Seattle Festival of Improv Theater [Feb. 12-16, 2020]


This message is merely a “Save the Date” kind of thing! We’re still 6 months out from the actual festival, but hopefully this will get it on everyone’s radar. The 2019 Festival was an absolute blast, and we’re already planning on ways to increase audiences and surpass the all-encompassing awesomeness that was last February.

•The application period will be Oct. 2-25, 2019.

•There is a $35 application fee.

•We will continue with our two Seattle venues (within walking distance of each other).

•SFIT performance slots are 25 minutes long.

•Groups from outside of the Pacific Northwest are given priority to have two performances at the festival (on two separate nights).

•We will also be taking submissions to teach Improv Workshops (from any individual/group that submitted their act/group/team)

•SFIT is dedicated to paying all performers for their work. Non-Seattle acts will receive a travel stipend.
Check out the photos from last year’s festival at!