Join the (junior) ensemble! Improv ensembles at Theatre Momentum


Join the (junior) ensemble!
Theatre Momentum is auditioning for our intensive workshop/performance program, Newton. Join us June 24, 26, 28, or 30 for your chance to learn the TM style and build your very own show!
Come join the only theatre in Chicago dedicated to dramatic improvisation!

Newton will produce four junior ensembles of 10-12 players apiece. Each ensemble will rehearse weekly for 8 weeks to learn the essentials of the Theatre Momentum style and build an improv show based on the skills and strengths of the ensemble as a whole. There is a small fee for the program, but there’s a way to get all that back through ticket commissions.

After the 8 weeks of training are complete, the Newton ensembles will perform in a showcase of 8 performances on Friday and Saturday nights. The start time for each performance will rotate, so that each ensemble will have multiple chances to open and close out the evening.

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