :)

we watched a zillion videos and ate too many sweets. now im just winding down before the madness starts again tomorrow. Today was a public holiday(queens birthdaY - but not really her birthday - i dont know why...), which is great but... it gives us one less day to get organised for our wednesday meeting.

we took ashleigh (jamies daughter) to see the house he is building, her and i were 'baggsing' the front seat, i had her by the belt and we were pushing and shoving each other out the way. I ended up pickling her up and throwing her in the back seat, we were laughing real hard, especially when an old couple drove past us, slowing right down - possibly thinking we were kidnapping this young girl :D she was threatening to scream for help at them when we went up to turn the car around lol she is as cheeky as her father.

well there was a lot going on this weekend but it really doesnt translate so i think i will grab my trashy magazine and curl up next to the heater until i get the call to go pick up jamie. he took her home on the train to avoid holiday traffic.

happy fake birthday betty :D


aka Kinky T
So here I am at work again. Its blowing a gale outside and I so wish I was still tucked up in bed. My shower was so nice and warm, I swear I was just hypnotised standing under the water.

I talked to my brother at the weekend, he started a new job on Monday :) YAY for him. He is going to be the area manager for a restaurant brand. Im not sure which one, he has to spend 8 weeks in the kitchens as part of his induction. He even has a chefs uniform apparently hehehe

I am just waiting for our meeting to start, we have a sector reference group meeting every Wednesday. Boy oh boy, those people have PhD’s in waffle! Finally though, I am doing a job where I am challenged and where I am appreciated. I am super organised (a bit scary for me!) and have had a lot of good feedback about my work. The quality and the quantity :) I have been offered another job here too. I will have to wait and see though, I don’t feel that I can walk out on this project and leave them hanging.

Jamie told me last night that it was nearly our anniversary. A real one. He used to do weekly anniversaries lol he is such a sweetie. In august it will be a year. That surprised me, where does the time go? I am thinking we may have to do something special… a mystery weekend maybe? But I don’t think I want to end up in Palmerston North for it lol

Before our meeting I have to whip over to the post office and get this pressie off to grumpy. He will be 80 next week! And still going strong. I am a very lucky girl to get to this age and have a grandpop still around. :D

Sheeesh… government departments! What are they like??? I was told to organise catering for this meeting that id being held in one of the Ministry of Education buildings. I just got a call from them asking if I can cancel our caterers as they had organised it. I was talking to them yesterday asking about coffee and whatnot, and they knew then that I had booked the food. Couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery, these people.

Oh well – best I go get some shit together 

Have a good day!