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Greetings to any and all that decide to read this journal. I have been reading these journals for a couple of months. I found this after reading my favorite B-movie site and seeing a link to "True Stories of a Porn Clerk" and then discovering the other very very amusing rants and raves and thoughts on this board.
It amazes me what people will post on these things and what things that they post about.
I have to commend some people on this board for taking other posters to task. However, being a believer in the first amendment, I am sorry to see some people clearly driven away from posting by the comments of other. It is a paradox, I know. But sometimes, we just have to accept delimmas in our lives.
So let me get on with this.
I agree with some posts about "Adventures of a Cheater." But I was sorry to see him pull his posts. Freedom is what this is all about. Also, I kind of found his post interesting, in a "slowing down at car crash" sort.
Being a part of a committed couple is the BEST. Love, mutual support, building a life together are the important things in life.
Having said that, I must now turn my attention to "True Stories of a Phoenix Swinging Couple." The poster has a interesting writing style and his view on the world, is to say the least, unique.
However, he and his wife are playing with fire, and not in a good way. The Discovery channel recently aired a series on sex, and one of the scientist stated that 90% of open and/or swinging relationships end in divorce. Also, the poster recently made two telling points. He was describing a "house party" he and his wife recently attended. Where they met a described "creepy couple" and that the husband of said couple was a "creepy fucker". And yet, if I am not mistaking, the poster and his wife "swapped" with the creepy couple. My question is why open yourself up to such creeps.
The second point was, the poster and his wife were in a bedroom with two other couples. One of the other women would not undress, being "out of commission". The poster then stated that this wasn't fair. Since the other couples were sharing the ladies, not sharing wasn't fair. Then he said, "not that I think a person's signifiacnt other is a commodity," or words to that effect. Yet I get the impression that is in point, the fact. The women are the commodites, traded among the men for sexual favors with yet other women. And so on. Calling "swinging" a "couples activity" is rather disingenous. Since the poster had stated that "single men" are always bothering his wife on line. Yet, clearly couples are hard to find and "bisexual" women are the "rarest" thing to find.


Continuation of first post

Sorry, I had to go for a bit. Now to continue. Relooking at my first post. It sounds somewhat harsh. I did not mean for it to sound that way.
I am all for freedom. Freedom of action, freedom of thought, freedom of speech. Also, my God tells me to not judge others. So I from now on will attempt to not appear judging.
I should also add. I am a sex positive person. I love sex. Making love with my wife is the BEST. The total, complete mental, physical and spiritual connection you make when you share love with the person you love and whom loves you back. It is just so GOOD.
I am not a prude in my public life either. I admire the pretty girls in bikinis. I think the actress Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity in The Matrix) is a totally hot woman. It is all good. But like all things, too much of anything is a vice.


An annoying Biographical Pause

Having looked at some of these journals. I think some of the posters have no idea who read their journals.
So I have decided to give a thumb nail sketch of my life, just to show that you never can tell whom might be reading your posts.
I was born 41 years ago in a small midwestern town. My dad was a public school teacher, my mom a housewife. I have an older brother and younger sister. I attended public school in a suburban district of a major city in the midwest. I joined the army when I was twenty. I went from a rail thin 5-10, 122 pounds to a rather nicely muscular 5-10, 190 pounds, in a short 12 weeks.
I boot straped my way to an army scholarship to a state university and after graduation, spend 4 more years in the army.
Met my wife, married her, had two lovely kids (both boys) and then took my current job. Working for the army as a civilian.

I have degrees in History, Political Science and Education. I like martial art, particularly Muay Tai,Krav Maga and Aikido. I play PC strategy games alot, (CivIII, and Harpoon being my current favorites) . I drink microbrewed beer. Play with my kids alot and try and relax and enjoy my life.

Having lived a very exciting life in my early 20s,I have decided that I do not need anymore excitment.


