Listings of LA Indie Shows -- how to get listed?

Greetings from L.A.!

A very big dream of mine has come true -- for my improv team to host it's own show. Seriously, I'm giddy.

Of course, my first instinct was to go to the IRC Improv Wiki List of indie improv shows in Los Angeles, because we LOVE this list and use it all the time. We'll be at iO West in the Loft starting in August and we trying to book improv and sketch teams. We're even on iO West's calendar -- BIPOLAR BEAR (that's us!) PRESENTS SKETCHY IMPROV ( We're legit. I swear.

So how can we be included in the listings?


P.S. :banana: If we could be listed, it would be more epic than Peanut Butter & Jelly time.

P.S.S. I wasn't sure where else to ask this question -- I've spent quite a bit of time looking. So please forgive me if I'm in some sort of violation.