NYC Headshot Photographers.

Heres a couple


Depends on 2 things

1) How much you want to spend

2) digital vs traditional contact sheets

Ron Rinaldi does digital headshots, and costs (as of November) around 600 for the session and two final prints. However, where his method differs is that since he does digital photography, you dont get a traditional contact sheet. You basically leave his office with 50 print size pictures to chose from, and a bunch more on your own personal website that he attaches to his site, (Basically you throw away the shots that you dont like, and keep the ones you do.) Its impossible to walk away from a shoot without getting a picture you like, plus, you leave with your shots in hand.

Jussen (Dave, I think) is also very good, and a little cheaper. Around 450 I think. he does the basic three sheets, and two prints deal. He has photographed a lot of comedians, (Horatio and Jay Mohr stick in my head). and his style is probably akin to what you want.

Hope this helps.
Jussen all the way

I live in Chicago, but Glenn (not Dave) Jussen did mine right before I moved and I was very happy with them. Also just a really nice guy. Yeah, he did Horatio, Jay Mohr, old school Chris Rock, and a lot of character actors around the city.



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Darren Setlows pretty good....

Darren Setlow, who I think is a friend of Katie R., did my and Betsys headshots. You should look at all your friends headshots and see which ones you like, then find out who did them. Darren has a UCB discount, but Betsy tells me his price has gone up (so its probably folly to advertise him here since the more business he gets, the sooner he can charge the actual going rate).

Ive got his number somewhere if you want it.

David Beyda

I used David Beyda ( because it was only $99 for a roll (36 shots) and you get a "touched up" print. I basicaly just used him because he was cheap. If you wanted something fast and cheap Id recommend him. My pictures not the greatest but it looks like me. His studios kind of fun to get to, you have to walk through this shoe repair store and go up some sketchy stairs. When I went I had to use the bathroom and he told me not to use the hot water. The session didnt last very long and he made corny small talk like "What are you going to do with all the millions" and he made some Seinfeld references. nhe said that he used to be an actor once. He uses 35mm film for the contact sheet and then scans it on to photoshop and touches it up. Then he gives you the print you selected. It prints out kind of blue, which made one photo reproduction place wince. So, in conclusion. Hes fast and cheap. If you can afford better, Id recommend going elsewhere.

My roommate used Richard Stark ( Her pictures were really nice and I think they cost her about $700 when all was said and done but it took a real long time for her to get a contact sheet and then prints from him. I think she had to leave a couple nasty phone messages before he did her prints. But the prints were nice.


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Nigel Teare

Jackie, Kurt, others have used him: (212) 243-3015. I have an appointment with him, but haven't used him yet. He seems nice.


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Last time I had my shots done, I used Joe Henson. His brother Jim Henson used to do talk soup. He was a weird guy. Did good work, but it was rough getting the shots done.

I might use the word creepy. He would say thing to get a "rise" out of me, when we were getting going. I don't know if it was his way of creating repor or not. He asked me if I died, would people find a box under my bed with something like a vibrating anal egg in it. He did mention vibrating anal egg. He said I could bring my own music to listen during the shoot, but once we started he INSISTED we listen to Tom Jones. I think I went with him because he told me my shots would be so good, I could write "Blow Me" on the back instead of a resume, and "I'D STILL GET THE JOB." I later found out he uses that line on everyone.

The shot I finally got came out really well. It was what I wanted, but I had to make sure he shot me like that. He had me do a lot of stuff I didn't really want.

I would say, make sure you know what shots your photographer is going to take. Because I remember seeing the contact sheets and having no Idea he even took shots like that.

In short the guy knows what he is doing Technically. But I really had to fight him most of the way. It cost about $450. That was almost 3 years ago. So it must have gone up. That's what I think.

you can see my shot @


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I'll second Ari's recommendation of Darren Setlow. He did my shots as well and is a joy to work with. He did shots for a friend of mine recently, and hers turned out beautifully - all lovely natural light stuff. He has a brand new studio in Chelsea too.

His number is 212-769-7155.
head shots

Hi. If you don't want to spend $300-$800 on shots, and are willing to take a chance on a relatively inexperienced portrait photographer, drop me a line. I'll take the shots, in natural light with a white background, for 30% above cost. That would work out to around $120 for a nice 8x10 headshot and a few duplications. I have a couple of SLRs with flash, and a medium format Rolleiflex. If you want to rent studio space with lights factor that in.
thaddeus watkins was awsome - i've never seen better work to be honest - not cheap but not the most expensive either!

don't know his number - but you can go see his book at reproductions, and his number is there - or in backstage.

ok that's it!


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If you are willing to spend the money, I think Kristen Hobermann is the best in the city. She is rather pricey, but I feel that my amount of being called into auditions has increased to such a degree, that I have actually been able to more than recoup on my investments through bookings. Every agent or casting director that I have show the shots to, have had favorable comments on it. But, it was a costly endevour.
As far of my opinion on who she's good for...I think while her leading man shots are good, they all have a very similar quality. I think her real forte as far as men goes is character men. She does great work with women as well.
I would reccomend no matter who you pick to do your shots. Check out their book and interview them to mak sure you have a good relationship. After all, you will be working with who ever it is for a good 3 hour stretch.
Hoberman is the "it photgrapher of the moment". She has a 2 month waiting list, and last I heard, was charging $800/session, not including make-up.

Everyone says she's worht, it though. (She's the one who made the horizontal head shot so popular, and a good deal of phtographers in the city tend to copy her style, or at least try to.

$800 is a lot of money, though.
Yes, you definatly need to met with any photographers you're thinking of. I think that's one of the most important things. you want to make sure you like their style, and you get along or "click" with them. When I was looking for a photographer, I got a bunch of recomondations from agents, called them and picked about 3 that i liked their work and price. I liked Glen Jussen, I really like his work. I ended up with Ron Rinaldi, he's just a really fun, laid back guy. It's digital, so you have an unlimited amout of pictures, especially if it takes you a roll to get warmed up, and you can just goof off and not really worry. He'l put on Led Zepplin or James Taylor, whatever you want.
Hobberman does a lot of really tight close ups as well.
I'll ask around of other photographers. I also have book with a lot of photographers in it, with examples of their work, you can borrow it if you want, if you think that will help. but most people have web sites with examples of their work.


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I just visited Chia Messina and was impressed with her book. Her shots have a lot of personality. I've had photos done with Ron Rinaldi and he's very good, but I found his work to be unrealistically perfect. Check out his photos... they all look really good... almost too good.

Chia's also got a listing at

Her # is 929.0917.

First time

I just recently got my shots done for the first time. And it turned out great. Thomas Kriegsman Photography. I got

2 rolls
full touch up
100 prints (of one pic)
1-2 days to get the contact sheet. one week for the prints after you choose which shot you want.
for 286 bucks.

And I look like a HOT version of me. I have gotten nothing but compliments and lots of people asking who I used and for his number. He was recommended to me by Tamra Malaga. And I am more than pleased with what I got in return. Chris Gethard used him also. Both of our Head Shots look *HOT*.

signed - photographically HOT shannon