You are not alone

I cut myself shaving today and I hate that when it happens. The little nick never stops bleeding and it bugs me all day.
Oh well.
I have developed the habit of checking this board in the morning to see if any of my favorites have posted. And guess what? Chastiane86 had posted. But instead of being about swinging, it was about BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER.
I LOVE that show, and I'm sorry to see it go. It was one of the best things ever on TV. The best show ever was "Hush", where a third of the show was completely silent. JUST great.
So Chastaine86 YOU are NOT alone. Since I am not an 14 year old or a geek of any kind. (accepting maybe a computer one!)
I hope ANGEL continues after this season...should know in a about a week!
Another point, what is it with bisexual women and posting on this board. I have no problem with bisexuality, or homosexuality. What takes place in privacy between consenting adults is cool with me (even if it is not with a certain Senator). But honestly, how many bisexual women are there in the world?! Clearly more then I thought. But, hey I'm an old, married, fairly conservative guy. So truely what are my chances of meeting people that kick with both feet, are AC/DC, switch hit, fence sit, are a 3 on the KINSEY scale. Not very good I guess.
Time to go earn my daily bread.


The KINSEY Scale

Kinsey Scale

This scale was developed by Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his associates in the late '40s and early '50s. These results were supported in studies conducted by Masters and Johnson and other sex researchers, though some more recent studies have reported lower rates nationally, with higher rates in urban areas. These studies collectively indicate there is a broad spectrum of sexual orientations - not just heterosexual and homosexual. Instead of looking a sexual orientation as an either-or condition, Kinsey developed a seven point continuum based on the degree of sexual responsiveness people have to the members of the same and other sex.

0 - exclusively heterosexual

1 - predominantly heterosexual, incidentally homoexual

2 - predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual

3 - equally heterosexual and homosexual

4 - predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual

5 - predominantly homosexual, incidentally heterosexual

6 - exclusively homosexual

It is necessary to consider a variety of activities in assessing an individual's ranking on the continuum:

· fantasies · dreams · thoughts

· frequency of sexual activities · emotional feelings

Therefore, many "heterosexuals" would fall, in fact, somewhere between 0 and 3 because they occasionally think/dream/fantasize about sexual activities with members of the same gender and/or occasionally act on these feelings.

Kinsey's researchers found that over a three-year period:

4 - 6% of men were rated as "6"

10 % of men were rated 4, 5, or 6

18% of men were rated as 3, 4, 5, or 6

37% of all men experienced orgasm in a sexual activity with another man at some time in their life.

60% of all men had some type of homosexual relationship before they were age 16.

30% of all men had some type of homosexual relationship between age 20 - 24.

Ranks for women were about one-half that of men (exact percentages were not provided by Kinsey). Keep in mind, this research was conducted as a time of lower sexual activity for women than recent surveys have indicated.

Research was conducted primarily with white college educated, volunteer subjects and with prisoners. This research did not clearly parcel out behaviors which did not persit from adolesence into adult life.

The National Health and Social Life Survey (Saumann, et. al., 1994) surveyed 1749 women and 1410 men in a random sample of US adult. They found 10% of men and 9% of women reporting at least one of the following: 1) sexual desire towards the same gender, 2) sexual identity is not heterosexual, and/or 3) sexual behavior with the same gender.

Rate yourself


Older men and younger women

Maybe I've lost my abilty to sense things. Back when I was single, 15 years ago, I was able to tell when a woman was interested in me.
Now, I just can't tell. Are they just being friendly or are they sexually attracted to me? Not that I really care. But face it for a 41 year old man to have a much younger girl attracted to him, well it is good for the ego.
We have an intern in our office. She is a lovely girl: Long redhair, pale skin, tall about 5-7, very smart, very eager to learn. But I get the impression she is flirting with me. But I just can't tell.
Which leads to the bigger question. Why are younger women attracted to older guys?
It's a big mystery to me. But most things in life are a mystery to me.


