[Phoenix] Musical Improv Workshop

If anyone has any interest in a musical improv workshop during the Phoenix Improv Festival please let me know. Dumpster Tequila is interested in doing at least one so if there is interest we'd be more than happy to set one up!

email us at dumpstertequila at gmail dot com.
Here's a little more information about us,

Our members have studied at iO Chicago, UCB NY, and independently with members of the musical improv supergroup Baby Wants Candy.

We've been together as a group for a year, but have been studying improv for the past 2-5 years.

The main focus of our workshops will be to give improvisers another tool to use with their improv toolkit. We'll focus on creating songs in the moment, overcoming hesitancy and how you can apply musical improv to your regular improv.

So if anyone is interested in taking a workshop let us know.

dumpstertequila at gmail dot com
Hi guys,

If you'd like to send any extra info our way, we'll be happy to put it up in all the local message boards and spread the word here in Phoenix