Los Angeles: UCB vs. Second City Hollywood vs. iOWest vs. Groundlings


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I took a semester of improv in college and absolutely loved it, and now I'm looking to get back into it to polish up my spontaneity, speaking ability, and expression.

I'm looking for the training in LA that is most friendly towards hobbyists who are looking to have fun, improve their improvisational skills, and be part of a positive improv community. I can hear the improv community in LA can be pretty cut-throat and bureaucratic, especially for those who are looking to do it professionally or make it into entertainment/TV/film, but for now, I'm just looking to have fun and get better in a fun, positive environment.

Can anyone who has taken classes at UCB, Second City Hollywood, iOWest, and/or groundlings or have heard second-hand about their companies give their take on each and which one fits the goals listed above?

Thanks in advance!
You should take classes with me. I'm all about the fun, positive environment. I teach at Second City Hollywood, Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, and for myself through Today Improv. If you go to my website, todayimprov.com, you can see some student testimonials. Also, check out my Yelp! page.

I'd be happy to talk with you more about it. Email me at jay@todayimprov.com