Maude Writer Georgie Aldaco Can Give Packet Notes/Coach Sketch/Direct!


I'm Georgie Aldaco and I'd like to direct your sketch group, note your Maude packet, or give feedback on sketches you're getting together "just cuz"/"for the hell of it"/"because your hours have been cut back at the factory and you've got time on your hands now."

I'm been a writer on Maude night for 2 years. First on Fambly, and currently on Ripley. I was also a writer/performer for the sketch show 'Former Business Partners: Everything Must Go' (which had a 9-month run at UCB last year), and have directed for Sketch Cram twice (also wrote/performed for it).

Additionally, I was also one of the writers for Movie Cram, and for a year co-hosted Liquid Courage (so I've seen a lot of sketches and can help you pinpoint quickly what works or doesn't work!).

As a sketch coach/director, I'd be interested in helping you get your ideas across as clearly as possible, and in the most surprising ways you can. I think having a voice in your writing is very important, so I'll work with you/your group, to make sure that voice comes through on the page, and is ready to be performed for WHOEVER wants to see it.

Does that sound good? Cool! Here's my contact info: g (dot) aldaco at gmail.

Email away! I have a lot of availability- days, many evenings, weekends- options abound! Let's get some sketches done!
I would like to wholeheartedly bump this.

I've worked with Georgie pretty consistently for the last 3 years? 4 years? Where DOES the time go?

Here are the kinds of things I say about Georgie behind her back (Georgie it's time you heard it for yourself.)

"Georgie is maybe the best sketch writer in the world, she's gonna like, sketch write for the Olympics someday."

"Georgie works so hard, she's like a robot. I need to be like Georgie, I'm gonna, I'm just gonna stop messing around and be like Georgie... I don't think she sleeps. God, I''m sleepy. Why am I so sleepy all the time? Isn't this supposed to be my prime?"

"I'm afraid Georgie is more of a natural born hat person than I am.. I can't let her see my fear."

I can honestly say Georgie is my go to for everything from harried 3:45 am emails with the subject line of "is this funny or the stupidest thing you've ever heard?!?!" to structured feedback on all sketches/characters/auditions. She is patient, supportive, and has an uncanny ability to immediately zero in on the tiny tweak or giant gaping hole that is standing between you and your best work. But maybe the coolest thing about her (other than the fact that she IS a natural born hat person) is that Georgie is fucking WEIRD, but she doesn't force you into her weird box, she sees what's weird about YOU and she helps you celebrate it, push it, and somehow make it work in a structured way that will get you to the next level.

So in conclusion, go see Georgie, she'll fix you right up, mention my name and she'll throw in somethin' special for you.