looking for a practice group.


a little bit about me:

My name is Alex and I've been training at UCB since January 2010 under John Frusciante, Brandon Gardner, Amber Petty, Will Hines in the regular courses (101 - 401) and under Jordan Klepper & Michael Delaney in the Advanced Study Harold courses. I've participated in workshops held by Christina Gausas, Scott Adsit, Sean Conroy, Will Hines, Shannon O'Neill and Jim Santangelli.

I have a semi-regular practice group in NYC, coached by Jed Resnik, that's been meeting since April 2011 and we've performed out a couple times but I am looking for something locally because it's getting expensive to travel to NYC and I need to be able to practice more frequently and hopefully perform regularly.

I am looking for a group with a similar level of training but I'm not closed off to anyone.

My email is: anewman200 AT GMail dot Com or just send me a message on here if you or anyone you know has a practice group that has room for one more.



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Hey man, check out Philly Improv Theater. Come down to a show and introduce yourself/ask around. There is a LOT of improv happening in Philly and a lot of the people you've even mentioned as having taught you have come down to PHIT and done workshops for less than they'd cost in NYC, too.


Thank you. Thank you.

I'm looking at the show schedule now and I'm going to check out the incubator as soon as I have a free sunday.