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For now, feel free to use this forum to plug shows, events and classes in LA. They will get lost in the "Plugs" forum, I fear.

If this forum ever gets busy enough, we may divide it into LA discussions and LA plugs, but I think that won't happen for a while.
excellent idea

Excellent idea, Mr. Mullaney! Now there is no question that the NYC forums should be kept plug-free since the Plug forum will now (I assume) focus on NYC events.

DVDevious: The Improvised DVD

Here's a plug for my L.A. Improv homies...

DVDevious: The Improvised DVD
Tuesdays at 8PM
The National Comedy Theater
733 N. Seward Street in Hollywood
Tickets: $15
HALF PRICE ($7.50) FOR IRC readers if you
leave the code word "Cornelius" on the
RSVP line: (310) 590-7DVD

check it out at


DVDevious: The Improvised DVD
How often do you go to a theater and get to choose the kind of movie you want to see, pick its title, and then see it come to life before your eyes? That's the beauty of DVDevious: The Improvised DVD. If there's such a thing as "high-tech comedy," this is certainly it. Inspired by audience suggestions, the players stage a thirty minute movie, which is filmed, edited, projected and recorded on the spot. True to the show's title, the cast steps behind the camera in the second act, portraying the imaginary cast and crew in multimedia special features such as Behind the Scenes Documentaries, Deleted Scenes, and Filmmaker Commentary. By show's end, an entire DVD has been created: from concept to collector's edition in one night. Call it hi-tech improv, or dot-comedy. Whatever it is, it's funny.
The Happy Time Rainbow Bunny Squad
Are you all tucked in and ready for bed, little man? What a good boy you are. There, there, I'm just going to rub your back while you fall asleep. Just... your... back... Don't worry. If you don't look down, it's not really happening. Why are you crying? Mummy loves you.

Michael Bellavia, Jessie Blank, Ernie Brandon, Joe Davidson, Morgan Gillio, Rachel Grissom, Jeff Hawkins, Zak Krebs, Dave Morgan, Brian O'Connell, Scott Rose

THE HAPPY TIME RAINBOW BUNNY SQUAD will be performing the Deconstruction.
Coached by Miles Stroth.
Tuesday, April 13th & 20th @ 11 pm. Mainstage. $5
Thomas Fowler & Wyatt Cenac

Don’t Miss Fowler & Cenac at the Los Angeles Improv Festival!!

For the past five years, Thomas Fowler and Wyatt Cenac have performed together and separately at ImprovOlympic with McManus, Cog, the Armando Show, Big Shirley, Bonzebo, Red Shirt Freshmen, Edit Badger and 2 time Harold Champions Tiny Hostages. Now they present their two man completely improvised show. Watch as they create an array of characters and situations all tied together from one suggestion.

P.S. Do you like black people? They do. Maybe that’s because they’re both black people.
So come see the show.
Not only will you be watching a great improv show, but you’ll also become a more culturally aware person.

Fowler & Cenac
Wednesday June 9th 11:00PM
Second City Los Angeles
8156 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles Improv Festival
June 6th - 13th 2004
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