Props to Props


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
do u have 2 prescription bottles (empty) and/or a wallet I could borrow/have for my spank this thu ag. 14th?



pm me
Cells needed!

Hey IRC!
I need two matching cell phones for a sketch. They can be non-working (in fact I'd prefer it), and I'd like to buy them from you, as they might get banged up. If you have two identical phones that no longer work, please PM me.
Hey guys, I'm in need of some baseball equipment. A catcher's mask would be great, other stuff like a bat and uniform would be helpful too. I'm hoping to shoot Saturday, I can pick up in the morning or afternoon.
Location needed

Hey guys! I don't need a prop, but rather a location for a video shoot: anyone live in a shitty apartment, or one that could be made to look shitty or seedy with a little dressing? I will owe you, and by that I mean I could shoot a video for you in exchange for the use of your apartment for this video. PM me if interested.
Prop Request: Fishing Pole.

Anybody got a fishing pole I could borrow? Or a couple of fishing poles?

I'll take anything you've got, even if it's a stick with a string attached. I promise to take good care of it.

Let me know:

Hey guys... I need a wheelchair for an upcoming show at the pit... does anyone know where I could find one to buy for cheap?

PM me.



Cubs fan, Bud man.
black backdrop?

hey everyone.

im trying to find a black backdrop/back curtain for a video shoot im doing this weekend. really, any kind of dark, solid-colored one will do.

if you have some sort of stand or hanging-up device, too, well, that would be the most amazing thing everrrrrrrrrrrrr.

timothy dunn at hot mail dot com!
Hi all!

I'm looking for a prop gun. I'd prefer one that makes noise and smokes when shot, but it doesn't have to. If anyone has one they could lend to me in 2 weeks or knows where I can get one, PM me!

I'm looking for several large trays of pastries.

We have the trays; we just need the pastries.

Does anyone work at or have a contact at a bakery where we could take away their stale or day-old pastries to shellac?

The bakeries around me keep giving me the fish-eye when I ask.
Prop Requests: Unicycle, Bicycle, Scrubs

Does anybody have a unicycle, bicycle, or scrubs? I wouldn't need it for very long. It's just for a sketch I am shooting. Thanks!
Construction Worker?

Anyone out there have a HARDHAT and an ORANGE VEST? The hardhat is most important, but if you have both that would be awesome.