Nicole Lee: Your new coach for the new year

Hello friends -

I'd love to coach your group or team.

I've been studying improv since 2009 with some fantastic people at UCB, Annoyance, iO and Magnet, including Shannon O'Neill, Lydia Hensler, Susan Messing, Rick Andrews, Tara DeFrancisco and Jordan Klepper. I've completed the improv programs at UCB and Magnet (and I'm halfway through Annoyance). I've done the Circuit, Supernova, DCM, 3-on-3 and hosted my own shows. My improv/coaching style is a hybrid of both NY and Chicago.

I believe in taking care of yourself as a character at the top of scenes, getting out of your own left-brain way and allowing yourself to play what's fun for you. I understand and can work on game and premise-based improv (New York!), but I also enjoy organic improv and initiating a scene with nothing but a feeling or physicality (Chicago!).

You can check out more info here: or read some of my improv tumblr posts (nicclee).

I'd love to work on scene initiations, supporting your partner and yourself, active listening, following the fun and anything else you'd like to work on.

My rate is on the lower end and I tend to coach newer groups (levels 1 - 4). I also worked as a college tutor for about 6 years so I know how to give you tough, but fair and focused notes without making you cry.

I'm generally available weeknights with some weekend availability and scattered daytime. Just ask! acousticnic [at] gmail [dot] com

Let's do this!
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