Starship troopers

My middle school was so conservative that Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein was a text book.
It's a great book. The movie sucked, but great book. If anyone wants a true picture of soldiers thoughts and feelings and what a true citizen is, they should read it.
My oldest son is reading it now. He's 11. I'm sure he won't get all the politcal points. But is is also a wacking good adventure story as well. And a boy grows into man story.
I hope, and that is all any parent can do, is hope, that I'm teaching my sons to be real good men. To accept responisblity, to protect the weak, to stand up for the right. I know the whole being a man thing is not popular among certain classes today. But the solid and stolid middle americans still believe in manhood as a concept and ideal.


war what is it good for

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature, and has no chance of being free unless made or kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.
--John Stuart Mill

The quickest way to end a war is to lose it.
--George Orwell

People sleep peaceably in thier beds at night because of rough men willing to do violence on thier behalf.
--George Orwell

How ironic that it was, I thought, that among the few gifts which I might possess, those few things which might distinguish me among other men, were such as are commonly associated with destructiveness. Of what value is it, I asked myself, to have certain talents? Of what dreadful value are such skills? Then I reminded myself that such skills are often of great use and that culture, with its glories of art, and music and literature, can flourish only within the perimeters of their employments. Perhaps there is then a role for the lonely fellows on the wall, for the border guards, for the garrisons of far-flung outposts, for the guardsmen in the city treading their lonely rounds. All these, too, in their humble, unnoticed way, serve. Without them the glory is not possible. Without them even their critics could not exist. - John Norman

Been there, done that, have the scar. Hope to not do it again.
The problem with living in a free society is you have to put up with the stupid opinions of other people.

Think about it!


TMI and other random thoughts

I KNOW the point of this board is to share. But honestly, I DO NOT need to know that DANO had a 3some last night. Holy mary mother of God, please don't tell any more!

Finished Reading "Gust Front" by John Ringo last night. That novel rocks. Humans vs Aliens in a real war. With real war tactics and weapons. No lasers, No ray guns, No iron jawed scientist developing war-winning magic weapons. Read it if you get the chance.

It is a myth that eskimos have a hundred words for snow. But in general societies develop language to describe what is important to said society.
I was rereading "true stories of a porn clerk". How many words do we have for semen? Cum, sperm, spooge, ball gravy, spend, man juice, ejacula, ejaculate, cream (as in cream-pie) and facial.

Soon time to go home. "Holy mother of acceleration, don't fail me now."

Have a great weekend.


Don't mess with your car

When I first got discharged from the army, and was newly married. I needed a job. ANY kind of job.
So I took a job selling tires. Just tires and services that tires need, like mounting and balancing and so on. The place I worked was a nation wide company, which has subsequently been bought by and even bigger company and so on. Anyway, they only hired military veterans. It was like old home week. And the war stories, I only believed half of them. But man could some of those people spin a yarn.
Now, I was not then and am not now a "car guy". The only thing I want a car to do is to work. Transport me from place to place in reasonable speed and comfort. And the only thing I want to know about a car is that it will do the above. Or if it won't, how I can fix it, or find some whom will fix it.
I basically trust the car companies to design a safe and comfortable vehicle for my use. My point is that too many people screw up thier cars by changing the wheels and tires.
Car designers spend lots of time designing suspensions, crunch numbers, load data in computers. All to make your car drive and handle comfortable and safely. Then some redneck, shade-tree mechanic, would be NASCAR driver decides that HE knows better then the MIT, or CALTECH, educated design engineer and puts extrawide wheels and skinny little tires on it. OR tries to make it like bigfoot and puts huge balloons on it. THEN they had the gaul to come back to me and complain, beacuse "it just don't ride right no more." Well No Crap, MORON. YOU screwed it up by changing the size of the wheels and tires. Stupid bastards...


NO Thanks DANO

Dano, thanks but no thanks... :D If you were sleeping with Carrie-Anne Moss and Jennifer Lopez. I would NOT want to see the pics. But thanks for the kind thoughts. LOL


Godless Commies

As with bisexual women, I have discovered that there seems to be a number of socialist and out right communist posting on this board, and they are, of course, anti-war.
Let me just address a couple of these points.
First: The West, lead by America, won the Cold War, the Soviet Union, The workers' paradise is no more. So, Nanananana. WE won, you lost.
Second: The USA and its allies (incliding Poland) has won the war in Iraq. So all I have to say is "Democracy, Whiskey and Sexy" qouted in Opinionjournal.Com as we freed the Iraqis from the threat of being dropped feet first into a woodchipper. Or having your teeth knocked out for being late to a meeting. Or watching your daughters being raped in front of you. One reporter asked a freed Iraqi what freedom means to him. He said "Democracy, Whiskey and Sexy." And that is what we ALL want! LOL.
Last: Everyone in the world wants to either be and American, or wants what America has. I'm not concerned about Socialism, or Communism, because everyone in the world wants to eat Big Macs, wear Levi jeans, Drink Coca-Cola and watch HBO and generally lead the life that average Americans lead.
American Cultural, Economic, Political and Military superority arises out of one thing. FREEDOM AND PRIVATE PROPERTY.


