My daily beverage

2/15/02 - Samantha (body zoomers) Strawberry Desperately Seeking C (antioxidant fruit drink)

(an offer to send me beverages)

(cats, apparently, like their routine)

(some general well-wishing)

(on the side of the bottle, there is this strange text)

"Willy Boy tripped and fell into a hidden strawberry patch with berries as big as his head. He could only carry one at a time, so he goes back every day."

2/15/02 - Addendum

Just realized this sucker has 1000% RDA of vitamin C! Linus Pauling would have loved this stuff.

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2/19/02 - Mr. Pibb (from Subway self-serve fountain)

(some people like to see their name in the journal)

(some people are naysayers)

(Billy Merritt suggested an apple-based beverage of the day. Later, perhaps...)

2/20/02 - Sprite

(some remarks about the routine of beverage getting)

(Shannon O'Neill got a haircut like Gwynie Paltrow. Eason, apparently, thinks it looks the same as her normal haircut. We shall all judge for ourselves.)

(I doubt Ludwig's mom reads IRC)

Yesterday, at Dr. Awesome rehearsal, I bought Fresh Samantha brand water. It tasted like any other bottled water. I was pretty sure that it would, though.

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2/21/02 - Prologue to today's journal entry

(No beverage yet. However, Amy Rhodes and Shannon O'Neill submitted this conversation in the hope of it getting posted. Conrgats girls, you made it.)

ThermoTheater [11:58 AM]: terry's journal never fails to entertain!
UncleSally [11:59 AM]: i know!
UncleSally [12:00 PM]: and he gives away peoples IM handles!
UncleSally [12:00 PM]: We should have a conversation about his journal VIA IM email it to him, and Fingers crossed..he'll post it!
ThermoTheater [12:00 PM]: great idea - begin!
UncleSally [12:00 PM]: We already have!
ThermoTheater [12:01 PM]: okay but should we start over? i don't know. i am so nervous! no one knows who thermo theater is. i don't think he tells people!
UncleSally [12:05 PM]: Don't be nervous. Take a deep breath. this is for IRC fame
ThermoTheater [12:05 PM]: okay - I will try to "act cool". Anyway, so Terry's journal is funny, huh? (Pause.) How am I doing?
UncleSally [12:07 PM]: Yeah. I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside of me, when I see his away message pad next to his name on my buddy list pops up. Cause i know he is getting his beverage.
UncleSally [12:07 PM]: That was sentence of 'ungrammer'
ThermoTheater [12:09 PM]: Yesterday, when I couldn't log onto the IRC Board (horror) I was like "What is Terry DRINKING?!" And you know what, I just didn't know. I had no way of knowing.
UncleSally [12:10 PM]: Oh my gosh. Thermo (not revealing your real name) you should of called me at work! I had access to his beverage.
UncleSally [12:10 PM]: Don't ever do that to yourself again
ThermoTheater [12:11 PM]: I won't, UncleSally! Trust me - it was not a good day. I don't have much else to say about Terry's journal. But that is what makes it great - it is short and sweet and to the point. Just like Terry, really.
UncleSally [12:12 PM]: A True Journal. I really don't have much more to say either to be honest. You can call me Shannon by the way. Terry already revealed who Uncle Sally is.
ThermoTheater [12:13 PM]: He DID? That bastard! Trust no one!
UncleSally [12:14 PM]: yeah. He's a cockgobbler. maybe that should be his bevearage of the day
ThermoTheater [12:14 PM]: That is telling it like it is, sister!
UncleSally [12:14 PM]: We really are being much to nice to the guy
ThermoTheater [12:15 PM]: Screw him!
UncleSally [12:15 PM]: He snaps a photo, adds very minimal text and he wants praise?
UncleSally [12:15 PM]: I think I might murder him actually
ThermoTheater [12:15 PM]: Full circle! Nice work!
UncleSally [12:16 PM]: Should we send this to Terry now?
ThermoTheater [12:16 PM]: yeah! that is good stuff - i think we did well
UncleSally [12:17 PM]: yeah, pat yourself on the back thermo. By the way I am having Progresso Hearty Penne in chicken Broth for lunch
ThermoTheater [12:17 PM]: that sounds pretty good. i should shower soon
UncleSally [12:18 PM]: Tell me what you are having for lunch!
UncleSally [12:18 PM]: Mine is still in the can on my desk. Boy I wish I had a camera right now...
ThermoTheater [12:19 PM]: well i just ate some egg beaters not too long ago so lunch: outlook not so good.
UncleSally [12:20 PM]: damn. I am having a few croutons in my soup also.
UncleSally [12:20 PM]: okay..I think you should send this to terry
ThermoTheater [12:20 PM]: no YOU send it
UncleSally [12:20 PM]: What is his email?
UncleSally [12:20 PM]: is it that earthling shit?
ThermoTheater [12:21 PM]:
UncleSally [12:22 PM]: does he get that at work?
ThermoTheater [12:23 PM]: yeah
UncleSally [12:23 PM]: I'll just ask his ASSface
UncleSally [12:23 PM]: okay..i am gonna send this NOW
UncleSally [12:23 PM]: like from the very last email on...
ThermoTheater [12:23 PM]: okay! jesus! i have informed him
UncleSally [12:23 PM]: I mean last IM on..fuck i screwed up our entire conversation
ThermoTheater [12:24 PM]: he can edit
UncleSally [12:24 PM]: that would be rude if he did
UncleSally [12:24 PM]: He's rude
UncleSally [12:24 PM]: okay i am seriously sending it now
ThermoTheater [12:24 PM]: no he needs to do work! he is so lazy
UncleSally [12:24 PM]: oh i am putting that last part from you in!

(They are cute, aren't they?)

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2/21/02 - Orangina (sparkling citrus beverage with natural pulp)

(the usual cast of characters)

In France, you can get a grapefruit version of Orangina. ["Givres Pamplemousse Rose"] It's delicious.

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2/21/02 - Addendum

(Pete plugs his journal)

(People lamenting the current state of the journal)

(I guess I, pretty much, will post any IM regarding the beverage journal.)

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