Mother day

Took my lady wife out to eat and gave her a diamond moms ring for mother'd day. She was very pleased. As as my old buddy says:"when momma is happy, the whole family is happy!"
But I have decided I hate my mother-in-law! It is a total mystery to me how that woman could have raised the sweet, kind, funny, brillant sexy person that is my bride.
When she visits she can reduce my wife to tears in minutes. She insults me and our sons, almost minute by minute. And always demands to know why we don't quit our high paying jobs to move back to the small town where my lady wife grew up to be near her.
I finally had it out with her. She can say and do what she wants to me. I'm a grown man and can handle most things. But NO ONE insults or hurts my family. So I told her. We are never moving near her. My Lady wife joined the Army to excape her and the boring, dying little town. So just SHUT up about it.
Then I asked her to leave my house.
Why do in-laws have to be mean and stupid?


Name Calling

HMMMMMMMMM, I'm in a bit of a dilimma. First off, Freedom of speech, freedom of opinion is what this board and this country in all about.
However, Freedom means having to put up with other peoples' stupid thoughts as well. And I am not telling anyone to change their opinions or thier belief system. But if you're going post silliness like "happiness can only come when personal property is eliminated" or that Saddam was a creature of the America that we only got rid of when he became bothersome. Well, I'm sorry. But your just wrong. And I know very well that my arguments are not neat. I was trying to make a point about history and trying to do it in a funny way. If that offended, well I'm sorry. But, in a free society, you have to put up with people like me. HAHAHAHAAHA.



After I got engaged, the army sent me back to the states to further my education. And being madly in love with my fiancee, well I wasn't doing anything with my sperm that involved another person.
I saw an ad in the local paper for sperm donors. So after a phone call to my girl, I decided to see what it was all about.
Man were those people thourough. My genes were checked back three generations. Blood tests, etc.
I was very healthy and my Grandparents, all 4 were still hale and hardy. So I was accepted and soon was donating twice a week.
Now this is supposed to be totally anonomys (sic). And while my two sons are great and I clearly have great sperm and have good genes. I DO NOT want any of my donated-semen children hunting me down.
However if my sons ever meet a dark haired, green eyed ladies from Quebec. I'm going to have to do some explaining.


Stirring the pot

Burns1 please don't hit your head on the wall about what I say.
My silly opinions are not worth any physical damage to anyone.
I liked your poem.
But it is great to see someone react to my posts. I love stirring the pot. Seeing how people react, think and respond is totally fasinating.
Now where do I get tickets to the Ronald Reagan birthday party?
Oh I have a poem too:
Red and yellow, black and white
Napalm sticks and burns all night
Napalm sticks to little children of the world.

(I'm making a joke!!!!)


WB Renews Angel

WB Renews Angel

The WB has renewewd its vampire series Angel for a full fifth season, with former Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast member James Marsters joining the show as Spike, Variety reported. But cast member Charisma Carpenter, who plays Cordelia, is not expected to return as a series regular, the trade paper reported.

The Joss Whedon series will air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with relocated hit Smallville as its lead-in, the trade paper reported. The WB also has an option for a sixth season.

Other Buffy regulars may also make guest appearances next season, while Whedon has vowed to write several scripts and direct episodes of the show, the trade paper reported. Jeffrey Bell and Tim Minear will be executive producers/showrunners.


Famous women I think are HOT

Carrie-Anne Moss

Rose McGowen

Jennifer Lopez

Selma Hyack

Vanessa Williams

Eliza Dushka

Halle Berry

Jeri Ryan

Kelly Hu

Patricia Velasquez

Rachel Weisz

I Cannot abid skinny women. Calista Flockhart-types do nothing for me. Real girls have curves. The most sensual part of a woman is that curve of the hip, the flare from waist to hip and that lovely shelf of the ass. GRRRRRRRR.
I have said too much.